Chris Evans: Captain Americas’ Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Last Updated: March 1, 2022

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Chris Evans is one of the most famous celebrities in the film industry. While most people know him from Captain America and his other acting performances, he is also popular for having a well-built body with an impeccable physique.

This actor is mainly known for his superhero roles, especially in Captain America and in the film Fantastic Four. Even though Chris has also ventured into romantic and dramatic roles, the superhero roles remain the ones he is most known for, and they have earned him the most acclaim. 

If you are looking to become as fit as Chris Evans, one of the two major things you need a thorough understanding of are his diet plan and workout routine. The two play a significant role in attaining a well-built physique like his and maintaining it. We will dive deep on that, but first, a little more on who Chris Evans is.

Who Is Chris Evans?

Christopher Robert Evans, fondly known as Chris, is an American-born filmmaker doubling up as an actor. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. Chris is 40 years old, having been born on June 13, 1981. He has a brother and sister, and his mother is known as Lisa, while the father is known as Robert Evans.

This superhero actor went to Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, where he often participated in stage productions. The high school acting experience motivated the actor to pursue a career in the film industry. Besides, his mother’s work at the youth theater also played a role in Chris’ decision about this career.

Upon high school graduation, Chris moved to New York City, where he went for classes at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. 

His first role as a model was in 1999 in ‘Mystery Date.’ He later started auditioning for screen roles, with his first appearance being in 2000 the CBS series ‘The Fugitive’ as a guest actor. After this, Chris played a few minor roles before bagging his first major role in the movie ‘Not Another Teen Movie.’ The success of this movie earned Chris Evans several other major roles.

Chris bagged his first superhero role in 2005 in the adaptations of the comic book ‘Fantastic Four’ where he acted as the Human Torch. As a result of the success, Chris had a reprise of his role in the sequel; Fantastic Tour: Rise of the Silver Surfer, in 2007. 

In 2010, he got the role of Steve Rogers in the superhero film Captain America: The First Avenger, which became a great success. Chris has since reprised this role in many other movies.

Some of his major awards include winning the Best Superhero Screen Award for his role in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger” and Favourite Action Movie Actor in 2015 in the People’s Choice Award.

Chris Evans Workout Routine

Chris Evans has managed to maintain an impeccable physique by consistently working out. His workout routine entails a minimum of four exercises daily. 

He rests for three days weekly, allowing his body time to heal, although he sometimes does cardio on Wednesday, which is one of his rest days. Chris engages his body a lot without heavily relying on weights and machines in the gym.

Before we get into the specifics of Chris’s commitment, take a look at the video where he was interviewed about his workouts for his role in Marvels’ Captain America.

Chris Evans Workout Principles

Before we dwell much on the specifics of Chris’ workout routine, here are a few principles Chris utilizes towards attaining a well-looking physique.

The Essence of A Personal Trainer

Chris Evans has been working with a personal trainer as early as 2005. During this time, he worked on getting in shape for his role as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four. Working with an expert helps you achieve great, actual results more efficiently. It is even more critical if you are working with a deadline, such as preparing for an acting role.

Having a personal trainer helps Chris Evan remain motivated. In addition, a personal trainer makes the workouts more enjoyable and curates the exercises to meet your individual goals.

Compound Exercises

One of the most significant components of Chris’ workout routine is compound lifts. These exercises hit different muscle and joint groups at a go. It is unlike isolation exercises that only hit one group of muscles.

Compound exercises also make different muscle groups learn to work together, thus creating synergy and releasing more growth hormones into the body, making the muscles grow more prominent. 

Examples of compound exercises that Chris Evans incorporates in his workout routine include deadlifts.

Heavy Lifts Coupled With Low Reps

Most of the other actors training for roles that would require them to look ripped, just like Chris Evans prefer incorporating high-volume lifts of many reps. However, Chris Evans uses low reps of heavyweights. This kind of training often yields in big, bulky muscles and strength gains instead of many reps that elicit aesthetic muscles.

Chris Evans Daily Workout Routine.

Let us get into the details of Chris’s workout routine, including the types of exercises, number of sets, and reps.

Monday: Back Workout

Chris’ back workout involves five exercises, each having between 4 and 12 reps.

