AfterShokz Aeropex Open Ear Headphones Review & Comparison

Last Updated: May 28, 2022

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AfterShokz Aeropex Open Ear Headphones

Bone conduction earbuds are increasingly gaining popularity among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. And the AfterShokz Aeropex is currently one of the most popular products in this category.

Designed for cyclists, runners and others who prefer open ear headphones, this set of headphones sits outside the ears while delivering sound using bone conduction technology.

So, is the AfterShokz Aeropex set of headphones the right choice for you? This AfterShokz Aeropex open ear headphones review has the answers.

AfterShokz Aeropex Open Ear Headphones Overview

Key Features

  • Open ear design delivers audio through the cheekbone helping you stay aware of your surroundings
  • Lightweight, containing a bud-free, pain-free design
  • Battery life lasts up to 8 hours
  • Dual noise cancelling microphones to make calls


  • Type: Bone conduction
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Water/Sweat-resistant: Yes (IP67)

Design and Construction

AfterShokz has always been committed to making headphones that are comfortable for the user. With every new release, the brand has managed to reduce a considerable amount of weight from the headphones, making them lightweight, discreet and comfortable to wear for long. And the same case applies to the AfterShokz Aeropex.

According to the manufacturer, these open-ear headphones are 13% lighter and up to 30% smaller, compared to the previous iteration. And while they still sport a neckband like previous iterations, it’s significantly smaller and the frame is considerably thinner.

Some people may have some concerns with the thin frame, worrying that it may be prone to breaking. But according to buyers who have used this set of headphones, the frame is extremely sturdy. The entire frame is made of silicone. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it breaking prematurely.

As for available colors, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can opt for cosmic black, grey, red or blue. And the good news is, all colors come at the same price.


Operating this set of headphones shouldn’t give you any problems, thanks to its conveniently placed controls. AfterShokz has equipped the Aeropex with two physical buttons, which you can find on the inside part of one of the frames. The physical controls are designed for switching the headphones on and off as well as adjusting the volume.

AfterShokz has changed the charging port from the conventional USB present in the previous one to something more exclusive. And this means that you can only charge this device using its specific cable. Fortunately, it comes with two of these, in case one gets damaged or lost.


With headphones, comfort levels will determine your overall listening experience. If the pair you are wearing is uncomfortable, you will find it extremely hard to enjoy the music they are delivering. So, is the AfterShokz Aeropex comfortable?

With the AfterShokz Aeropex, you will not experience comfort-related issues. They are lightweight, meaning they will not place too much pressure on your ears. And thanks to their small size, they will not get in the way of your workout, whether you are cycling or running.

However, it’s important to mention that their neckband can be caught on things like sweaters or hooks. Also, they may interfere with your workout, especially if you are doing something involving moving weights behind the neck. Simply put, they may not be the ideal set of headphones for weight lifting sessions.

Audio Quality

As mentioned earlier, the AfterShokz Aeropex open ear headphones use bone conduction technology. So, how is its audio quality? Let’s take a closer look.


This set of headphones doesn’t have speakers. Instead, it leverages vibration to produce and deliver sound. Despite that, they deliver great bass responses, making them ideal for listening to most types of music. But as you may expect, they will not deliver the same level of thumping bass as the one you would get from a regular set of headphones.

Mid-Range Accuracy

Their mid-range performance is sub-par. If you are using them in a noisy environment, their mid-ranges will be masked by the external sound. Also, you will not hear the instruments in such locations. But if you are in a quiet environment, then the midranges will be clear.

Noise Isolation

The AfterShokz Aeropex is a set of open-ear headphones. Therefore, they don’t have any noise isolation capabilities. Accordingly, they are best suited for cyclists and runners, who want to listen to music via headphones while remaining aware of the surroundings.

It’s also important to mention that they come with a set of foam earplugs, which you can wear together with them. The foam earplugs are designed to be used when you are traveling or commuting and you want to keep out background noise while listening to your favorite music.

So, if you are looking for a pair of headsets that can confidently block out external noise, then you should consider other options.

Sound Leakage

This set of bone conduction headphones tends to leak quite a considerable amount of sound. However, this will mainly depend on how you are using them.

