Omar Sy – Lupin’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated: January 5, 2022

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Who Is Omar Sy?

Omar Sy is a French actor who is recently known as Lupin, a French thriller series on Netflix. He also got famous as the mutant Bishop in X-Men: Days of Future Past together with Hugh Jackman in a lead role. Omar was seen recently training with Michael Jai White inside an MMA gym to improve his physique and install some martial arts skills.

He had a toned body and lower body fat levels. His physical shape made him very functional as an actor that can fit in any role given to him. His well-balanced physique can improve depending on the role that was given to him. He is gifted with broad shoulders and a towering height and that makes him very presentable on screen.

He incorporates functional training and MMA to fuel muscle endurance with the right amount of volume and intensity. He trains with Francis Ngannou a French MMA fighter together with Michael Jai white, to enable him to mix fighting skills and fitness at the same time.

Omar is 6ft 2 inches tall and weighs around 240 lbs. He has a lean physique in a heavy-weight body and also because of his height and body composition. He doesn’t seem to bulk up as the roles that he usually takes are not so intense but has more peak performance in an acting role like the one where he played as Bishop in X-Men.

His notable performance gave him an edge in many of his roles today. He always had an intense but calm reputation that could intimidate anyone in his roles as also he is a massive man himself but with a lean, functional physique.

So, how does he keeps his body so lean with a bit of muscularity at his age? Despite he is gifted with good genetics. let’s find out some of the secrets to having that well-toned and lean body physique of Omar Sy.

Lean And Functional – Omar Sy Body And Training type

Omar keeps himself fit all the time that’s why he could be in any role without any problem. We can’t see any fat on him, thanks to his genetics. But genetics could play a little part especially when someone is aged 40 and up. His training regimen includes MMA, bodyweight, and functional training. It prepares his body to get the perfect condition in his roles and fight scenes.

His role in Lupin made him famous recently, that fans begin to search his other roles in the film to see more of his performance and acting skills. The towering actor never fails to amaze his fans with his awesome charisma, physique, happy disposition, and career.

Where Is The Key To Omar’s Training And How It Helps Him At His Peak

Martial arts training – Omar was never really a martial artist but as you can see in his roles on film, Omar can fight. He trains in martial arts to add more of his flexibility and skills that he can use in his role. He trains with Michael Jai White and Francis Ngannou to teach him a martial arts routine that also naturally shaped his perfectly toned body.

He also trained in Wingchun Kung Fu a martial art that was made by a woman to counterattack any opponent with small and fast movements. Wingchun KungFu was notably found in the movie Ip Man the martial arts master of Bruce Lee that was played by Donnie Yen.

Bodyweight training – He includes these movements in his routine to keep his mobility and flexibility. He does it better by working out using his bodyweight to make him look naturally fit and have an aesthetically well-proportioned body. Bodyweight training also makes it easy for him to train in Martial arts as it is a very essential skill.

Plyometrics training – Omar includes plyometric exercise in his routine to add cardio and endurance. We can see him run and move fast on a lean muscular body type. At his age, he never slows down and he always got moves, he can also hit and fast even he is a massively tall man.

Weight training – Omar’s lean body made him look good on-screen plus his natural acting ability. Weight training routine enabled him to shape his muscles in a way that he would look like a superhero. He didn’t worry much about gaining muscles as he is genetically gifted. He chose to be lean because he wanted to move well and he wouldn’t look bulky and slow.

Omar Sy Workout Routine And Diet Plan

We always see Omar with low body fat levels and being genetically gifted, he never had a hard time gaining muscles. He keeps his training on high volume so that he’ll be able to move a refined muscular body we would still be able to see the muscularity behind a well-composed man of strength.

Omar trains with Francis Ngannou as we see on YouTube and Twitter posts and the two are working so hard to make themselves better. People wanted to see Omar in a better physique that will surprise the fans. Thanks to Francis Ngannou, we’ll be able to see a more muscular and ripped Omar Sy the next time we see him in his movies!

