Top 5 Best Workout Gloves For The Gym: Review & Guide

Last Updated: August 15, 2021

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If you regularly go to the gym like me, you would notice that there are two kinds of weightlifters: those who are wearing weight lifting gloves and those who aren’t. Those who are new to the gym scene would think that weight lifting gloves are all for aesthetics– which they sort of are because they do make you look cooler and stronger like you actually know what you’re doing.

In reality though, gloves serve a purpose far more important than just making anyone look better in the gym. I would know as I wasn’t a glove ‘believer’ before, but that completely changed when I started to have callouses on my palms. Not only that, but I was also struggling to lift heavier weights because my hands would be constantly sweaty to the point that it wasn’t worth lifting at all.

For me, it’s extra protection from cuts and callouses, and gloves are essential every time I go to the gym now. On the other hand, when I bought my first pair of gloves, it wasn’t the right one. I would constantly be adjusting them, which didn’t help me lift anything at all. Whether you are shopping essentials for your home gym or heading to the local one, workout gloves can be beneficial.

Features like this is what makes me seek out products such as knee sleeves for squats (to protect my knees) and gloves are no different. My whole game is consistency, and consistency is only possible without injury. 

I also couldn’t feel the bars so I wasn’t practicing my grip at all, in fact, I was losing it with the wrong pair of gym gloves. So I turned back to doing some research to find the best workout gloves to suit my needs in the gym. Indeed, I found a few worthy ones which I will all be sharing with you here.

Best Workout Gloves For The Gym Compared and Reviewed

#1 - RDX Weight Lifting Gloves

One of the things that made this glove stand out for me was the stitching. I know that sounds too simplistic, but when you see it, you’ll immediately think of high quality. I like to look at details of any gear first because that’s how you’d know what kind of product you are purchasing.

The RDX created the F-series for serious weightlifters and those who are fitness enthusiasts. It’s mostly made of cowhide leather, encased by a fabric that’s made from nylon mesh.  These leather gloves for weight lifting also offer great wrist support.

This allows airflow to move in and out perfectly, keeping your palms cool despite the pressure being place on them. On the palm, a grip-enhancing rubber material has been incorporated into the mesh to make sure that your palms will stick and stay there.

It’s also one of the most durable pairs out there, and you’d sure be maximizing its cost per wear value. It has a half finger feature which was designed to ensure that you still feel the bars under your fingers, making you in touch with your natural gripping power. I like that the finger encasings have shock-absorbent gel pads, that extends to the palms.

Besides Cowhide, Nylon and Lycra are also incorporated into the gloves. This ensures that the gloves fit your hand as perfectly as possible, reducing any unnecessary gaps to minimize callouses and bruising. This material will also help keep your hands dry as you lift your weights.

RDX has also mentioned that this weightlifting glove has an expulsion technology which essentially means that it will keep your hands at the most neutral temperature as possible. You’ll also find that the loop strap is quite long and secures your gloves to your hand quite perfectly. These are some of the best weight lifting gloves as reviewed by other users on the internet today.



#2 - Skott Evo 2 Gloves

Wearing weightlifting gloves like the Skott Evo 2 is one of those that guarantee protection on your palms. It has a unique 3D design making it suitable for both male and female weightlifters. It’s truly best for beginners and amateurs alike. 

Skott has actually been created by fitness experts who have over 30 years of experience. They’ve been designing gear that’s would better every athlete, beginner, and enthusiast.

Another feature that makes this unique to other gloves, that I most especially like, is its pull-off tab design. You know that feeling when you just carried something which is 3 times your bodyweight and after, you just want to be free and light as possible but the stupid gloves just won’t come off? Yes, I know. I’ve been there many times too. With the Evo 2, you’ll get rid of all that nuisance.

The palm area of this glove is also designed with small holes, making it highly breathable. Most gloves actually make you sweat more because of its closed design, but this one is an exception and will decrease the stuffiness that you feel.

You also won’t be getting any hand or finger injuries on this as it has adjustable knuckle pads that will protect your fingers. It uses a velcro tab making sure that they fit on your fingers are just right. Its ergonomic design will also definitely add to the comfort.

What have some other reviewers said about these gloves?

“Probably one of the best gloves I’ve ever purchased. That’s saying something cause I’ve purchased a lot. I lift a lot and I lift heavy so I found these perfect. It’s a little bit think, but for me thats a benefit.” Harry C.



#3 - Steel Sweat Workout Gloves with over 18-inch Wrist Wrap Support

These gloves give a brand new definition to the phrase “fitting like a glove”. This would fit your hand that it would almost feel like a second layer of your skin. And I think this is great for natural grip training.

These pair comes in six unisex sizes and a clear size guide, so you won’t be left confused as to which size would fit you best. It flexible and perforated, so you’re sure to get some breathability. I also like that these were designed to wick moisture.

It’s mostly made of weather incorporated with a unique material called Coolweave. This is also known to be used by high-end brands for their shirts and polos. It basically draws away from the heat from your skin and does this through its airflow construction. Imagine this on your gloves, you wouldn’t be too eager to remove it right after lifting.

