Best Knee Sleeves For Squats Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: August 15, 2021

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I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast and we all can agree that maintaining the best version of ourselves gets tiring and sometimes even dangerous, injuries while exercising is more common than most people assume, I’ve seen people use workout gear, but I never really knew these help with your routines. 

I initially thought they were only for aesthetic purposes, but It turns out after doing some research they can help us out in many ways, ensuring our overall health and safety. By workout gear, I mean things like weighted vests, sleeves, workout shoes and so on

For me, however, I like to focus on my lower half of the body and squatting has always been my go-to exercise as it also helps in toning my stomach, so I’m getting the benefits of two in one! But I’ve always found the routine to be exhausting, and after an intense session, I usually get sore for days! I also find that squats help me the most in terms of cross-training with my running.

In come the knee sleeves! I love to do squats but I’m worried about my knee joint as I’ve always had poor ones so I avoided doing them for a while. I purchased a no-name brand knee sleeve and to my displeasure discovered that my frugal ways will come back at me at some point, and unfortunately this was it. 

The first couple of days the weight lifting knee sleeves did their job, by helping me with my knee joint pain and soreness, but they quickly wore out after excessive use and I had no choice but to get rid of it.

And I don’t want anyone to make the same mistake I did and opted to research and review what the best knee sleeves for squats are out in the market right now and came up with the list below. I gave them all a fair go and came up with the reviews below!

I hope my list will help you in your decision and give you enough information for purchasing your first knee sleeves or an upgrade to your old one! And I especially recommend you give them a go if you do squats but often feel knee joint pain (Seriously though, get that checked out!).

Best Knee Sleeves For Squats Compared and Reviewed

#1 - ProFitness Knee Sleeves

The ProFitness knee sleeves are my top pick for best knee sleeves for squats. This is a brand loved by many and I could see why! 

Most of their products get the best reviews and feedback from people all around the world because they’re modest with their prices and the quality of their products is astounding and with more than a thousand people backing this product, it makes it more desirable!

These knee sleeves feature a graduated compression that keeps your knees firm and supported, so you don’t have to hold back on your sessions and give it all you got. 

You can stay rest assured that your knees will be safe from any injury thanks to the orthopedic support that these 7 mm neoprene knee sleeves provide, and to my experience, having gout, joint pain has always been a problem for me and I can happily say these knee sleeves have helped me tremendously, lessening the usual suffering I have to go through.

If you’re worried that these knee sleeves may wear out easily, be at ease! These knee sleeves are made of neoprene material that’s reinforced with stitches, making this product sturdy and serving us its purpose for a long time.

They also come in various sizes from small to double XL, make sure to measure your knees to choose the correct size to ensure they’re a snug fit, I recommend using a flexible tape measure for this. 

My favorite feature of this knee sleeve is that it comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee! So if these knee sleeves doesn’t meet your standards you can get your money back, this is definitely a win-win situation in my book!



#2 - Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves

The same as the knee sleeves mentioned above, the Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves is also made from premium quality neoprene material. 

However, with these knee sleeves, they seem to wear out easily in contrast with the previous entry; the quality is good, but the stitching can be improved more.

These knee sleeves helped me a lot with my workout routines and they get the job done right, easing my joint pains, etc. but when it came to squatting, I had a difficult time keeping these sleeves in place even if I measured my knees correctly, their fit is faulty compared to the knee sleeves earlier. 

But their customer service is splendid, I had asked for help regarding this issue and they gladly helped me..

Another thing I noticed about these knee sleeves is that they retain the heat impressively, which helped me reduce stiff muscles, making me feel more comfortable while doing my sessions. By retaining the heat, knee sleeves can prevent the risks of getting an injury, and with its ergonomic design, these sleeves can be used for any exercise regime.

I put these knee sleeves in second place because compared to the product earlier, this is pricier, it wears out faster with excessive use and the fit on this one feels off. It’s still a top-quality product as it serves its purpose aiding me in my sessions, thus making it to my list of the best knee sleeves for squats.



#3 - Mauwi Knee Brace

This knee sleeve is different compared to the previous entries, not only it is drastically cheaper, it provides lightweight and breathable support if you’re into running, jogging, etc. these knee sleeves are ideal for you, but overall this caters to all types of exercises. 

If stiff muscles are a huge problem for you, this knee sleeve can help with its unique Wick fabric, this ensures precise Muscle Temperature control, giving relief to your stiff muscles. I adore these! 

They’re the epitome of quality, even with its modest price. When I tried squatting with these on, I felt amazing, I couldn’t feel the sleeves being soaked with my sweat even after an intense session!

If you’re an eager-beaver who wants to have sessions at most times of the day, their knee sleeves can maintain your blood circulation proficiently making this ideal for you who wants faster muscle recovery. 

These knee sleeves can be used as a stabilizer for those with conditions such as inflammation, tendonitis, and arthritis, which I can happily back up, as I suffer from gout they relieve my muscle pain with ease, these knee sleeves work like a charm! Though the sizes they offer may not cater to people on the larger side, they only offer small to XL.