Monday: Omar Sy MMA Workout:

Warm-up: Jump ropes

  1. Burpees
  2. 1-minute shadow boxing
  3. Push-ups
  4. Jab-straight punches with agility drills
  5. Medicine ball slams
  6. Punch combinations – shadow boxing

Cooldown: Dragon walks

Tuesday: Omar Sy Ab-Workout:

Five rounds of everything with 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest, but no rest in between rounds.

Warm-up: Jumping jacks

  1. Kneeling Ab Roller
  2. Alternating toe-touches
  3. Leg raises
  4. Speed Boat Crunches
  5. Windshield Wipers
  6. Oblique crunches

Cooldown: Basic crunches

Wednesday: Full rest day

Thursday: Upper body circuit training

4 rounds – 30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest

  1. Push-ups
  2. Triceps dips
  3. Burpees
  4. Decline push-ups
  5. Forward walking lunges
  6. Leg-hip raise
  7. Diamond push-ups
  8. Mountain climbers
  9. Bear crawls
  10. Bicycle crunches

Friday: Weight Training

Omar keeps his training volume high because he got no problem adding muscles to his big frame. He does 12-15 reps of each exercise for 3-4 sets

Set A – This week and Set B the following week

Set A

Warm-up: Jumping jacks

  1. Flat bench press
  2. Lateral pulldown
  3. Goblet squats
  4. Renegade rows
  5. Shoulder press
  6. Biceps curl
  7. Hip thrusts

Cooldown: Decline sit-ups

Set B – The following week

Warm-up: Burpees

  1. Incline Bench press
  2. Seated rows
  3. Dumbbell deadlift
  4. Bent-over dumbbell rows
  5. Arnold press
  6. Triceps Skullcrushers
  7. Dumbbell swings

Cooldown: Roman chair leg raise

Saturday: Cardio day and circuit training

15 reps each exercise and move to the next exercise (circuit type) for 4 rounds

Warm-up: kettlebell swings

  1. Deadlift
  2. Push-ups
  3. Leg-hip raise
  4. Dumbbell bench press
  5. Seated rows
  6. Hanging leg raise
  7. Bent-over dumbbell rows
  8. Battle ropes for 1 minute
  9. Slam balls
  10. Seated wipers

Cooldown: 10-15 minutes on a treadmill

Sunday: Full day rest

Omar Sy Lean-body Meal Plan

Omar eats around .5 to .75 pounds of protein per body weight to maintain his lean physique. He eats moderate amounts of carbohydrates from clean sources and cheats at least once a week to enjoy a whole day of eating with his family. Here is a sample of what Omar Sy eats throughout the day.

He undergoes intense training with Michael Jai and Francis Ngannou that he needs to keep up with them. He nourishes his body with a lot of protein after training to muscle repair his muscles and we’ll be able to see in the next few months, a new and improved Omar Sy!


Whole-grain oatmeal with fruits and nuts


Glass of milk

Raisins and nuts

Bananas or apples


Chocolate Smoothie with bananas, kale, nuts, and dates


Chicken breast, Tofu with lettuce, potatoes


Steak or turkey, rice and vegetables

Omar eats just the right amount of protein with healthy carbs to fuel him on his workouts. He wasn’t really on a diet as he normally eats clean to stay fit and healthy even at his age.

Summary and takeaways:

  • Omar fuels himself with good, clean, and quality carbohydrates to let him stay longer on an intense workout. He makes sure that the carbohydrates are high enough to fuel his workout at the same time burn them so that he will not gain fat.

  • He maintains his muscle mass by eating .5 to .75 grams of protein per pound of body weight and would most likely increase due to his rigorous training.
  • He maximizes the use of bodyweight and plyometric movements with volume training for weights for that lean body type.

  • He is currently training MMA together with the best fighters and actors that will prepare him for his next role. We might be seeing a more massive and muscular next time on screen!

  • MMA and circuit training keeps his mobility and maintains his muscle mass while lowering his body fat levels.

  • Omar eats healthy and sometimes on the diet so that he would be able to retain or gain muscle mass.

  • He had one day of full rest to let him recover repair his muscles and make it ready again for his next training.

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