The leather material on the fingers is dotted, which makes good for a solid grip. The whole glove intends to protect you while being soft and pliant to allow any hand movement. These also come with wrist straps that are 18 inches long, and has pull tabs too, to make removing it very easy. Some say that the tabs are too small to do what it needs to though.



#4 - Fit Active Sports Gloves

Now, here’s a glove that has not only been tested on weightlifting but cross-functional training as well. The glove is made with a rubber material on the palm area, and it has been tested on rope climbing and weightlifting.

On the rope, these gloves perform really well as it will give you a sticky grip on the rope. It doesn’t do too bad on the bars too, but it might move a bit to the knurling, although it could just be a matter of size. 

More often than not, weightlifting gloves won’t be as effective if used in cross-functional training, but this glove shows its versatility.

I especially like how my thumb is especially protected with the design of the gloves. That portion hugged my finger nicely, and it didn’t feel loose at all. What’s also unique about these is the sizing which is quite different from other gloves as it measures the palm versus the whole hand.

One thing though, this glove could use padding and protection on the top part of the hand, having it bare feels like it’s somewhat unprotected. Or maybe that’s just me.



#5 - Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves

If you’ve been in the weightlifting world for long, you have probably heard of the Harbinger weightlifting gloves. These are probably the most popular ones in the market today and for great reasons.

When you talk about the design, both the fingers and the palm area are heavily wrapped in leather. There’s also extra comfort on the thumb as it has extra foam padding. On the wrist, there’s more than sufficient security as it will be wrapped in thick nylon put in place by a velcro strap.

The fit of this glove is near perfect though it did move from time to time. The wrist wrap helped a lot in locking it in place, and that actually compensated from the movement from the palm area itself.

Though these were very comfortable to wear, as you wear it for longer, you start the feel the actual weight of it. It’s actually on the heavier side. You may or may not find this advantageous for you. Personally, I prefer something lighter. But if you like a good fit and hand protection, then the weight shouldn’t be a bother.

In terms of versatility though, I would say that these are best used for weightlifting. Cross-functional training like rope climbing brings out the worst in this pair, as you would feel that it lacks padding on the palm. However, when solely used for pull up bars, dumbbells, and such, these perform just fine.



My Number One Pick

After speaking with another fellow reviewer on YouTube, and checking out what’s the most popular across the most people I’ve ranked the RDX gloves at the top, the cowhide material that its made of will give you durability for a long time at the gym. The half finger gloves ensure you don’t lose too much on grip either.

How To Find The Right Workout Gloves For The Gym

As with most fitness products, there are nuances as well as things to look out for. Mostly the reputable brands will boast quality with their products which is quite the standard however there are other features you may wish to consider before making a decision. Some of the most important things to look out for when buying workout gloves for the gym are below.


One important quality when you’re looking at the perfect pair of gloves for you is to consider comfort. You have to be able to feel good when they’re on, or feel like you have no gloves on at all. The wrong pair would make you slip, and your grip will not be strong enough. Discomfort could also cause calluses and bruising in different parts of your hand. Even more dangerous is if it causes wrist injury.


You will never avoid sweaty palms when you are weightlifting or any other physical exercise for that matter. What you can do is ensure that your gear allows breathability to pend off some of the heat that your body is producing. Mesh, polyester, and nylon are some of the great materials for your gloves. Perforated leather can be an option, too.


Some materials offer flexibility, others don’t. Some may compensate for a great grip but restricts your movement. Having flexibility for your weightlifting gloves will surely help you lift more.


Both the outer and inner layer of your gloves is critical to providing you that gripping power you need to lift heavier weights or climb up that rope. 

A lot of manufacturers have difficulty in addressing this need as flexibility and breathability are sometimes compromised when using materials that would actually have a great effect on grip. Harbinger provides a good grip but is quite on the heavy side.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workout Gloves

Q: Which is better: half-finger gloves or full finger or fingerless?

A: It all depends on you actually. Fingerless gloves provide you a better grip on the bars and make your hand feel cooler. On the other hand, full-finger gloves or half-finger ones usually have wrist support and this protects both wrists and hands. At the end of the day, it’s all about your preference.

Q: How do you maintain workout gloves?

A: Quite easy, if you’re into hand washing them, this is the best way to clean your gloves. Just make sure that you turn them inside out to thoroughly clean the whole glove. On the other hand, you can simply toss it in the washing machine and leave it there until it’s cleaned. Word of warning though, washing machines may shorten the lifespan of your gloves.


There is an abundance of fitness apparel in the market today, each trying to address a fitness enthusiast’s need. Workout gloves will provide certain advantages to you as you work out that some may view as a nuisance.

On the positive side, it gives you a better grip, makes weightlifting more comfortable, and provides you wrist support. You need all these to make sure that you are lifting heavily but safely. It’s also one of the many ways that you can improve your grip strength.

On another note, I also have a review and guide on the best workout shoes as well, if you’re interested in getting completely geared up check it out. 

Training to get stronger and lift heavier doesn’t have to be painful on your hands or wrists. Workout gloves help with that. Let me know in the comments section: Do you wear gloves or not? What kind would, or do you wear?

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