How We Conduct Our Product Reviews

If you’re a visitor to my website you would have noticed that in addition to providing motivation, tips, and information on multiple areas of fitness, health, and wellbeing we also provide reviews on equipment and supplements.

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Getting into our editorial process

Most of our reviews are based on our personal experience as I am a trail runner and have completed a marathon. As I’m currently training for the Ironman triathlon I also have experience in cycling and swimming. Anyway, my name is Marko and its nice to meet you. If you want to learn a bit more about myself and why I started, check out our about page.

Running basically was the only thing that got me out of a mental rut, and being from an IT background I always had a very analytical mind. With running, or any other sports for that matter, only gets you so far. Running is one of the disciplines where we’re all equal and only those that put in the work reap the results. I instantly loved running as it was making me feel better mentally and also I was getting really good at it.

Marko at his first trail marathon.

I trained 5 months for my first trail marathon and during this time I had to learn about how to fuel yourself with nutrition to ensure you don’t tank out during the run and also how to stay hydrated throughout the run. I didn’t know anything about SaltSticks, hydration or what a proper running shoe was at the start but throughout the entire experience I started to really find a passion in running and everything that comes with it.

One of my favorite runners, David Goggins who I happened to meet was providing me with plenty of inspiration on how physical challenges help us achieve our ultimate self and help combat the demons.

I have a huge interest in endurance events now, as well as ultramarathons. I use TheUltimatePrimate to document my research around products I’ve been using and also hurdles I’ve had to overcome as an amateur runner. Currently I’m also studying in personal training as I would love to inspire others one ay to do the same that I’ve done and flip my life around through sports and running.

Kelly Li, Marko’s partner, is another regular writer on our website believes in a more holistic approach to life and focuses on healthy eating, mindfulness and practices yoga daily in order to learn more about herself and be able to help others.

Below are some ways that we review our products for our website.

1. We purchase the products

For the most part, and in the majority of our reviews, we do research on the best products by purchasing them. For example, with my reviews on the trail running gaiters, I purchased the Salomon gaiters as I use the Salomon’s for a variety of running gear. I provide an unbias review of that specific product and then evaluate another few products that have made my shortlist.

Marko swears by his Brooks running shoes
And he doesn’t go very far without his running watch.

2. We speak to others that are using the products

As we review multiple products per post, we like to get a rough idea of how the other products perform compare to mine. We research YouTube influencers that have done reviews on the other products and often times we would reach out to them as we would like to provide their testimonial for the website in the reviews that often helps our visitors.

When you’re a part of the running community, almost everyone always wants to help each other. Needless to say its much the same in other disciplines such as strength training, swimming or cycling.

3. We do extensive research into the product and the manufacturer

Whichever products we review, we make sure to do diligent research on the company, its history, and the product itself. Because of this, we’re able to provide unbias reviews of if there are any issues with a particular product that a lot of users have brought up. Because of this, we’re able to provide a trustful review and our users can continue coming to our website to learn more.

For the most part our reviews consist of brands that have been around for a long time but there’s always new players in the field that like to shake things up from time to time.

4. We go through the reviews of the product and company from multiple sources

Whichever product has made it into our top 5 or top 10 list will go through a due diligence process done by us where we will go through reviews on multiple websites including large eCommerce websites to see if there’s a commonality between them and then we create a mean (average) score based off all of these websites to see if the product can make my shortlist.

As I come from an IT, background, data is very important to me and we make sure that this is utilized across the website. This list actually comes up quite interesting when you’re interested to see what the most popular products really are.

5. We will reach out to manufacturers directly

Oftentimes we may have a question that has been unanswered by influencers or other reviewers that many people might want to know. We would reach out to the manufacturer to get these questions answered as well as establishing a relationship with them for future products that get reviewed on

As you can see from most of our reviews and product roundups there is a lot of content in there as well as guides on helping people know what are the most important things to look out for when considering those certain purchases.

As an amateur athlete myself, I know that there is a lot of information on the internet and all I’m trying to do is help people make their own informed decision when it comes to product selection based around fitness and supplements as it’s an area that I’m very passionate about.

If you have any concerns with how I conduct my reviews or any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.