Best Workout Machines For Weight Loss 2023

Last Updated: January 24, 2022

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Before deciding to participate in a triathlon, weight loss was a constant struggle that I have to face due to a sedentary lifestyle I’ve accustomed myself to prior. I wasn’t morbidly overweight, I was just a few pounds away from my healthy weight.

So, I’ve decided to finally challenge myself and begin working out to lose a few pounds and take my triathlon training seriously.

My first step in my triathlon training was, of course, to keep my body strong and fit enough for all the strength training then eventually, perform at the best level. And to do this means that I have to be faithful to my diet and food intake and as well as with my cardiovascular and strength training workout at all times with some leeway here and there.

Because of this, I looked more into in-home workout pieces of equipment that can help me reach my target weight and become a better triathlete. 

If you’re like me, then you also might want to look into these best workout machines for weight loss. These workout machines do not only promote cardiovascular strength but will also assure you of its promise to build your muscles for a quick boost to weight loss. If you’re after something a lot more specific to muscle building then check out my post on smith machines for your home gym.

Best Workout Machines For Weight Loss Compared and Reviewed

#1 - Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym

Eyeing for an all-in-one workout machine that is compact enough for your home space? Bodycract Galena Pro Home Gym might be the perfect one for your taste. This all-in-one gym equipment is not only focusing on weight loss, but it prides itself on its muscle-training purposes.

I find convenience in purchasing an item that could instantly cater to all my needs and release me from any worry of not hitting the right areas when working out. If you’re like me, this all-in-one gym equipment is surely worth investing in!

It offers chest press for upper-body strength, dual-function pec deck for pecs muscles, leg extension for quadriceps muscles, and more. Moreover, the Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym has a low pulley station which can be accessed with ease and also provides significant space for other exercises like leg kicks and more.

The equipment also comes with a 150lb weight stack which is a good starting point for beginners. It also provides maximum comfort up to 300 pounds of resistance and the footplate is easily adjustable to fit any size of the gym user.

This specific equipment, that is 82 3/8″ tall x 55″ wide x 71″ wide, could cater to two users, hence, you and your gym buddy can simultaneously use and enjoy the equipment within the comfort of your homes. Moreover, it also comes with a free DVD demonstrating all the basic exercises that really helped me maximize my usage of the machine.



#2 - StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill

Losing weight while training the glutes is definitely the real deal when it comes to working out for most users. It is no doubt that our ordinary stairs are a good alternative for home gym machines, however, the height of our home stairsteps may vary from the desired height our workout requires.

This StairMaster Stepmill is surely the beast and certainly better than our ordinary home staircase because it doesn’t just only imitate the stairs that we usually climb on, but it is also revolving.

This Stepmill makes your workout feel like a daily movement—just like basically climbing up the stairs. This also has the standard height and width perfectly designed for workout activities.

The steps are as well adjustable from 24 to 162 steps per minute. This also has 20 resistance levels and 6 programs that you can choose from depending on the workout results that you’re aiming for.

The LCD display is easy to use and read. Moreover, there are also attachments that can be beneficial while you’re working out, like the reading rack, water bottle holder, and the accessory tray for your phone while you’re jamming to your favorite artist.

This workout machine that measures 29 x 78 x 50 inches (W x H x D) can be easily situated inside your home or your garage if you have a low-ceiling.



#3 - Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower

The Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower is something to eye for because it provides a whole body workout. 

Using this will certainly ensure that your weight loss goal will be in your sights soon. Also, when you come to think of it, this rower will give you extra training if you plan to join triathlons.

Though this specific brand can only hold up to 264 lbs, this is still a good investment because for someone who’s really frugal and practical with my expenses, I commend its affordability compared to the other brands that I’ve looked at. This is also a suitable machine for beginners because of its user-friendliness.

This 8-level resistance equipment can have its intensity easily be switched up with its adjustable resistance tension knob. With a simple twist, you can adjust the resistance so your rower can simultaneously be challenging and effective throughout your workout.

