How to Get Abs With An At Home Workout Program

Last Updated: January 15, 2023

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You probably have searched on how to get abs home workout multiple times and still can’t find the best ab workout routine for you. Worry not because I’ve done my best to collect the abs home workout that could work out for you as rated by others on the internet.

Of course, doing ab workouts is only the beginning and without a proper diet, you might not get very far.

Other than workouts and dieting, you should also remember that getting abs doesn’t have a specific timeline. Some may get abs within weeks, while some may achieve their goal after how many months.

This fact could be a little depressing, but remember your body is built differently and uniquely, hence, your results may come a little earlier or later than the others. Regardless, keep in mind that you’re doing this for you.

General Workouts

In this section, I listed down the ab workouts that train your abs from every angle. It is always important to take note that when working out, you should not only do crunches and sit-ups, but there should always be a good mix of ab workouts.

When working out your abs, remember also that you’re not just getting those lines on your abdomen, but you’re also working on your core strength. Hence, all workouts from your chest to your hips will be tackled.

All the listed exercises are meant to be done for 30 to 60 seconds you can customize your rest. Some may rest after three exercises while some may prefer differently. Regardless, make sure that you rest because you don’t want to overwork your muscles.

1. Dead Bug

deadbug exercise
deadbug exercise

Source: YouTube

To perform a dead bug, lie on your back with your arms perpendicular to the ground and your knees are arched to a degree of 90 angles. Make sure your knees are above your hips.

Keep your back pressed on the floor. Brace your core and slowly, extend your right arm overhead until it touches the floor. Simultaneously, extend your left leg until it also touches the floor.

After elongating these parts, pause. Thereafter, you can return your right arm and left leg to its original position. Do the same for the other leg and arm after. Continue this for 30 to 60 seconds.

2. Plank

planks exercise

Source: YouTube

The famous planks are important too! There are two types of planks that you should know. There is a high plank and low plank.

A high plank is a great option for beginners because you can easily perfect your form through this. Moreover, this uses your body weight so this is also good for sculpting your shoulders and arms.

When doing the high plank, make sure that your hands are just below your shoulders. Balance on the balls of your feet and keep your abs engaged for a maximum workout.

On the other hand, the low plank is good for an increase in difficulty and burn in your abs. This makes your core muscles work more than the high plank.

To properly do your low planks, make sure your shoulders are directly over your elbows. Your body should also be in one straight line.

If you want an extra challenge with your plank, you can do the up-down plank. In this workout, you will first start with a high plank and bring your elbows down to a low plank. Do this exercise for 30-60 seconds.

3. Reverse Crunch

Source: YouTube

You first start lying on your back with your arms resting on your sides. For others, you can put your hands behind your back for support when doing your crunches.

Starting with your feet flat on the ground, lift your leg up as you work your ab. When bringing your legs up, curl your knees into your chest so you can properly lift your hips off the ground.

For an added challenge, you can start with lifting your legs up so your thighs are perpendicular to the ground and your knees are bent. You can do this instead of placing your feet flat on the ground.

As you do this workout, you should feel a burn on your stomach as it clenches. Do this exercise for 30 to 60 seconds as well.

4. Heel Taps

heel taps exercise
heel taps
heel taps exercise

Source: YouTube

Heel taps are simple and they totally work your obliques out. To start, lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Place your hands by your hips as well.

Lift your chest up and start reaching out for the heel of your feet alternately. Take note that as you do this workout, your neck should be relaxed and your shoulder blades are off the ground.

For beginners, you may notice that it is quite challenging for your neck. Worry not though because this is pretty normal for those who are only beginning to do this workout. However, if this still persists, maybe you should seek professional help from a trainer to perfect your form.

Don’t forget to completely reach out for the heel. Make sure that you’re really tapping your heel to maximize the workout. Do this for 30 to 60 seconds again.

5. Russian Twists

russian twists exercise

Source: YouTube

Don’t ask me if this exercise is from Russia. Instead, ask me if this is a good ab workout and I’ll surely respond with: yes!

When sitting on the floor, lean your body back until you can feel that your arbs are engaged and working. Next, lift your legs and bend them at an angle of 90 degrees.

