Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds Review & Comparison

Last Updated: May 28, 2022

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Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

The Beats PowerBeats Pro earbuds are an increasingly amazing set of wireless earbuds for workout enthusiasts and runners alike. 

Revolution has been the trend in the industry and that’s why athletes and workout fans have been on the lookout to find products that meet their needs the best way possible. 

The Beats PowerBeats Pro is a preferred product for people who understand the importance of earphones that improve performance. So why are these sets of earbuds a great choice for many? Do you think it’s the ideal choice for you too? This Beats PowerBeats Pro review hopefully has the information that you need to make a decision.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds Overview

Key Features

  • Battery life. Up to 9 hours, 24 hours in total with the charging case
  • True Wireless, with Bluetooth
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Suitable for running and working out in the gym
  • Made for movement with secure-fit ear hooks and multiple ear-tip options


  • Type: In-ear true wireless earphones
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Battery: 9 hours on a single charge, with a 5-minute charging providing up to 1.5 hours of playback when necessary
  • Controls: Volume and track controls on each earbud and auto-play / pause functionality
  • Charging: Comes with a charging case that can enable more than 24 hours of listening time. Comes with lightning to USB-A charging cable
  • Microphone: Yes

Design and Construction

As you already know, design is king in the world of earphones. According to many reviews that have been posted online with other headphones and earbuds, design is a key factor to consider. Many trainers, workout enthusiasts, cyclists, and general lovers of these products check the design before considering other factors. 

That’s why it is a factor of great significance for PowerBeats Pro. To begin with, it’s good to mention that they have a sporty look that’s evidently attractive to many. 

Having listened to other users that have reviewed these earbuds, we definitely know that the Pro is a great choice to consider in terms of comfort. Just to give you a professional assessment on what happens when using this product: it minimizes pressure in your ears and makes the bass response better, driving the quality of the sound up.

Let’s also delve into the slimness of the nozzle. The earbuds are small enough to give users a perfect fit. In fact, most users report having better experiences because of the slimness of the nozzle. There are multiple ear tips that come with it for a wide variety of users.

The earbuds are also adjustable and have the perfect ear hooks for quality fitting. In the same vein, it’s important to take note of their lightweight. This quality makes them comfortable to wear and stable enough to give you the best possible experience. 

It will also interest athletes and workout devotees to know that these earbuds have a sleek and reinforced design for tough workouts. They are sweat and water-resistant, which makes them an excellent choice for aggressive users like athletes and cyclists. They have an IP rating of IPX4.


If it’s not performing, it’s not worth it, right? Considering that there is competition in the industry, the PowerBeats Pro has established itself as a worthy product to give workout fans what they need.

If you’re keen, you can tell the difference between these earbuds and others in the market. The fact that they can position themselves in your ear and keep you connected seamlessly is enough proof that they deliver when it comes to performance.

Whether you’re in the gym or away from your workout environment, these earbuds work amazingly well. If you’re able to hear quality sound when doing your workouts, it is evident that the PowerBeats are reliable.

In other words, you can be deeply engaged in your workout sessions and still get to hear some nice music sounds from your earbuds. For the price tag that they come with, you would expect this right?

Of great importance still, you don’t have to worry about the kind of music you listen to. The PowerBeats Pro earbuds are absolutely great with multiple genres. All you need is to set yourself ready for your workout session and you’ll be good to go.


Many who have used PowerBeats Pro confess that sound is a feature that sets it apart from other earbuds. As sound-oriented earbuds, you wouldn’t want to use something that won’t give you what you really need. 

As you continue with your workouts, what you want the most is to have the right environment for you to perform optimally. Harvard Health Publishing asserts that there are many factors that contribute to creating the right environment, but having the right, healthy, and quality sound carries a great deal of significance. 

Most users assert that despite their workout environments, they are still able to get connected to their earbuds. While other headphones or earbuds will find it difficult to withstand the limitations found in gyms, this particular one finds a way to still deliver a quality sound.

They don’t provide complete isolation from sound however if you’re a runner you would want to be able to pay some attention to your surroundings surely. However there’s a preference for everyone and some tend to run in safe places like the park, so it is worth mentioning this.

As many other reviewers have mentioned, the sound from the Beats isn’t going to give you studio quality pristine sound and the reasons that most people go for these earbuds is because of their design, feature and comfort which makes them the more ideal option for many users.

There are many ways to adjust the sound to get the most out of your Beats, check out this video below to find out more:


PowerBeats Pro earbuds have improved connectivity compared to a wide range of competing products. They have an audio sharing capacity that allows users to have wireless sharing of songs and podcasts. If you’re looking for earbuds or headphones with a high level of connectivity, you can opt for PowerBeats Pro.

These earbuds are considered truly wireless and will work with both Android and Apple handsets. It runs on a Bluetooth 5 connection internally that connects to both earpieces. 

You can also use the PowerBeats Pro for phone calls as it has been mentioned by many to have a surprisingly good microphone. This is important for a lot of people, especially in the technological age we all live in now.


The ease of control that the PowerBeats Pro provides to users is admirable. You don’t have to get frustrated with complicated controls when using them. The left earbud has the power button. The right earbud has the track, call, and volume controls. 