The upholstered sliding seat is extra padded to suitably support your bottom and back, ensuring that there will be proper blood flow in every part of your body during prolonged and vigorous workouts. Moreover, the footplates are strapped and are large enough to cater to all different feet sizes and provide comfort while you row.

The large LCD display is also counting your time, count, calories, and total count so you can easily track your progress. Modifications with your routine can now easily be done while you track your progress through this screen, keeping you motivated and going for that weight improvement.

Whenever I purchase a home workout machine, I always make sure that it doesn’t give me the gym atmosphere—meaning, I don’t want the unnecessary noise from the machines and the tacky feeling of the old equipment.

The built-in magnetic flywheel provides minimized noise while still serving you with a maximum smooth feel during your rowing experience. Moreover, this machine, which has the dimensions of 73 L x 16 W x 21 H, can easily be transported and kept because of its foldable frame.



#4 - Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

I would be kidding myself if I said that spinner bikes are not part of this list because this is certainly something that I would highly recommend. Spinner bikes didn’t just inspire me to go biking, but it also strengthened my body and made it fit for my biking events in my triathlon experience.

This Sunny Health & Fitness Pro spinner bike has a 40lb Flywheel Chain with the dimensions of 46.5” L x 18” W x 46” H which maintains your smooth momentum.

The flywheel is heavy enough to support your speed, stability, and therefore giving you consistency with your cycle workout. This spinner bike has levelers that prevent wobbling and give you optimum comfort and safety when riding.

The base levelers are adjustable to keep your bike stable on uneven surfaces. Additionally, the tension knob can easily be twisted so you can adjust your resistance to make your cycling workout effective and challenging at the same time.

Also, the bike seat is flexible to your desired height, thus giving you maximum comfort during your fitness journey.

In short, spinner bikes are worth giving a shot if you’re looking for a full-body indoor workout machine.



#5 - ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical

You might be wondering why I’m recommending both the elliptical and the spin bike when it looks similar. Well, it is true that they’re really close-knit when it comes to its appearance and functionality. However, there is one difference that I’ve found out between the two: arm workout.

For the ellipticals, it has the ability to work out your legs, core, and arms at the same time, hence, giving you a better and overall workout.

This workout machine has soft grips to provide comfortability when cycling and working out your arm muscles at the same time. Its LCD display is also amazing because it allows you to check out some workout apps tailored to your workout. This touchscreen display has a heart rate monitor for your own benefit when working out.

This might also be a good choice for those people who are in love with music because it comes with dual 2-inch speakers to hear your music. I’ve also known that ellipticals could really be helpful for those who have knee, hip, or lower body injuries because it helps protect your joints while losing weight.



My Number One Pick


What To Look Out For When Purchasing Workout Machines

Of course, when working out, our bodies vary from their composition and their needs to our body type. Hence, I definitely recommend checking first which areas of your body you would like to focus on other than just weight loss.

I personally invested my time in strength training because of its different benefits and contributions to my weight loss journey. So, choose a workout machine that would cater to your workout routine that will eventually give you that confidence boost.


When I first started working out, I researched more about my body type and the fitness type that I should have before starting. This helped me identify the areas that I need to work out on and the type of equipment that I have to purchase.

The Ellipticals are the safest option for you if you plan to start with your fitness journey and ease your way into cardio exercise. It has a low impact workout and you can easily adjust to the intensity of the machine without giving you the bone-jarring experience.


There is equipment that can be hazardous for spaces occupied by both adults and children, while some equipment is foldable for easier storage. Regardless, evaluate the space that you have designated for your machines because some can really take up moderate space capacities.

There are also machines that require big spaces for your legroom and designating a small space for these machines could affect your workout routine and its effectiveness.

You should consider looking into investing in the Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym if you have a good amount of space in your home gym. However, if you’re more considerate of saving space, then I suggest that the rower is the better option because of its ability to be foldable.

The spinner bike is also compact enough for small spaces when it comes to storage. However, you should watch out for its vertical clearance if you have a more than average height.


When purchasing a machine, I make sure that I’ve already encountered the machine in the gym or I have made a thorough research regarding it. When machines are used improperly, there could be little too great risks that can happen.

