Best Fitness Gifts For Her: Popular & Well Rated Product Reviews

Last Updated: August 2, 2022

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If you’re like me, as early as now, you are already hearing the Christmas bells ringing. The weather has started to indicate the holidays are coming as the winter cold sets in.

Perhaps, you’re already contemplating what to buy your loved one but you are not really sure about what they like. All you know is that like you, they’re into health and fitness, and I think you can never go wrong with getting anyone something in that department.

As a matter of fact, when I celebrated my first-ever Christmas with my wife, I had the same struggle. I tried to search online, but there are just a plethora of gift suggestions for women and it just adds to the confusion. I didn’t want to just give something that doesn’t add value to her life.

If you’re in the exact situation right now and you’re struggling to figure out what to get her, I came up with this list to give you some great ideas.

As an advocate of fitness (and my wife appreciating every fitness-related gift I get her), I hope this provides some guidance on the best fitness gifts for her, be it your wife, sister, or mother, not just for Christmas but any time of the year.

Some Of The Best Fitness Gifts For Her Compared and Reviewed

#1 - SPRI Exercise Dice

One of the difficult things about working out, no matter what your age, level of skill, or the type of fitness you practice every day, is the monotony of it. We should always give ourselves as much opportunity to be excited about working out every day.

I believe the SPRI Exercise Dice provides that variety. The brand has started to become popular in offering high-quality products and has even been recognized by the most prestigious athletic-training facilities and many largest gym chains to be the most trusted brand available.

Using an exercise dice is such a unique way to randomize and gamify your routine. With a simple toss of a couple of dice, every fitness enthusiast would be able to discover new combinations of reps as well as exercises in order to make a new routine every day, while still adding an extra level of fun.

One die indicates the kind of exercises: crunches, jumping jacks, squats, push ups and a wild card option. The other die indicates rep counts in seconds 30, 60 and 90, as well as reps 10, 20, 30.

I think this is a great item to use for groups, and though the exercises are very limited on the die itself, it’s a way to change things up and keep you on your toes during your workout.

This is actually the reason why SPRI’s exercise dice (6-sided dice) is on my number one list as the best gift for our loved ones, although others say it’s not really good to use for more advanced fitness practitioners.



#2 - BALEAF Thermal Fleece Lined Leggings

Another fitness gift for her, where you’ll never go wrong except for the sizing maybe, is a pair of nice and comfortable workout leggings. This one is particularly special as it is the best selling pair in Amazon.

BALEAF was originally an apparel brand which adapted to the ‘workout culture’ that they say started in 2015. From that point, they’ve been optimizing and using the latest technologies to design high-end sports apparel. Their thermal fleece leggings speaks a lot about it.

It has soft fleece on the inside, exactly what you need during those cold Christmas seasons. The most prominent feature of this leggings is how users say that when you wear this pair, it feels like “wearing a hug”.

I think that says a lot in terms of comfort and breathability despite its thickness. It’s made with blended polyester and spandex, and it is lined with flatlock seams for increased comfort. One important feature for me is it’s moisture-wicking properties.

A crowd favorite, it comes in both classic and fun colors, the toughest part will be picking the right color for you to purchase for her.



#3 - Renoj Booty Bands and Resistance Bands

Booty bands are one of the major evolutions in the fitness realm that addressed the issue of portability. There are just some days that you can’t come into the gym and utilize weights. A booty band provides enough resistance and challenge to provide the almost the same challenge as lifting.

While this is not only for women, booty bands have been targeted to women who didn’t like the inconvenience of equipment. The Renoj brand is a different take on the usual bands as this is made of sweat-absorbing fabric.

Users are united when they say that this is more durable than elastic bands and seemed to be friendlier to their skin. This doesn’t restrict any movement at all as it is surprisingly soft and comfortable yet still provides that needed resistance to engage the core, and activate the lower body.

It comes in 3 levels of resistance: light, medium and heavy. These come in a small black bag which supplements it being portable, and ensures its neatly in place in the gym bag.



