Gal Gadot “Wonder Woman” Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Last Updated: January 5, 2022

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Although Gal Gadot became a world sensation after the role of “Wonder Woman” in the DC Extended Universe movies, she has done everything from walking on the runway to being a sports trainer in the Israeli military. 

A famous Israeli actress, martial artist, singer, and model, Gal Gadot has been in the limelight since she clinched the Miss Israeli title in 2004.

The talented and gorgeous woman got her first international film role as Gisele Yashar in Fast & Furious (2009). She would later star in several movies, including Fast Five, Criminal, Wonder Woman, Triple 9, Keeping Up With The Joneses, Date Night, and Knight and Day. 

Gadot hasn’t always had the sizeable toned body as seen in “Wonder Woman.” She was the typical skinny runway model, but thanks to her commitment to dieting and extensive workout, she became one of the most loved female superheroes. 

Let’s take a closer look at the diet regime and workout routine that transformed her body into the hard-core muscle machine we know today.

Who is Gal Gadot?

Gal Gadot was born in Rosh HaAyin, Israel, on April 30, 1985. Her father was a qualified engineer and her mother a teacher. She is married to Yaron Versano, with whom they have two daughters, Alma and Maya. She is also confirmed on Feb 2021 that they are expecting a third child. 

Gadot told Vanity Fair that she has always been an athletic child who loved dancing and playing. She initially wanted to be a choreographer. 

At age 18, Gal Gadot decided to enter the Miss Israel competition. And even though she considered it a fun experience and the thought of being victorious had not crossed her mind, she was crowned Miss Israel 2014. It was this event that propelled her to launch her career as a model. 

Gadot did two years in the Israeli Defense Forces and later joined college to pursue law. While in college, Gadot discovered her interest in acting and sent out requests to audition for a role in Quantum of Solace (2008). 

Although she didn’t get the role, it was through this experience that her zeal for acting was born. Sooner than later, she was chosen for a role in the Israeli TV series Bubot.   

Gadot’s international film career began in 2009 when she landed a role in the fourth franchise of the Fast & Furious. She also appeared in several of its sequels, including Fast Five (2011) and Fast & Furious 6 (2013).

She also made appearances in Date Night and Night and Day, Kicking Out Shoshana, Criminal, and Keeping Up with the Joneses. 

However, the role that changed her life for the better was the cast as “Wonder Woman” in the action film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). 

Despite all the roles she played in various movies, her debut as the main character in the 2017 Wonder Woman brought her to stardom. She would later team up with Batman and Aqua Man for the superhero ensemble, Justice League. 

In 2020, she returned to her solo role in the movie Wonder Woman 1984.

Gal Gadot won the Critic’s Choice SeeHer Award 2018 and is currently one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. 

She is 5’10” tall and weighs 128 lbs or 58kg. 

Gal Gadot’s Workout Routine

Before attaining the physique of a “Wonder Woman,” Gal Gadot had to go through six months of extreme workouts and a strict diet regime. She focused on various exercises, including cardio interval training, strength training, ball throws, and squats.

Her workout routine for this movie role took 6 hours, with 2 of these hours reserved for the gym. Rock and wall climbing helped her a lot with the shoulders, abs, legs, and chest. 

Although Gadot’s favorite exercises are TRX workouts, she engages in pretty intense training often. Imagine shooting a movie with its fair share of extreme stunts and still working out for 6 hours.

 Here is a highlight of Gadot’s Workout and Training routine:

Cardio Training

Gadot works on her cardio through seven different sets that include:

  1. 5-10 minutes of intense running or jogging warm-up 
  2. 1 -minute mountain climbing
  3. 5 minutes of rowing
  4. 1-minute burpee that involves broad jumps 
  5. 1-minute bird dog 
  6. 5 sets, 3 reps of push-ups
  7. 7 sets, 3reps of pull-ups

Strength Training

For strength training, Gadot integrates 6 different exercises. 

  1. 5-10 minutes of jogging and rowing to warm up
  2. 3 sets, 5 reps of Romanian deadlifts 
  3. 3 sets, 5 reps of bend-over row
  4. 3 sets, 5 reps of reverse curl
  5. 4 sets, 3 reps of weighted squats
  6. 5 minutes of throwing a light medicine ball

Arms and Abs Training 

Gadot trains abs and arms through two exercises.

