What Are The Best Way to Carry Your Phone on a Run?

Last Updated: June 1, 2022

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There are many reasons you want to carry your phone when running. It can be communication, tracking your speed, listening to music, and in case of emergencies. It’s why most newbie runners ask: “where do I put my phone when running.” In fact, you can easily trigger a discussion out of a group of runners by asking them this: How do you run with your phone?

Some of us started by just holding it by hand, then over time, we have discovered more convenient ways to carry the phone when running. This post will explore easier ways to carry your phone while running and why not use the various options. We will also recommend the best product for each option.

Hint: They are all hands-free

Hip Running Belt

Many ergonomics experts advise runners to use a waist belt more than other options for carrying the phone when running. It’s usually comfortable because the weight is distributed around the waist and close to the midline body, where there’s less impact.

It works well for a runner with a big phone or a few accessories because most have a large pocket. This leaves your hands free, and the phone stays with no bounce. Still, you can reach and get your phone with ease. Waist belts come in many sizes; from slim to wide designs. They also work better for cross-training because the belt stays stable no matter your range of motion.

A popular option is FlipBelt that features a stretchy material and offers a variety of pockets to keep your running items and snacks. Its name comes from how you slide the phone into the large pocket and slide it over. Many users love the smooth design as the running belt doesn’t have buckles, fasteners, or zippers. It also comes with many bright colors, which is great for visibility when running in low light.

If you are looking for added security, consider the SPIbelt because it features a waist pack with a zipper. It’s great for runners with bigger phones due to its large pocket that also fits other items like credit cards and keys. The buckle at the back allows for a more customized fit.



SPIbelt Running Belt

SPIbelt Running Belt

Reasons to buy

  • Running belts offer excellent weight distribution at the center of the body.
  • It is a discrete way to carry your valuables without attracting attention
  • Allows better handling of the phone because you can easily tuck inside your shirt
  • You can choose to put the phone weight in front or behind

Reasons not to buy

  • They can feel hot during strenuous workouts

Side Pockets

Of course, a pocket is arguably the most natural way to carry your phone, but not all pockets are great when running. Compression shorts with a side pocket are more common because they hold the phone in place without risking losing the phone when running. Make sure you avoid shorts with just a stash side pocket because there are lots of up and down movements, and you might end up dropping your phone after all.

A great option for women is the Baleaf High Waist Workout Biker Short that has received an astonishing number of reviews from over 70k+ users. Along with its large pockets enough to fit a big cell phone, the compression shorts offer a high-rise waistband that stays in place during exercise. The stretching fabric features 87% polyester and 13% spandex, so you can do different activities while wearing them.

A more budget-friendly option is the C9 Champion Women’s running short that has a zippered pocket in the back to secure the phone and other on-the-run essentials.

For men, the Baleaf Men’s athletic shorts are a perfect option because the fabrics stay dry and comfy. Besides, two side pockets, a rear zip pocket, and an inner drawcord ensure a customized fit and keeps the short secure. Men looking for a compression short with side pockets that won’t bounce can try the SilkWorld Compression shorts. Its flatlock seams make them skin-friendly without irritation and chaffing.

You can also use athletic socks with pockets, although these might be too small for big phones. But if you have a small phone, you might test to see if socks with pockets work for you. Also, try leggings like the one from LIFE SKY that has two side pockets and is extremely comfortable

If you already have the perfect running gear that you wouldn’t want to change, consider adding a phone pocket to an existing short. Just get premade pockets that fit your phone and sew them into the garment.

BALEAF Men's Running Athletic Shorts

BALEAF Men’s Running Athletic Shorts

BALEAF Women's High Waist Biker Shorts

BALEAF Women’s High Waist Biker Shorts

Wrist Band

Wrist bands can be ideal for runners who want to monitor their phone more closely while keeping hands-free. However, they can feel be uncomfortable if you have small hands or a particularly too large phone. A band that gets too heavy can be tiresome. It can become the classic way to have your phone when running if it works for you.

The good thing with armbands is that they keep your phone stable without wobbling and the phone is much closer to the ears for easy use of earphones and headphones. Depending on the model of armband, it could be a cloth pocket or one with a touchscreen window.

