Best Cable Crossover Machines Compared – 2023 Update

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

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After a long day at work, all you want to do is to get straight home! We know it is not easy to leave all the laziness behind and move to the gym, so would not it be nice to just start your workout whenever you feel like it without having to go anywhere?

Yes, of course, it is possible, and it is effective as well. Now we can find a huge variety of gym machines to keep at home, and that includes pulleys machines.

Pulleys are one of the most complete and dynamic exercises for your upper body, and we surely understand why do you include them in your daily routine. As getting one of these machines is not a small investment, you need to have all the information and options at reach.

But you are not alone! We are here today to help you get the best cable crossover machine for you!

Best Cable Crossover Machines Compared and Reviewed

#1 - XMark Functional Trainer XM-7626

If we had to choose just one training machine for the rest of our lives, it would be this one. XMark has always been and is a sign of quality in the field of gym equipment.

Well, yes, you may say we are exaggerating here, but let us tell you this: The XMark XM-7626 has been an awesome machine for years and years, and it does not look like it is going to change.

The versatility and quality of this model are not easy to find. Its sturdy structure will make you feel like a pro, ensuring smooth lifts every single time.

It offers dual 200 lb weight stacks, more than enough for thousands of effective workouts. As you can choose the weight, you can do as many exercises as your imagination allows, focusing not only on your upper body but also on your lower body.

You can find a split grip pull-up bar too, so you can stretch, perform pull-ups, or chin-ups. It is up to you! It also includes a pair of 8″ hand straps, a pair of 17″ long strap handles, a triceps rope, a short and a long bar, a leg extension curl strap, and an ankle strap.

Do not worry if you are not the tallest person in the world, as it comes with 19 levels to adjust the height. You will have to assemble it, but the instructions are not as clear as they should be. There is a video available here on how to do so though.



#2 - Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 Functional Trainer

When you think about a cable crossover machine, this is exactly what you imagine.

Simple, functional, and versatile. It is what we get when we choose this Body-Solid model. You need a high-quality machine to work out in your basement, and we are here to help.

It goes straight to the basics, what you truly need: a sturdy cable machine with two 160 lbs weight stacks (upgradable to 210 lbs) and two nylon handles. It does not have any accessories, but that is why it is a cheaper model.

We know that professional functional trainers are up to $2000, but this one puts aside the non-essential parts and keeps the ones you need to get an effective upper workout. It is the perfect addition to your home gym! You can enjoy it yourself, and the rest of the family too!

If you are way too big and need a lot of weight, we recommend getting the 210 lbs, or another model that fits you better… We do not want you not to have enough! If you do not get to the 210 lbs on each arm, you can perfectly use this one.

There is also a chinning bar included, so you can amplify the variety of exercises in your daily routine!



#3 - 3-XMark Cable Machine Functional Trainer 7630

Another great XMark machine to consider! We have to admit that they do this amazingly, and we are going to show you why.

This functional trainer has not been in the market for that long, but it already has awesome opinions on it. But this one is not for everybody, as it can be quite pricey for some budgets. Still, here you will have all the equipment you need to make a full-body workout. Let’s see what it has to offer!

The main structure is sturdy and high-quality, so everything stays in place. It has dual 200 lbs tracks: perfect for a good variety of exercises and profiles. We are talking about one of the most versatile cable crossover machines by now, so you can work on your arms, legs, shoulders, back, glutes, or abs. Not bad at all!

Additionally, you can enjoy a bunch of different grips so you can change your routines every day: two bars, a rope, a pair of long grips, a pair of short grips, ankle grips…

It also comes with a very comfortable bench, that can be used with the platform or separately. It is perfect to train your chest and abs! It is durable, it has 7 positions on the back part and 3 on the seat. And not only that, but it is also really easy to move, as it comes with two practical wheels.

If you assemble it by yourself, it will take you a few hours to finish, but it will be totally worth it!



#4 - Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Trainer

Inspire your workouts with this Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer! Yes, we know, what a bad catchline, but hey! We are doing our best! No, but seriously, we are going to talk about a great machine over here.

The FT2 is at another level. This beast will make your local gym feel like a kids’ playground. The pro-quality of this cable crossover machine is exceptional: sturdy, practical, extraordinary. It will help you target every muscle group in your body, as the variety of training you can get is only limited by yourself.

The two 165 lbs. weight stacks might not be enough for you, but you can add additional weights to them. Here you will have, besides a cable crossover machine, a complete Smith Station, a triceps rope, two rubber D handles, dual hook straight bar, an EZ curl bar, ankle straps, a multi-function belt, and a few more accessories. How does it sound?

You will have to unpack it and assemble it yourself, but the instructions are amazing, so you will not have any problems.

Of course, you have to pay for the quality you receive. This machine is not cheap, but it is totally worth the money.



#5 - Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Center

A high-quality item that focuses on what is really important: pulleys. We are talking about a simple but sturdy steel frame, with two pulleys systems of 160 lbs each. But, even though this is more than enough for most people, some of you might need extra weight, so you can upgrade it to 210 lbs each.

It comes with two adjustable nylon handles, so you can easily train your upper body, but you can get additional grips for a more variety of exercises. Also, you have a pull-ups bar so you can add this amazing exercise to your routine. You will be in shape in no time!

You can choose between 20 different height adjustments, so you can target different muscles every time. And, of course, it would look awesome in your home gym!

The biggest fault we see here is the instructions. They are not very clear, so let us give you some advice to make your assembly time easier:

  • Pay attention to the size and shape of the pulleys. They are different.
  • Leave the weights and cable to the last step, so you can easily move all the other parts.
  • If you can get some help to assemble the heavy parts, it would be awesome.