Clasp your hands and bend your elbows. Make sure that your elbows are wide apart so it won’t constrict you from your workout. When your starting position is all ready, then you are now ready to rotate your torso.

Rotate your upper body to the right side until your right elbow is almost touching the ground. After, return to your original position; then, twist again to your left this time. Continue this exercise for 30 to 60 seconds.

Varied Workouts

The general workout may not be your type of workout. Hence, I’ve also listed some workout sets that are of different variations.

The exercises that I’ve listed in the general workout can be perfect for beginners. You may still do the general ab workout, though you have to alter things a bit to increase intensity.

Though these varied workout sets under this section can be for beginners, I suggest testing the waters first before truly engaging in these workouts. Moreover, if you want variation in your workout every week, these sets could be helpful too.

Hardcore Workouts:

1. Hardstyle Plank

Source: YouTube

This is another different style of plank beside the high and low planks. The hardstyle plank requires you to have your forearms parallel to another, your heels together, and your elbows directly under your shoulders.

While holding on to your abs, you will feel your core engaging in the workout. Hence, this is a pretty intense plank that may leave you sore afterward. Hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds.

2. Deadbug

Yes, you’re right. This dead bug workout is the same as what I wrote in the general workout. This is really helpful to your core so better add this here as well!

When doing this workout, you have to make sure that your lower back stays in contact with the floor at all times. For your breathing, keep it as regular as possible.

Did you know that this workout doesn’t only work your core, but it can also help you with your coordination? Since you’re working on your upper and lower extremities simultaneously, this can help improve your cognitive function!

3. V-Sit Kick Out

v sit kickout exercise
v sit kickout exercise

Source: YouTube

You will notice that this exercise is pretty simple and very far from being complicated. But don’t get fooled because this is terribly challenging for your abs!

First begin in a seated position with your knees bent before your chest and your hands on the side. Make sure that your palms are not touching the floor, so position them just right above the floor with your palms down.

Next, stretch out your legs. Extend your legs while you bring your torso a little further back, hence, creating a “V” position. Repeat this movement for 10 to 20 seconds.

4. Leg Raise

leg raise exercise
leg raise exercise
leg raise exercise

Source: YouTube

To do a leg raise, you first have to lie on your back with your hands at your sides. For some, you can put your hands on your lower back for support.

You would notice that this exercise is quite similar to reverse crunch. However, the difference lies in your legs and the angle and height you’re lifting your legs too.

For reverse crunch, you’re bringing your knees towards you, crunching your abs. As for this one, you’re just literally lifting your legs up. Make sure they’re straight (if you can) while you lift them up.

Once you lift your legs up, hold for a second, before putting your leg down on the floor. Make sure that when you put your leg down, you’re still holding them up, making them only a few inches away from the floor. You can do this for 10 to 20 seconds.

5. Sit-Ups
sit ups exercise
sit ups exercise

Source: YouTube

To do a sit-up, lie on your bar with your hands on the sides of your head. The technique to a better sit-up exercise is to do it nice and slow. People do it too quickly, which could lead to injuries and neck strains.

Make sure that your soles are not lying flat on the floor. Let the heel of your feet rest comfortably and let all the work be done through your ab and core.

From a lying position, bring your chest up to your knees and pause for a second before going back down. As you lift yourself up, don’t forget to breathe in and breathe out when going down. Repeat this for 10-20 seconds.

Cardio Core Workouts

1. Skater Lunges
skater lunges exercise
skater lunges exercise

Source: YouTube (Rebel)

To do skaters, first, start with your legs slightly apart compared to your shoulder distance. Place your arms at the sides. This will be your starting position.

After rightly positioning yourself, leap and place one leg behind your bended knee. As you do this, let your arms swing comfortably on your sides. After, leap again and switch to the other leg.

You will notice that this mimics a skating motion. Do this for 20 reps.

2. Mountain Climbers
mountain climbers exercise
mountain climbers exercise

Source: YouTube

Mountain climber exercise is quite easy but it is pretty exhausting in the long run. However, you know that this is extremely effective (and worth it).

