5 Best Stamina Rowing Machines With Complete Buyers Guide

Last Updated: August 15, 2021

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I am a runner, through and through and I love it. I also swim and cycle regularly. My first accomplished marathon was in January 2020. As of this moment, I am training for half-ironman. Ironman is a triathlon series; it contains running, biking, and swimming. So I can say I consider myself a competitive triathlete. In my free time, I still try to do yoga and gym exercises to improve my body strength.

Whilst I have a turbo system installed at home for my bike, run and swim regularly I’ve tried to find ways to improve my cardiovascular endurance. I know that rowers have some of the most amazing stamina levels and I wanted to include it as part of my cross-training at home to improve my overall endurance levels. This was when I started looking for the best stamina rowing machines on the market.

There are a lot of stamina rowing machines that promise good quality performance but, instead of hastily choosing one, I decided to analyze its features. I looked at its air resistance level, height, size, convenience, and everything essential for the goal I am trying to obtain.

Below are some of the products that I’ve analyzed and done research on and completely reviewed their features. Hopefully, it assists you in making an informed decision.

Best Stamina Rowing Machines Compared and Reviewed

#1 - Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

The Concept2 Model D Indoor with PM5 stood out the best among hundreds of choices. Premium and professional use this for training, that’s why it is undoubtedly useful even for the regular people who work out 3 to 5 times a week. 

This 56 lb machine designed to suit the majority of its users because of its adjustable seat and handles.

Concept2 Model D has a lot of worthy features such as a digital analyzer wherein you can track your real-time progress and save them to your flash drive. Other than that, it can connect you to your heart rate phone applications and even has games to ease your boredom while sweating out. This device allows you to arrange your workout interval and span, as well as its distance.

There is no problem with trying to sync in your movements to the machine because it accurately responds to every action. Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about disturbing people at home because this rowing machine only produces a few noises without having to feel inconvenience. 

You don’t have to worry about feeling like you are going on a rocky run because Concept2 Model D allows you to have a smooth and easy feeling while working out.

This machine builds for convenience, and that’s one of the best things about it. It has only eight screws and divided into two pieces for storage, which makes it easy to assemble. Besides that, it goes out smoothly of its repository without disturbing noise.

The best thing about Concept2 Model D is it progressed through time. People nowadays tend to give up easily during workouts. Concept2 did not let that happen by giving its users the things they need‒ a pastime. 

This product was able to maximize one’s time by putting games, arranging flash drive sync possibilities, and even app connections. It builds for people who want to do productive things in a tranquil environment. This device is suitable in any area, even in your home’s kitchen. What could go wrong, right?

I’ve been very happy with the Concept2 Model D Indoor with PM5 and its the choice that I use at home now for my endurance training when I’m not on the bike or out for a run.

Trust me, one of the most amazing feelings is boosting your cardiovascular system. I can walk upstairs without huffing and puffing and whilst running has given me the most out of that, I can tell these rowing machines are pushing me to even further levels.



#2 - Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

This rower will make you feel like you are on a boat because of its design. If you aim to have a good muscle stretch, Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 won’t fail you. A person of no age can enjoy a specialized routine by adjusting his desired intensity, time, and length of motion without feeling any hassle.

The BodyTrac Glider assures evident results in a short period without feeling worn out. This stamina rowing machine provides comfort, stable, and effective workout sessions because of its combined features. It elevates through technology by providing its users the stroke and calorie count.

One can track progress using this device’s monitor and do routines without feeling uncomfortable because of its specialized seat and aluminum frame. Aside from comfortability, this product also provides safety because of its sturdiness. However, it only suggests a limit of 250lbs.

BodyTrac Glider also lets its users activate full-body strength and muscle activity. It also has a smooth ball-bearing system that allows you to do your job in comfort. Unlike other stamina rowing machines, the physical appearance of BodyTrac Glider is robust. It looks like the usual exercising device in gyms but is compact and easy to carry.



#3 - Stamina ATS Air Rower Rowing Machine

What’s good about the ATS Air Rower is that it has a majestic air resistance. Which means that it follows the pace that you aim. If one wants a slow or fast pace, ATS Air Rower lets you have it without giving disappointments. 

The dynamic air resistance of this rowing machine enables one to easily use it by pulling it harder according to the desired pace.

The oversized, angled seat rail of ATS Air Rower offers safe and smooth glides in every stroke. Other than this, ATS Air Rower’s seat is also upholstered. This feature is unique, for not every rowing machine has a specialized seat rail. Besides these features, this rowing machine helps people of no shape and size because of its large footplates and helps stabilize performances.

ATS Air Rower also comes with an LCD screen that supplies large numbers and keeps you on track of your distance, speed, and calories. This device also comes with an anti-skid floor protector and allows convenient storing with just one fold on this rowing machine.