I’ve experienced that I wasn’t getting the maximum effect of my workout because of improper use. The worst-case scenario could be injuries that may sideline you temporarily or worse, permanently.

When purchasing online, always make sure to check the comments and the reviews because some brand products can be really expensive for its limited functionality. Moreover, online purchasing won’t give you access to check the durability of the product, hence, it is only important to check thoroughly before the purchase.

If you’re just starting out with your workouts, then consider purchasing either the ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical or the StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill because even though you’ve never encountered any of these machines, you can easily use and adapt to it because it’s a machine that is patterned to a daily activity that we always do.

Weight Capacity

Always look out for the weight capacity of the equipment you are eyeing for. The weight capacity is actually the weight limit and just not a guideline. If you weigh more than the weight limit, consider purchasing higher spec equipment because it can break down easily without you maximizing your purchase.

If the machine that you want does not cater to your weight, consider buying a different type of machine instead. For instance, if you’re in a bigger size category, instead of purchasing the Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower with a capacity of only 264 lbs, choose the StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill that is almost twice the weight capacity of the rower.


Check for clearance and warrant offers when purchasing a workout machine. It is undoubtedly true that these workout machines could be really pricey during the initial purchase, hence, it is your right as a consumer to check the maintenance offers of these products before finalizing your purchase.

Some parts of the machine can also be replaceable so always ask the seller if there is availability of replaceable parts. Remember that these replaceable parts can be dangerous if not changed or replaced and could disrupt your workout or worse, cause injury!

The ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical IS the best at being low maintenance because it has a low-impact elliptical motion. Moreover, there are fewer moving parts, hence it is less likely to require service.

The Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym is also something to consider if you’re looking for low maintenance machines because all exercises are just incorporated into one piece of equipment. The weights are also safely secured into the machine, hence you won’t have any trouble detaching and attaching any parts.


There are machines that have an LCD Display, while some do not. Although it is not a requirement, I personally want to see my performance, the time I’m consuming, my heart rate, and whatnot while I’m doing my workout training.

There are machines that do not necessarily need the LCD Display like the Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym, but the other machines that are specifically for cardio have LCD displays as an additional feature.

If you’re more into the advanced feature, ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical has the best in my opinion. Its LCD has a music feature and also has different workout training that you can pattern your routines with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workout Machines

Q: How often should I workout with these machines to see results?

A: Getting in shape and the weight that you desire require regular workouts and as well as a change in your meal plans. Moreover, the intensity and regularity of your workouts vary depending on your body type and composition.

It is best to first analyze your body type before creating your workout routine. Owning all or any of these workout machines do not fully guarantee your weight loss.

Q: Are home workout machines better than going to the gym?

A: Home gyms are definitely more convenient than going to the gym itself. Also, purchasing the machines will become more practical over time, than a monthly subscription for your gym membership. However, gym memberships also entail professional trainers who can help you with your fitness plan.

Q: Can I turn fat into muscle?

A: No, muscles burn fat. When you’ve developed muscles, you immediately heighten your metabolism, which results in you burning your fat, calories, and energy.


Truly, there are so many factors to consider when buying your workout machine because of the variation the market is offering. Different styles and different unique selling points are being marketed everywhere, therefore, it is only our responsibility as consumers to check out and really research the machine we’re eyeing for.

Remember that a high price doesn’t necessarily mean a better product! There are products that are more affordable but still give the same effects. Moreover, listen to your body when working out because you’re the only one who can master what your body needs. One thing you may want to consider if you don’t want to ruin your floor is get a foam mat for your home gym.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home gym consider getting a battle rope which is sure to burn your muscles. No home gym is set without dumbbells which I also did a post on recently. And remember to look after yourself, if you’re starting to lift heavy consider getting a weightlifting belt for your protection.

Explore your body’s needs and want to create the perfect weight loss workout routine for your body. In the end, it is you who will reap the fruits of your effort. Until then, welcome to this weight loss journey!

If you’re looking for more similar options such as this one, you should see our post on the best all-in-one home gym machines! Wishing you all the best in your fitness journey, and remember to stay strong!


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