  • 4, 4-6 reps, weighted pull-ups
  • 2, 4-6 reps, single-arm dumbbell row
  • 3, 6-8 reps, seated cable row, and he prefers it with wide-grip
  • 3, 8-10 reps, lateral pull-down
  • 3-4, 10-12 reps, cable crunches

Tuesday: Chest Workout

  • 4, 4-6 reps, incline press
  • 3, 8 reps, dumbbell bench press
  • 2, 10-12 reps, cable crossover
  • 3-4, 8-10 reps, face pull-ups

Wednesday: Rest Day

Chris Evans rests on Wednesdays, although he at times does cardio. During such times, his exercise will entail resting, stretching, and working on his soft tissues allowing them to recover fully.

Thursday: Lower Body Workout

To exercise his lower body, Chris uses six distinct sets of exercises. They are as follows:

  • 3, 4-6 reps, deadlift
  • 2, 6-8 reps of lunges for every leg 
  • 3, 10-12 reps, leg press
  • 5, 10-15 reps of calf raises, either standing or seating
  • 3, 10-12 reps, hyperextension
  • 3, 10-15 reps of cable woodchoppers for each side

Friday: Upper Body Workout

  • 3, 6-8 reps, seated dumbbell press
  • 3, 6-8 reps, weighted pull-ups
  • 3, 10-12 reps, cable crossover
  • 3, 10-12 reps side deltoid raises
  • 2, 10-12 reps of rear deltoid raises
  • 3-4, 8-10 reps, barbell curl
  • 3-4, 8-10 reps of overhead tricep rope extensions

Saturday & Sunday: Rest Day

On Saturdays and Sundays, Chris Evans takes a break from working out and lets his body recover.

Chris Evans Diet Plan 

Nutrition is a vital part of physical transformation when aiming to achieve a particular physique. Well-known to Chris, he does not ignore this significant aspect and instead has a diet plan he follows. Chris says that a built physique will not be attained by simply spending hours in the gym only; more, such as proper nutrition, needs to be done.

Chris Evans Diet Details

When preparing for Captain America’s role, Chris’ diet plan comprised 70% proteins and about 30% carbs. It helped him add about 5 kgs but still decreased his overall body fat percentage. 

His physique has since gotten better by adhering to the diet, as seen in other films such as ‘Winter Soldier.’ This film showcased his buffed-up chest, biceps, triceps, and washboard abs while still having a low BMI. 

Chris sticks to a strict diet plan that helps him remain in shape. His diet is rich in proteins and well balanced with carbs, fruits, and vegetables. This Captain America star gets his proteins mainly from meat and fish. 

Chris Evan’s Daily Diet Plan

Here’s a brief on Chris Evans’ typical diet plan.


A bowl of porridge together with walnuts and dark berries

Morning Snack

5 grams of branched amino acids and Whey-based protein shake

Pre-workout Snack

 Almonds and apples

Post-workout Snack

5 grams of branched amino acids and Whey-based protein shake


A bowl of chicken salad plus brown basmati rice

Afternoon Snack

In the afternoon, Chris supplements his nutritional intake from the other foods by taking a protein shake.


Lean protein with vegetables on the side. The lean protein is either beef, chicken, or fish

Before Bedtime

The Captain America legend takes another protein shake that is often casein before sleeping.


Getting all the nutritional needs from meals would be ideal, but this is not always possible. Chris Evans supplements the nutrients he gets from his diet with particular supplements. His fitness coach, Simon Waterson, has mentioned that Chris’s main test is eating enough to gain enough muscles without storing extra energy as fats. 

Supplements, therefore, play a vital role in his diet, and this is evident in the number of protein shakes he takes in his diet plan above. Here are Chris Evans’s supplements and their main benefits towards his workout routine.

BCCAs: These supplements are known as branched amino acids in full. They help his muscles remain bulked. In addition, BCAAs are vital in preventing proteins breakdown.

Glutamine: It provides enhanced immunity. In addition, it helps stop Chris’s muscles from burning post-workout. 

Protein: Chris takes about 30 g of proteins per serving of his whey-based protein shakes. He also likes incorporating casein in his before bedtime meal. The casein is then slowly released into his body as he sleeps at night.

Fatty Acids: He incorporates about 500 mg of omega fatty acids in his meals. These include Omega-3s, Omega-9s, and Omega 6s, and they help his joints function well to make it easier for his body during workout sessions.


Even with all the experience, Chris Evans has in diet and nutrition; his transformations sometimes take up to 3 months. So, give yourself time but remain consistent to see the results. Understand that you may need to adjust the exercises and diet depending on your current physique and other personal needs.

We hope that this review on Chris Evans’ workout routine and diet plan will help you get started on your journey. With consistency, persistence, and discipline, you will see the results.

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