I highly recommend these knee sleeves for those who’re seeking to ease conditions such as swelling, arthritis, meniscus tears. They’ve helped me greatly, though the downside is they sell this per piece. 

So add two to your carts if you need two pairs, it’ll save you the time and hassle of ordering again and the durability of this product is not the best based on my experience, after using it a couple of times they stretch out. 

They’re not the best choice for best knee sleeves for squats as these sleeves tend to slip off. Regardless, I recommend this if you’re on a tight budget; it works, but you have to put up with it slipping off.



#4 - Mava Sports Support Knee Sleeves

The Mava Sports Support Knee Sleeves is the cheapest one I’ve included in my list of best knee sleeves for squats, but with such a low price for a pair of knee sleeves, you’ll surely raise an eyebrow or two. I thought so too. 

But I was pleasantly surprised with its quality once I got my hands on them. It had a snug fit, and it didn’t slip off as much as it had an adjustable strap!

If you’re into gymnastics, basketball, football or just love running and working out, these knee sleeves caters to everyone’s needs from medical to sports use. I was enthralled when I discovered this product was made of bamboo charcoal fiber, meaning it would filter out the odor, and it did in my case. 

I don’t have to endure the smell of sweat in my sessions also with it being made of latex and spandex the snug fit of it on my knees made it even better.

I highly recommend this knee sleeve if you’re looking for your first pair of knee sleeves that won’t appear too tight or suffocating, with its lightweight fabric this makes it the perfect companion for beginners! My only problem is that after a while it wears out rendering it unusable, but with its many perks, I placed it in the fourth spot in my list of best knee sleeves for squats.



#5 - Bear KompleX Compression Knee Sleeves

The manufacturers advertised the Bear KompleX Compression Knee Sleeves as the choice of professional athletes, I can see why though admittingly at first I was skeptical because of its heftier built. 

But I was surprised when it fit snug on me, unfortunately, these knee sleeves don’t meet the expectations of people who’re on the larger side.

What I love about this product is that they come in a variety of designs so you can go to your sessions in style. These sleeves do a great job of keeping your knees warm while exercising as knee sleeves should be, like all the mentioned products in the list. 

I recommend these knee sleeves to folks who experience frequent muscle pain or have conditions related to the ligaments and joints, for someone who has arthritis I can confidently say these helped me tremendously with my squats compared to some of the other products mentioned as these don’t slip off as much.

Although used and recommended by professional athletes and is an official sponsor of the CrossFit Games, I don’t recommend these knee sleeve if you want something that you can use for a while, these break down easily, though they are great for squatting and they’re aesthetically unique, some of its features make up for its durability thus making it in my picks for the best knee sleeves for squats.



My Number One Pick

Key Considerations On Finding The Best Knee Sleeves

Now that you’ve seen products that I’ve chosen as the best knee sleeves for squats, always keep in mind the considerations you have to know before purchasing your knee sleeves, to ensure you get your money’s worth and the perfect companion in your sessions. The below is what I believe are the most important features and key nuances to look out for before making a purchase.

Purchasing Reasons

Note what you need the knee-sleeves for, be it for squatting, sports, medical purposes, it’s important to know because though most knee sleeves are versatile, some may not work the best in certain activities, such as the Mauwi Knee Brace, I loved it for easing my general joint pains, but I don’t recommend it for squatting as it slips off.

If you get the gist of it, decide what you will use the knee sleeves for the most, to save your money and the hassle of returning products.


This is vital to know before purchasing your knee-sleeves, most manufacturers offer different sizing charts, so do your research before anything else. Use a flexible tape measure and if you find yourself in the middle of two sizes, then I recommend sizing down, as most knee sleeves stretch out over time, maximizing your use of the knee sleeve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Knee Sleeves

Q: What are knee sleeves good for?

A: Knee sleeves help you protect your knees from any risks or injuries, and they provide compression that helps us maintain the blood circulation in our knees to reduce the swelling and pain we may feel during our work out sessions, and it helps with medical conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis, and CKL.

Q: Are knee sleeves good for squatting?

A: Yes! This is exactly the reason I made this list in the first place, as an avid fitness enthusiast, squatting has always been my go-to exercise, knee sleeves can help you tremendously with squatting as it helps lessen the joint pain or soreness you may feel during your routine.

Q: How tight should a knee sleeve be?

A: Knee sleeves are supposed to be tight. I recommend getting a size down on the size if you want it to last longer and be more effective in helping you.


Squatting has many benefits to your body and with positives come negatives, after intense sessions you may find yourself tired, grumpy and sore, I’m like that most of the time, but thanks to my discovery of best knee sleeves, I’ve become less grumpy and more comfortable with my squatting endeavors and its massively helped me deal with my knee joint pain.

As mentioned, before purchasing your knee sleeves know your sizes and reasons before to ensure you get the help you need, I wish you the best in your fitness journey; I hope my picks for best knee sleeves for squats helped you in your search for your perfect knee sleeves. Good luck! If you have any recommendations of your own, why not let me know below?

While you’re here, check out our post on the best all in one home gyms and gym essentials, it’s a must if you’re looking to start out with your own home gym. If you have a pair of knee sleeves that you think are better, please share them below in the comments.

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