#4 - Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Running Shoes

Comfy running shoes is an absolute must when you’re running everyday. It’s certainly a fact that Adidas has been bringing a huge influence across both the sportswear and fashion industry, and their popularity doesn’t disappoint.

What caught my attention for this Adidas Cloudfoam Pure running shoe, is it offers the highest standard of comfort for sneaker connoisseurs while still having that casual look. It is popular among runners not only for its design but its affordability.

I like how the Cloudfoam technology minimizes the impact on your feet and shock when you run. For breathability and comfort, it’s made with a knit upper part which is soft and made to revert to its original shape despite wear and tear.

I read so many positive reviews from the shoppers about how light and perfect it is for working out. It’s also designed with a tongue-pull so it doesn’t move around during exercise.

One thing I noticed though, is that there is very minimal ankle support on this shoe which for me is not really a deal breaker but it’s important to have that feature especially to reduce risk of injury.

In addition, this sporty little option can be pulled off by everyone, as it comes in a series of colorways that will certainly appeal to those of all personal styles.



#5 - Reebok Women's All Terrain Super OR Running Shoe

This Gaiam Balance Ball Chair was designed with so much work-life balance in mind, and I think is a perfect fit for office workers who want to incorporate some fitness into the dreary office routines.

The idea is an alternative desk chair designed for active and flexible seating. It literally is a balance ball and a chair in one. This product promotes proper posture and micromovements which ultimately engages the whole body even at resting position.

It comes with four easy-glide caster wheels, a back support bar, an air pump, a secure metal ball holder, and a desktop guide to help keep you moving. The only major issue I have is that you need to re-inflate ever so often to keep to its original size.

Gaiam was actually designed by a chiropractic pioneer who advocates for ergonomics in daily life. The chair has great capacity at 300 lbs and seats 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches tall. This would be a unique and interesting gift.



My Number One Pick

What To Consider When Buying Fitness Gifts For Her

Below are some things that you could keep in mind when looking to buy fitness gifts for her. Good luck!

Her Style

Women like to experiment with different kinds of style at every age or phase in their life. But if you know her, you’d know she has that one style that she sticks to on certain occasions.

For example, my wife is very stylish and likes to dress in different colors for casual or formal clothing. However, for her workout clothes, she sticks to black, gray and white. I know this for the fact that I usually work out with her.

This will be one thing I keep in mind while I shop for her. If I was going to buy her a BALEAF pair of leggings, I would stick to the blacks and grays, as that is her workout style. If it’s the Lintelek tracker, that should probably come in black as well.

Her Size

With regards to size, this can be a touchy subject. In the event that you truly know her size, then it would be great!

On the off chance that you don’t know exactly, then you would need to estimate. As for me, I find it easy as I only need to take a peek in our closet to find out which size of clothing my wife prefers.

Worse case scenario is you have no idea. The best route to go is avoid purchasing tight-fitting styled garments and one-size fits-all kinds of items as much as possible.

For workout clothing, like the BALEAF leggings, it’s safer to go bigger than smaller. While it is hard to workout on both tight and loose clothing, leggings will naturally be a snug fit. One size larger would only mean losing on the waist part, which is more workable than having it painstakingly tight.

Otherwise, tap a common friend who can give you a hand to choose.

Exchange Policy or Gift Receipt

With relation to the problem with sizing, make sure that you are buying from a brand which offers a great return policy.

Say you’re buying the Adidas Cloudfoam for your wife and it came with the wrong size or the wrong style, Adidas offers a 30-day instore free return policy so you can exchange it with your preferred item.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing their items online, you only need to contact their support team and have the item shipped at your expense. It’s a good thing that nowadays most merchants have good return and refund policies so the choices for your gift buying are not limited.

Where does she workout?

See whether she’s doing her workout routine at home, outdoors, or in the gym. On the chance that she exercises at home, she will be needing some exercise gear to load up her home gym center so consider that.