You first have to get into a plank position. Make sure that all your weight is on your hands and toes. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart and your back is flat.

Your abs should be engaged and keep your head in alignment. Don’t lift your head up while doing this because it can affect your workout form and also could strain your neck.

Pull your right knee into your chest as if you are climbing a wall. Switch legs after that by pulling one knee out and the other in.

When doing this exercise, you have to make sure that you’re not arching your back or else, you’re not engaging your core. Do this for 20 reps.

3. Burpees
burpees exercise
burpees exercise

Source: YouTube

Starting from standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, make sure that your arms are on your sides. You also have to take note that balance is important in this fast-paced exercise.

Place your hands on the floor and do a push-up. Thereafter, jump your feet and stretch your arms upwards to the ceiling. Make sure that your body forms a straight line from your head to heels.

To add more challenge, squat as you pull yourself down before going to a push-up position. In this way, you’re also working your glutes together with your arms, abs, and cardio. Do this for 20 reps.

4. Knee Pull-Ins
knee pull ins exercise
knee pull ins exercise

Source: YouTube

The knee pull-ins are probably my personal favorite. This is a very tough exercise and will leave you panting and your ab burning.

You first position yourself on an elevated bench or you can also do it on the floor. Put your hands just right behind you for support.

Lean your back a little and elongate your legs in front of you. Try your best to keep your knees straight to maximize the workout. Also, do not let your legs or your heels touch the floor.

For the next step, you have to bring your knees to your chest. Make sure that your abs are engaged and you can feel the burn on your sides.

You would notice that this is somewhat similar to your crunches. But this time, instead of having your back lie flat on the floor, you’re balancing your back for a more challenging workout. Do this for 20 reps.

5. Side Planks
side planks exercise

Source: YouTube

Side plank is another variation of the plank. I know, there are so many planks! Don’t worry because these may look similar, they definitely are varying in intensity and also with the areas of your abdomen.

To start, lie on your side (obviously), with your legs stacked and extended. Trust me when I say this is quite difficult when you have a poor balance. But, try to hold and balance yourself by focusing on your breathing and also keeping your abs engaged.

Your elbow should be directly under your shoulder. Make sure that your head is directly in line with your spine to prevent stiff necks or any neck strain.

Some may prefer to keep their other arm on their waist and align it along their side, while some prefer lifting their arms perpendicular to their body. Either way, this won’t really affect your workout.

Lift your hips and knees up from the ground. Your torso should be straight and is not bending to ensure proper form and to truly get the benefits of this workout.

Further Tips

When doing your planks, make sure to squeeze your entire body; your quads, glutes, back, and core. As you squeeze these positions in, take breathes throughout the hold to maximize the workout.

To get abs, an ab workout is not only the key. But, you should also work on your cardio workout training. Remember that your ab forms because you’re losing ab fat and not because of your excessive ab workouts.

After a while of doing your workout exercises, you should be seeking out intensified workouts. By this, you can change the workout exercises entirely or you can also add more reps and sets into your routine.

Even if you do intense ab workouts every day, you would never reach your goal if you’re not cleaning up your diet. So, better make sure to partner your ab home workout with some clean and good dieting. This is another topic altogether which we’ll be writing a post on soon, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter!

Strength training is also important to help you with building your six-pack. This can be a high-intensity interval workout to help you burn lots of calories and ab fat.


It really takes determination and perseverance to get those six-packs, from those early morning wake ups to the cravings of the food. You should always keep in mind that before all the ab workouts, you should also prepare yourself mentally to keep you motivated and going. Focusing on a clean diet will be the catalyst for getting the physique of your abs to appear.

If you’re not sure where to start, see our post on the 5 most popular weight loss trends this year.

Starting an ab workout routine can be pretty easy, but being consistent with your routine is a different challenge. Hence, keep yourself excited with a variation in your workouts. Remember, variety won’t only give you that extra excitement, but will also extremely help you overall. You might want to look into our guide for doing pushups properly as well.

While you’re here check out these reviews on gym equipment you can use for weight loss on our website. If you’re looking to do more things at home then check out our post on the home gym essentials. Good luck, consistency is key!


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