#6 - Valor Fitness BD-61

Nobody said you have to spend a fortune to work out at home, and this is proof. This cable crossover station is perfect for you if you rather have plates, you are focused on pulleys, or if your budget is not huge.

It is a great, sturdy machine, and you can make it even more stable by mounting it to the ground with the equipment that comes with it. It will not move anything!

You have four different pulleys here: the top one, the lower one, and the two on the sides. What is more, you will have a pull-ups bar too! And you can keep your plates organized with the plate storage pegs. No messy gym! But keep in mind that you have to get the plates in addition to the machine, just as a reminder.

We can obviously tell the difference between the materials of this machine, and a more expensive one, but you get what you pay for, and this one does the job perfectly. Do not worry!



#7 - ER KANG Olympic Power Cage

You will not believe how many options this power cage has! You have pulleys, of course. But there is so much more! Let’s start with them: The cable crossover has 15 height levels, more than enough to perform a huge variety of exercises; you have two hooks so you can add a bar and a safety pipe set…

You can never be too careful!; In the lower part, we can find a seated row footboard, so you can target your chest and back; there is also a landmine, which you will surely use every day, as it is so versatile!; two dip grip handle, a wide and narrow pull-up bar, and a barbell holder!

As extra attachments, you will have a cable bar, a lat pulldown bar, two cable handles, and a T-bar. Quite nice! And best of all: the price. It is not an expensive machine. There are iPhone models that cost more than this. Seriously! But, of course, for the money you are paying, you will not get the best quality.

Even though, there are good materials. They are safe, they will not break, and you will not have to worry about it as long as you follow the instructions.



#8 - Ipanda Pulleys Cable Machine

Look, some of us do not have that much space at home, or maybe we are on a tight budget. And then, this is for us. If you cannot have the machine on the ground, you can have it on the wall!

This wall-mounted cable pulley system is perfect to work on our upper body without a huge steel structure in our basement. All you have to do is to fit it onto a solid brick wall, secure it, and put the weight you want in the holders. And that is it! You are ready to go!

It is made with premium quality materials, so it will not suffer any damage. Please, before installing it, make sure your wall can bear the weight of the machine and the strength you are going to use… We do not want any surprises here!

It has a very comfortable design, so you will not have any problems changing exercises. Of course, the weight plates are not included, so you will have to get them in addition to the machine.

It is built to last, and that is what it will do!



#9 - Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Center

Another great power cage here! Yes, it comes with a cable crossover machine, but that it is just one of the parts of this awesome cage. Do you want to see what it has to offer?

  • Seated row footboard. Be careful to keep your back straight while exercising! You will combine this one with the pulleys on that side, to have the best workout ever!
  • Landmine. It does not come with the bar, but if you decide to get it, you will not regret it: It is a very complete movement that will quickly increase your strength.
  • Two grip dip handles. Those shoulders, back, and arms will burn! What is better than using your own weight to keep you in shape!
  • Cable crossover. It is amazing to target a huge variety of muscle groups. It allows a lot of movements, so you will be able to have a nice workout session!
    Wide and narrow pull-up bar.
  • You will not have to use that pull-up bar attached to your door anymore!

It has 14 height choices, so you can easily adjust it to your taste. It also comes with a pipe safety set, in case you want to use the hooks to work with a bar.

The quality is great, especially if we compare it with the price. The structure is sturdy, and it will last for a really long time. A great choice, no matter if you are a pro or a beginner!



My Number One Pick


Things To Consider Before Buying A Cable Crossover Machine

It would not be responsible to spend that much money on something without considering everything before getting it. There is so much to know! You have to get the information for all those questions you are asking yourself.

Cable crossover machines are meant for those people who maybe do not have time to waste going to the gym, or maybe are more comfortable working out at home. If you have enough space to set a home gym and want to get in shape, you definitely need one of these!

If you do not have that much space at home, do not worry, there are other options for you: from folding machines to wall-mounted ones. Now you can choose one that really adapts to your necessities!

So, when we are evaluating several options, we need to focus on our own priorities. Some aspects that you need to consider are:


We are going to spend a considerable amount of money on it, so we better make sure the quality of the equipment is high. We want it to last for a really long time, so our investment is worth it.


Of course, it has to fit into our budget. We cannot spend more money than we have, so if the price is a priority for you, you have to compare models to pick the one that fits the most to your needs.


The space is the space. We cannot make more room appear magically, so you have to make sure you have a place to keep your cable machine. Believe us when we tell you that you do not want to go to return one of these! They are too heavy!


Some of them come with more extra grips and parts than others, so maybe this is a key factor in your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions for Cable Crossover Machines

Q: What is a cable crossover machine?

It is basically a steel frame with two pulleys mechanisms, which are used to exercise the whole body. It comes with a grip, which height you can easily regulate and adapt to your needs, so you can achieve a huge range of movements. They also use to come with a pull-ups bar, and a few different grips, so your training can be more diverse.

Q: How do I adjust cable crossover machines?

It is quite easy! All you have to do is to choose the height you need, place the grip in the chosen level, and choose your weight. That is it! Easy and quick, so you can train comfortably!

Q: How do I use cable crossover machines?

You have a huge variety of exercises you can do, so after you adjust the grip and the weight, all you have to do is to take the grip and make the movement you want to. You can work in any part of your body: arms, shoulders, back, abs, legs, glutes… Pulleys system fits all of them!

Q: What is the difference between a cable crossover machine and a functional trainer?

Well, the difference is not that big, but the functional trainer gives you the same pulleys systems as the cable crossover machine but in a more compact, practical way. It can come with other features like a Smith Station, a bench, or whatever equipment you can imagine.


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