You can buy the Renoj Booty and Resistance Bands, 3 Levels Exercise Bands for her, or other home workout equipment. If she has a gym membership, and workouts there, chances are she’s already stuck in a routine and you may want to encourage her to add some variety. In this case, buy her the SPRI dice. You can even join in and make it a bonding workout between you too.

If she likes the outdoors and she likes jogging outside in the morning, then perhaps, a more suited outdoor gift could be running like the Adidas Cloudfoam or the Lintelek tracker.

Either way, you have to consider and think about her routine and where she works out if you want to be able to give her a gift that will add value to her life.

Her Age

Age is a major factor to consider when buying anyone a gift as this directly affects a person’s interest. Say you are buying a gift for your niece who is between 8 to 12 years old, then you may opt to buy the SPRI dice.

While the dice is great for all ages, it can be turned into a fun game as well as an exercise routine even for children as it is easy to comprehend.

Her Interests

The best way to get a person’s interest during Christmas time is through a wish list, besides, Christmas is a great excuse to write one. Other than that, try to think about the things that draw her: What does she like to do? What does she like to watch? How does she spend most of her time? Does she collect anything at all?

From this thought process, you’d be able to get a sense of some items that you can consider buying for her. If you have a friend who is a workaholic and has no time to workout but has recently shown interest in it, you may want to purchase the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair.

It’s a push of encouragement and sends the message that you care about her and her well-being.

What do you want to say to her?

Speaking of messages, a gift says a lot of the things that we can’t really say to another person. Think about what you want to communicate to her when you give her your gift.

A generic, thoughtless gift would say: ‘I didn’t have time to think about your interests, so here’s a random gift’, and that message would be sent to her. You’re better off with a custom or hand-made gift which screams ‘You are special to me’, than a generic one.

What do you want her to feel?

And this is nothing in relation to the price of your gift. A thoughtful gift makes her feel appreciated, loved and valued. What defines a thoughtful gift depends on the person you are giving it to.

But the main measure is how much she can use it. Is it something that she can simply discard on her dresser? Will she be able to use it everyday?

Say she isn’t into exercising now, buying her an Adidas Cloudfoam running shoe, on the onset, seems like a thoughtless gift. However, it becomes of value, and she would feel encouraged and motivated, if you start running with her.

The gift then triples in value, it creates opportunities to spend time with each other, and suddenly, the gift is so much more special that it originally seemed.

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Fitness Gifts for Her

Q: What do I do if she has allergies to certain materials?

A: First thing is to be aware of these things as it could be a matter of life and death to another person. Assuming that you already know what she’s allergic to, make sure to always check on the make of the items you are purchasing.

It will be good to double check on the return policy as well in case you find out later that she has allergies. On the off chance that you don’t know at all, make sure you ask her prior buying anything.

Q: I want to buy her this item but do not have the budget, what do I do?

A: You don’t buy it. The price of the item does not translate to its value. Go for an item which is within your budget that is still of interest to her and stick to it.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself by buying an expensive item which gets you in debt. If she cares about you, she would not appreciate that if she finds out.


Gifts say a lot of things and it could determine the feelings of the receiver. So if you’re keen on buying something for her, make sure you consider the things I’ve mentioned above: her interests, her feelings and what message you want to send to her.

These are more important than the item on hand. A thoughtless gift is simply a ticket to say you’ve done the effort, but a thoughtful one speaks of your care and consideration for the other person.

While you’re here, check out some of the other reviews we’ve done specifically for women such as weightlifting gloves and the overall best fitness watches for women. A more humble gift to consider could also be a gym bag. If she’s also into Yoga, check out the review on some of the best yoga tops, done by Kelly. If you know her foot size, you can look at even more workout shoes for women with our reviews here. Hopefully I’ve helped you at least think of an idea that you can get for her!

A gift can be as simple as taking the day off and spending time with her working out or doing things that interests her. As they say: it’s always the thought that counts.


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