If you listening to the music at a low volume, you can still manage to hold a conversation with another person and they will not hear the sound.

On the other hand, if you are listening to music on high volumes, then the sound coming from this set of headsets may become a bother.

Battery Life

The AfterShokz Aeropex comes with 8 hours of battery life for a single charge. So, whether you are playing music or calling with these headphones, you can use them for around 8 hours before they need to be recharged.

But according to user reviews, this set of headphones can last for more than 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge, which is considerably longer than the product’s advertised battery life.

AfterShokz has also equipped them with a standby mode, which will help to prevent power loss whenever you are not using them.

If you only spend an hour or so in the gym or you only go for a one-hour run, you can use this set of headphones for almost a week, before it needs to be recharged.

Charging the device to full charge will take around one and a half hours. However, it also comes with fast charging. For instance, a 15-minute charge can give you an hour of music playback.

When you switch this headset on and press any button, it will update you on the battery level. Therefore, you can always know when your device needs recharging.

It’s important to mention that the real-usage battery life will vary from one person to the other. So, your experience with the AfterShokz Aeropex may be different.


AfterShokz has outfitted this set of headsets with Bluetooth 5.0, as the main point of connectivity.

Furthermore, the AfterShokz Aeropex also supports multi-device pairing. And this means you can connect it to your smartphone or laptop simultaneously, switching from one device to the other depending on what you want to listen to.

They come with a line of sight range of approximately 258 feet. Hence, you can continue listening to music when you are doing something outside, without having to carry your phone with you.

Some users have noted that the AfterShokz Aeropex has low latency on smartphones and high latency on computers. Therefore, they may not be ideal for watching movies or playing games on the computer.

Water Resistance

These open-ear headphones come with an IP67 water-resistance rating, which is considerably higher than the IP55 rating the previous iteration had. And with such a high water resistance rating, you are getting a product that can comfortably handle a wide range of wet conditions.

However, it’s important to mention that these headphones are not meant for swimming. As much as they come with outstanding water resistance, swimming in them can damage the Bluetooth feature, thus rendering them useless.

What We Liked

  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Superior water resistance
  • Outstanding battery life

What We Didn’t Like

  • No sound isolation

AfterShokz Aeropex Comparisons

AfterShokz Aeropex Vs. Vidonn F3

The AfterShokz Aeropex and Vidonn F3 are among some of the best bone-conduction headphones that you can buy today.

Both are lightweight, sleek and comfortable to wear. Also, both devices use Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity.

In terms of Sound, the Vidonn F3 feels similar to what you will experience with the AfterShokz Aeropex open-ear headphones.

As for battery life, the Vidonn F3 comes will give you approximately 7 to 9 hours on a single charge, which is comparable to the AfterShokz Aeropex.

The main difference between these two devices is the water-resistance rating. The AfterShokz Aeropex comes with an IP 67 water resistance rating while Vidonn F3 has an IP55 rating, which is a bit lower. Also, the AfterShokz Aeropex are almost thrice the price of the Vidonn F3.

Overall, the AfterShokz Aeropex is the better choice between these two headsets when it comes to quality. But if you are looking for a device that can perform at almost the same level as the AfterShokz Aeropex but at a lower cost, then the Vidonn F3 will be a good choice.

FAQ on the AfterShokz Aeropex Headphones

1. Can you answer calls with the AfterShokz Aeropex?

Yes. Apart from enjoying music or listening to your favorite podcasts, you can also answer calls with this set of headphones. They come with dual noise-canceling mics, which you can use to answer and make calls.

2. Can you sleep with the AfterShokz Aeropex?

Yes. Considering that their neckband doesn’t stick outside the neck, you can comfortably sleep in these headphones. So, if pets are running around the house or you have a snoring partner, their earplugs will come in handy. You simply need to wear the headset and insert the earplugs. They will block the external noise and help you to sleep.

Final Thoughts

The AfterShokz Aeropex is a great set of headsets for running and cycling. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Also, they deliver better sound quality, compared to most of the other bone-conduction headsets on the market.

So, if you are looking for a set of high-quality, reliable, lightweight and comfortable open ear headphones, then the AfterShokz Aeropex will be a great choice.

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