As long as you know where to control a particular function, you’ll be good to go. Of great interest still, there is a possibility for hands-free control with these earbuds. This is a feature we have found very attractive to many users.

The voice assistant function allows you to improve your controls as you continue with your workouts. There is also a speech-detecting function in the controls and the ability to eliminate background noise. 

Many people complain of using earbuds with weak, poor quality, and complicated controls. They get frustrated along the way because they can’t get the optimal functionality of their earbuds. The good news with the Beats PowerBeat Pro is that the controls are strategically set for optimal and easy function.


When using these earbuds, you’re guaranteed up to around 9 hours of quality listening time. This is something you don’t get quite often.

If you’re one that does workouts for longer hours than the average enthusiast, you can never go wrong with the PowerBeats Pro.  Tests have shown that these batteries can run close to 11 hours but as a good benchmark, 9 is what is officially stated.

PowerBeats Pro. Nevertheless, in the event of the need for a power boost, a 5-minute charge allows you to have a 60-minute playback experience when the battery is low. There is a lightning cable that comes with the earbuds and a rechargeable lithium-ion for the enhancement of quality performance.


There are valuable items that come with the purchase of these earbuds. They include:

  • High-performance wireless earbuds
  • Ear tips with multiple size options
  • Carrying case
  • Lightning cable
  • Warranty card
  • Guide

The PowerBeats Pro package has the items that users need to benefit fully from their listening experience. If you’ll want to charge and boost power, the cable will do just fine.

If you’ll want to carry your earbuds around, there’s a carrying case that makes it possible to carry with ease and offers playback up to 24 hours when the case and earbuds are fully charged. Also, for new users, there’s a guide that shows them how to use and make the best out of the products.

What We Liked

  • Excellent battery life. The fact that you can use the earbuds for around 9 hours is proof enough that the battery is reliable. We liked it for its high level of dependability.
  • High-quality performance. We also liked the high-quality level of performance from the earbuds. Having it in comparison with other products, we can confidently say that it is way above a majority of competing brands as reflected by other users.
  • Sleek design that meets user needs with a high degree of perfection. The design of the earphones is specially made to ensure that needs are met with a high degree of satisfaction.
  • Ease of use and wearing. The capacity to use and wear without complexity issues is a quality we appreciated.
  • Sweat and water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about your intensive workouts or the threat of water damaging your assets because they’re designed to withstand such. However, be careful not to expose them to too much water because they’re not entirely water-proof. Too much water can damage them as they’re only IPX4 rating.
  • Lightweight design for increased comfort. We liked the fact that comfort is a major feeling exhibited through the use of these earbuds. The ability to extract a quality listening experience while busy with your workouts is particularly attractive.

What We Didn’t Like

  • A case that’s too big. We have found the case to be too enormous when moving around the gym with it in your workout shorts.
  • There’s no wireless charging. The fact that there is no option for wireless charging makes it a frustrating thing for a substantial number of people. If you’re used to wireless charging, you’ll have to get used to the use of a lightning cable. Although the charging case does provide a great level of charge when you’re out and about.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds Comparisons

PowerBeats Pro vs Sony WF-1000XM3

Both earbuds are amazingly good for workouts and ideal for athletes and workout fans. Both are designed well to allow users to have the most amazing experience possible as they listen to music. 

In terms of sound, they are both capable of producing a quality of sound that is fun to listen to. They are also comfortable to wear, thus giving users the confidence they need as they go on with their workout routines. 

However, the sound that the Sony WF 1000-XME produces is better than what the PowerBeats Pro produces when compared by other users. Also, in terms of noise cancellation, the Sony WF 1000-XME is better than the PowerBeats Pro.

FAQ on the Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

1. Is it possible to have wireless charging with the PowerBeats Pro?

No. It’s not possible for users to have wireless charging with the PowerBeats Pro. You’ll definitely have to use the lightning cable to charge once the power goes down. The good news is that power can last up to 9 hours. This reduces the number of times you have to charge the PowerBeats Pro.

2. Are the PowerBeats Pro compatible with different ear sizes?

Yes. They are able to fit perfectly well in different ear sizes. Apart from them having small enough nozzles to fit well with many users, they have four size options that users can set to have them fit perfectly in their ears. It’s possible to get the perfect fit for most users, thus making these earbuds a preferred option for many gym-goers.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Beats PowerBeats Pro earbuds fascinated us in a positive way. They have what it takes to give a running enthusiast a safe fit, whilst delivering quality sound. Also, the fact that you can use them in and outside the gym makes them a worthy try for runners, cyclists, and those doing intensive drill workouts. 

However, we must acknowledge that there are issues that are not so good with the PowerBeats Pro. Especially, when you compare with other products, there are aspects like noise cancellation that are not perfect with the PowerBeats Pro.

That being said, we have found that the PowerBeats Pro is a great choice to consider when looking for headphones that help with working out or running. 

They are an ideal option for beginners and experienced workout devotees wanting to get the best experience out of their workouts. They have everything that you would need to get started with and be content with. With the many color options and support for multiple devices, it is a no-brainer option for newcomers.


Harvard Health Publishing. (2020). Healthy headphone use: How loud and how long? 202007222056

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