  1. 30 seconds of push-ups
  2. 30 seconds hold planks

Gal Gadot confirmed that the workout routine for Wonder Woman was a little challenging despite having a background in military training.

Since she isn’t a gym person, it understandable why the intense workouts designed by her trainer, Mark Twight, were a little overwhelming. 

However, her love for traditional exercises such as swimming and paddle boarding helps exercise her abs and core without leading too much bulking up. 

While Gadot engages in subsequent workouts in a circuit, she takes a 60 to 120 seconds break to reenergize and avoid injuries.  

Check out just how crazy her routine was by her trainer:

Gal Gadot Diet

Gadot has to maintain a healthy diet to keep up with the physical demands of being Wonder Woman. Overall, her diet incorporates lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, and high-quality carbohydrates.

 Lean proteins help sculpt your body and give it a toned look. Vegetables help supply the most nutrients, while carbohydrates help replenish lost energy.   

She needs to keep her energy stable by avoiding high-glycemic carbs, such as white bread. 

The best thing about Gadot’s diet is that it allows her to indulge in other meals. The goal is to focus on eating 17 highly nutritious meals out of every 20.

 Here is what goes into Gadot’s plate to retain the superhero physique. 


Gal Gadot has to hit the gym for an hour to kick off the day when training for a movie. This means she has to fuel up nicely to have adequate energy to train and handle all daily activities. 

So, most of her mornings start with a hearty meal comprising eggs, seasonal fruits, and coffee. Think of berries, cantaloupe, grapes, and avocado. The combo supplies the much-needed protein, minerals, and vitamins. 

When she wants to incorporate vegetables into her breakfast, she makes a smoothie using ginger, green apple, and parsley. 


To meet the demands of the Wonder Woman role, Gadot needed to boost her energy before lunchtime. One of her favorite picks for a mid-morning snack was a dish with cured meats, seeds, and a salad with tomatoes.  


One of the proteins that make up Gadot’s lunch meal is fish. However, the actress tries to stay away from clams, sea urchins, and salmon roe. Besides fish, her plate is filled with more vegetables to supply her body with essential vitamins and nutrients. 

The meal incorporates a cut of fish, such as seared tuna, with pickled radishes, grilled bok choy, peppers, and baby broccoli. For something heavier, she adds brown rice or quinoa into the mix. 


When Gal Gadot is training for a movie appearance, she needs another energy boost with a mid-afternoon snack. Like the mid-day lunch, fish is the main component of this snack. It’s served with a salad that’s grilled with mackerel and seeds. 


Gadot’s dinner servings are as healthy as the rest of the meals. For protein, Gadot opts for grilled chicken breast or a piece of steak, such as grilled ribeye, instead of the usual cut of fish.

 This is served with fun plant foods such as kimchi, kale, and wild rice. You can also introduce a side salad dressed with vinegar and virgin olive oil. 

While dinner servings may not be the leanest cuts of meat, your most significant concern should be its quality and fat content.

 Although Gadot loves to savor juicy takeout buggers from time to time, most of her meals are prepped right at home. 

Gal Gadot Supplements

To ensure that she isn’t missing any nutrients that can inhibit her gains, Gal Gadot uses the following supplements:

  • Creatine
  • Multivitamin
  • Beetroot
  • Caffeine
  • BCAA

Food She Avoids

Surprisingly, Gadot reiterates that she doesn’t avoid any food groups. She can always savor a glass of wine or a chocolate muffin but ensures that she takes them with moderation.

When she gets out of the diet, she makes sure that she doesn’t overeat. For her, it’s more about achieving the right balance than trying to adhere to intense restrictions.   

Drinking tons of water daily is the other secret that Gal Gadot leverages to stay and feel like a superhero. 


Overall, Gal Gadot has adopted a workout routine that most people can replicate and achieve tremendous success with their physique. However, following this workout regime requires utmost dedication and commitment. 

More importantly, Gadot’s diet is honestly realistic as it emphasizes taking plenty of lean proteins, fresh veggies, and high-quality carbohydrates. The greatest thing about Gadot’s diet is that you won’t wallow in guilt about cheating. As long as you go easy on the non-healthy foods, you’ll always be on the safer side.  

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