If you are looking for a good wrist band, check out the E Tronic Armband Sleeve that allows you to insert your phone zip up to keep it snug and secure. The spandex material makes it stretch and can fit phones of all sizes. You can even fit other items like the keys and wallet.

While many armbands offer room for just one phone, you could find a model that lets you carry other essentials like this one from Armpocket. It’s made from durable fabric with foam for extra comfort. The Velcro band makes it easy to adjust to prevent movement and chaffing. However, the price is higher.

E Tronic Edge Phone Holder

E Tronic Edge Phone Holder

Armpocket Phone Armbands for Running

Armpocket Phone Armbands for Running

Reasons to Buy

  • They keep your hands free
  • Protects your phone
  • Conveniently placed should you need wired earbuds
  • May allow you to check the phone without removing it

Reasons not to buy

  • It’s sometimes awkward for people with small arms

Running Vest

Running vests are a practical solution to carry your phone and personal belongings while out on the run.

These vests come in various sizes and shapes, each designed to fit a specific need, from hidden compartments that can accommodate gadgets to water bottles and even others that aim to keep you warm. Running vests are lightweight and comfortable to train and are often adjustable around the waistband to enhance the comfort of wearing one. 

The Runitude running vest is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a chest pouch to hold their phone while exercising. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable, weighing in *at a mere 5.6 ounces. It features a weatherproof and waterproof chest pack designed to minimize shaking around stored phones.

This running vest has a reflective grey material and light straps to make you stand out while running in the darkness.  Freetrain V1  provides added security and comet while running, and it has an adjustable waistband to keep the vest snug.

The running vest brings safety and practicality together with its reflective prints for safe night runs and breathable holes to allow heat to escape from your chest. You can use the center pouch to store phones, and it can fit up to the iPhone 11 pro max, or you can use the two side pockets for smaller devices.

Runitude Running Vest

Freetrain V1 Vest

Freetrain V1 Vest

Reasons to buy

  • Running vests provide practical weight distribution to the center of the body.
  • They are more discrete and provide more reflective surface area to keep night runners visible. 

Reasons not to buy

  • Running vests can trap heat around your chest, especially during prolonged exercise and long-distant running.

Water Bottle with a Phone Holder

Water bottles designed to hold phones provide an optimal way to carry your phone while staying hydrated. The phone holder is often designed to fit all phone sizes and allow touch screen control without removing the phone, and the material is comfortable to grip for extended periods.

Water bottles with phone holders come in different capacities to fit your hydration requirements, and you can switch to a range that you are more comfortable carrying around. 

If you are in the market for a 12-ounce water bottle with a phone holder, you should check the Fitletic handheld water bottle and phone holder. Its made from durable neoprene, which is also comfortable to hold and endure sweat.

Runners love the uniquely designed interior pocket that securely holds cash and ID. You also don’t have to worry about getting your hands chafed while running, as there are no movements around the adjustable strap. The thumb-lock hand sling design allows your hand to rest more naturally while keeping the bottle safe. 

The Nathan Handheld water bottle and phone case is popular among runners and outdoor enthusiasts. You don’t have to grip the strap as it fits tight on either hand, and storage space can hold your keys and personal items, and your phone. The case is also has integrated 3M reflective fabric that produces 360-degree visibility in low light conditions.

Fitletic Handheld Water Bottle & Phone Holder

Fitletic Handheld Water Bottle & Phone Holder

Nathan Handheld Water Bottle and Phone Case for Running

Nathan Handheld Water Bottle and Phone Case for Running

 Reasons to Buy

  • It’s a discrete way to carry personal valuables and phones securely.
  • The phone holder cases are often made of reflective fabrics that are handy when running at night. 
  • Provides a comfortable grip for your water bottle and keeps you hydrated while exercising.

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You get to hold the water bottle with a phone holder on the one hand, which offsets your weight distribution from the center of the body.

Final Words

Carrying your phone while running has never been easier. With so many convenient and affordable ways to carry your phone, there’s no excuse to leave your phone when heading out for a run. Whichever method you choose, we hope you find the best way to carry your phone on your next run.

New to running? Check out our guide on choosing your first pair of running shoes to find the best pair for you. If you’re looking for a way to track your progress in running check out our complete guide on GPS running watches.

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