#4 - Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

If you are aiming for solid muscle and incredible endurance, this machine is ideal for you. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower praised because of its sturdy built and electronic tension control that helps its users attain their body goals. 

This rower machine allows motivated athletes to hone their rowing or technical skills.

One of the most prevalent problems when working out is equalizing body muscles. Many people experience unequal muscle growth that leads to unequal body proportions. However, Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower permits owners to have a full-body workout that supplies equal body strength and endurance. 

The Drum Magnetic Control System provides the optimum friction needed in building muscle strength and enhances endurance.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower has different useful features such as its extending aluminum frame and padded seat that permits comfort for the lower back muscles. 

Aside from these, this rowing machine also has an LCD monitor that shows heart rate, calorie, and step counts. This rowing machine ensures long-term service because of its Nylon Belt construction.



#5 - Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Exercise Bike/Rower

This exercise machine gives you a chance to work your upper and lower body out. The rowing machine permits upper body strengthening exercises that target biceps, triceps, and forearms.

Users also easily read their statistics because of the large LCD monitor that comes with Stamina Conversion II. The LCD monitor displays time, calories burned, and distance. This rowing machine’s grips also have a hand pulse sensor that tracks heartbeats per minute.

Provided that Stamina Conversion II has two main functions‒ a bike and rower. It also features adjustable resistance to eight levels. The combination of its padded seat, padded rowing handle, and pivoting footplates and straps distribute extreme comfort to the user without feeling tense. 

Regarding its transportations, Stamina Conversion II has built-in wheels made for the convenience of its users.



My Number One Pick

Considerations When Buying The Best Stamina Rowing Machines

You must consider a few things before buying a stamina rowing machine. As with any product these days, and especially those that you’re considering buying on the internet, you want to make sure you’re looking at the whole picture. Finding the product that’s right for you will depend on your size, weight, and sometimes even your fitness level. 

Below are the key nuances I believe you need to look out for when you’re considering your first stamina machine.

Manufacturing Materials

Stamina Rowing Machines should last for a long time. Most sturdy rowing machines built of aluminum. Aluminum tends to last and age longer than the regularly built rowing machines. Take a look at the manufacturers details and see what materials the machines are composed of.


Several brands offer quality rowing machines. But, only a few of them provide the ones that will stick for longer years. Brands like Concept2 and Stamina are the top stamina rowing machine brands. These brands made pretty good reviews in the past months and didn’t disappoint their customers. 

My reviews are based off metrics such as how other users have reviewed them, the overall score and of course the parts and reputation the brand has. Always research the brand and see how they’re holding up in the news lately.


Knowing the resistance level of a rowing machine before buying it is a must. These rowing machines have different resistance levels that adapt to the users’ desires. It is an advantage to know personal aims and goals before choosing the right rowing machine to save some time and start doing.

Resistance can be considered similar to fitness level, most machines whether they’re a stamina rowing machine or an exercise bike, they will have different fitness levels, or rather the resistance levels.

These could be numbered anywhere from 1 to 20 or even higher, and the further up you go, the harder the activity will be. If you’re a beginner you would want to look for a machine that isn’t focused only on high resistance levels but rather low ones as well so you can slowly work your way up to a champion rower!


People have different heights and weights. Consider the length and weight capability of a rowing machine. Many rowing machines are capable of carrying up to 275 lbs. However, the regular ones can only accommodate up to 250 lbs.

Most manufacturers will list the height and size restrictions, pay especially careful to this if you’re currently a bit overweight or you’re a tall person in nature as those two are the ones that catch people out the most and unfortunately – isn’t covered under most warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stamina Rowing Machines

Q: What is a rowing machine?

A: A rowing machine is a device that allows users to act and sweat out as if they are doing an actual rowing routine. It is typically short and easy to transport.

Q: What does a rowing machine do?

A: The rowing machine permits an upper and lower full-body workout. It provides excellent muscle enhancement and resistance.

Q: How long should one do an exercise in a rowing machine?

A:A proper 30-minute workout in a rowing machine is recommendable for frequent users. However, if you are a professional athlete, it is suggested that you do at least an hour in the rowing machine to boost your agility and muscle strength.

Q: Are rowing machines useful even for regular users?

A: Yes, rowing machines are beneficial even to regular users. It provides majestic possibilities of improved heart conditions, weight loss, and stress reliever.


When looking for a stamina rowing machine, you always have to choose the one that best works for you. Do not ever make a big deal out of the price; instead, analyze its quality. By carefully assessing features, I acquired the ideal one, and it did well for me. If you didn’t catch it up above, my choice was the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower. 

Ultimately weigh out the options to see what works for you – not everyone is the same and some features you may like from the others may come into play when making your decision.

Do you already own a rowing machine? What’s been your experience with it, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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