Raycon The Performer E55 Review & Comparison

Last Updated: May 28, 2022

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Raycon The Performer E55

Wireless earbuds are one of the things that runners couldn’t leave behind as it’s part of their every run. And one of the popular earbuds that most runners are loving is the Raycon The Performer E55. It has gained more attention, especially that it’s the earbuds that most YouTube creators are using and reviewing.

Raycon E55 wireless earbuds are known for its sleek design and outstanding Bluetooth wireless feature. However, is it really an ideal earbud for running? Does it have the features that runners would love to take advantage of? Let’s figure it out on this Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Earbuds review.

Raycon The Performer E55 Overview

Key Features

  • Truly wireless with the two-step pairing technology
  • Ergonomic secure fit with silicone gel tips
  • Powerful and deep bass for those that like a bit of extra pump
  • Comes with a stylish and unique charging case.
  • Up to 40 hours of battery life when you take the charging case with you.


  • Type: Truly wireless
  • Phone controls: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Water/Sweat-resistant: Yes (IPX4)

Fitting of Raycon E55 Earbuds

Raycon’s wireless earbuds take pride in their comfortable and lightweight design that can perfectly fit anyone’s ear. They also have five extra buds of various shapes and sizes for users to choose which tip suits them well. So we can say that with its flexibility, it’s a very convenient set of wireless earbuds.

However, although the earbuds can easily fit one ear, the slippery texture of the buds and extremely lightweight design, there is a big chance for it to fall easily when moving fast. So, Raycon might not be that perfect earbud for running unless the buds are fitted and tightly attached inside your ear.

Though this is common in most earbuds, even the prominent ones like the AirPods or the Bose SoundSport’s. 

But one reason that the Raycon earbuds are favorable for runners is because of their sweat and water resistance. Its IPX4 rating protects the earbuds from getting damaged with rain or sweat. Furthermore, Raycon earbuds do not trap heat inside your ear which prevents too much sweating. So, for this feature, it can be the best option when working out or jogging.

Sound Quality and Microphone

Raycon E55 wireless earbud is also known for its undeniably heavy bass, which is cool for those who love to get the most out of their music. However, sometimes the bass can be overwhelming for some, especially that it alters the vocals and other instruments. Therefore, it focuses more on high bass and low mids, which significantly affect the quality of the song.

If you’re fond of listening to the beat more than enjoying the vocals of the music, you’ll love Raycon E55. But, on the other hand, if you are the type of person who wants to hear everything clearly in the song—you might want to find a more suitable option.

Raycon wireless earbuds do not include noise-cancelling, so if you’re going for a run in a noisy place—you might not get to hear the music well enough. Also, even though it fits well to your ears, you might still hear the sound of cars and people when you’re running.

In addition, when it comes to using its microphone for a call, Raycon E55 can be disappointing since it does not have an active noise-cancelling feature. As a result, the quality of the voice or speech is not that clear and not detailed. So, using Raycon to answer calls or attend video conferences is not ideal, especially if you’re in a noisy place.

It will not deliver your message clearly, but it can be good if you’re in a quiet room without any other outside noise. It is also suitable for running in parks or other quiet places, but maybe not in metro areas.

Battery Life and Wireless Charging

Fortunately, Raycon got to reason its price due to its wireless charging feature where it gives extra battery life for about 36 hours.

Typically, the battery life of Raycon can last for up to 6 hours of listening, but with the extra battery from its case— it’s a total of 42 hours.

So, you can charge the earbuds wirelessly approximately five times which is perfect when planning to run for miles.

However, the battery capacity of Raycon E55 is not top-rated since other brands already surpass the 6 hours cap. Some brands can even work up to 9 hours plus a strong battery capacity of earbuds cases. But reviews are saying that Raycon can surpass the 6 hours battery life for up to 8 hours. The thing is, you can only be sure of this if you try it yourself.

Bluetooth Connection

Raycon E55 is designed with Bluetooth connectivity to be paired with phones, laptops, smartwatches, or any other gadget. Unfortunately, the range of the connection is 10 meters which is not ideal if you’re fond of long-range earbuds. Although it can be an option for runners since they bring their earbuds close with their gadgets, there will be no problem with connectivity in that case.

Raycon’s connectivity is also reliable that users can expect quick and easy pairing with their phones or other gadgets. Although, they might come across with a slight issue of not being disconnected even after the earbuds are placed in the case. So, it might bring inconvenience, especially if you want to connect your phone to other Bluetooth devices.

Buttons and Controls

Like any other wireless earbuds, Raycon E55 also comes in with buttons to control the music and answer calls. For example, tapping the buds once will prompt the music to play or pause and the calls to either answer or end it.

On the other hand, double-tapping the earbuds supports the skipping of the tracks. Lastly, a triple tap is a prompt to either increase or decrease the volume sound.

However, one downside of Raycon when it comes to controlling is the fact that it does not have an app to configure the sound. So, you won’t be able to change the settings of the sound.

It will remain as it comes out of the box with no way to tune it.

The Charging Case

The case of Raycon E55 is undoubtedly attractive because of its petite and neat design. It also has a lanyard that can come in handy if you want to tie it on your bag or somewhere. Raycon prides its earbuds with its case that supports wireless charging. It’s also rechargeable using a Type-C USB connector.

What We Liked

  • Wireless charging
  • Neat-looking design
  • Comfortable and extra buds
  • Sweat and water protection
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable Connection
  • Straightforward Controls

What We Didn’t Like

  • Overwhelming heavy-bass (For some this is a plus)
  • No noise cancelling feature
  • Not excellent Microphone quality
  • No Available Apps to configure sound

Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Earbuds Comparisons

Jabra Elite Active 75T

Raycon is known for its strong bass in terms of sound quality, which is quite heavier than any other brand, such as the Jabra Elite Active 75T.

And because of that, Jabra is more of the best option if you’re not fond of heavy bass. Moreover, Jabra’s EQ is adjustable through its App, which makes it more efficient than Raycon.

There are definitely nuances between both products and where one might excel for a certain person the other may not so you will ultimately need to do your research on both to see which one is more suitable for your needs.

The Jabra earbuds also contain noise cancellation, but you will skimp out on the battery lfie where the charging case will get you 28-hours.

FAQ on the Raycon The Performer E55 True Earbuds

Is there a warranty?

Same with other brands, Raycon offers a 1-year warranty for their earbuds which is the standard warranty for gadgets like this.

Is it ideal for runners?

Raycon earbuds have features that support runners to have a convenient listening experience, but some lacking features might be an issue. Raycon provides a great fit for anyone because of its extra tips of various shapes and sizes. 

Some have found it frustrating that it can fall out but this will ultimately depend upon your fit with the earbuds.

What’s the Best Alternative?

If you’re looking for more convenient and reliable earbuds for running, Jabra Elite Active 75T can be one of the alternatives. In addition, it delivers much more handy features for a better listening experience.

Final Thoughts

Raycon E55 wireless earbuds are quite popular for most online creators since the brand truly cares for its marketing. It’s also attracting more consumers because of its cool design but maybe not so much with its features, it is about what you would expect from the price though.

Its pride is the wireless charging feature and extra buds for better fitting, which is great. It has reliable Bluetooth connectivity as well, along with its sweat resistance. 

But there are plenty of downsides, from overwhelming bass to no app for configuration when it comes to the sound quality. 

However, if these are pro’s for you, it could be the perfect fit.

Overall, Raycon E55 is one of the average wireless earbuds that is well marketed. The look and design of Raycon are really attractive, especially that it is also widely promoted by content creators.

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