Top 5 Best Weightlifting Gloves For Women Reviewed

Last Updated: January 18, 2022

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Weightlifting in itself is a challenging workout. Hence, it is only proper to wear the appropriate clothes and support to give you the optimum workout experience without having to suffer from post-workout consequences.

Personally, calluses and wrist strain are the toughest post-workout consequences. You should always make sure that the only thing that you’re getting from your workout is to build up muscles and an extra dose of serotonin.

To avoid the calluses and wrist strain, the best solution for most is getting weight lifting gloves, most especially when you’re only beginning to do the sport or workout. This is protective gear to give you that maximum comfort.

I have noticed that beginners tend to buy the cheapest or tend to overlook the qualities of their gloves because of the reason that they’re still “amateurs.” However, this should not be the case because beginners should be the ones who exert extra care.

There is not much difference between weight lifting gloves for men and for women other than the size and fit. I’ve also noticed that there are limited choices for women when looking for their gloves, hence, I’ve listed down the best weigh tlifting gloves for women that may really help. I’ve also helped my wife pick out hers, so I should be able to offer some insight!

Best Weightlifting Gloves For Women Compared and Reviewed

#1 - Bionic Women’s StableGrip Half Finger Gloves

To prevent fatigue and wrist strain, Bionic has innovated their Bionic Women’s StableGrip Half Finger Gloves that may surely transcend all your expectations with its wrist support. It is no secret that Bionic has developed premiere gloves that are designed for such heavy lifting workouts.

These gloves are designed with the expertise of an orthopedic hand specialist to ensure high quality and maximum comfort and safety. Hence, you know your workout is safe and sound.

To increase strength and also prevent strain and fatigue, the gloves are patented with an anatomical pad relief system and genuine leather palm. This is really helpful in the long run.

The pad will even out the surface of your hand and the placement of pressure is distributed uniformly to increase strength. Your grip will be benefiting from this as well.

This has a pre-rotated finger design that is designed to adapt to your hand’s natural curving motion. Ultimately, it will help you to effortlessly lift your weights due to its patented design.

Maximum breathability is also the priority of this glove through the utilization of their premium Cool-On material for the back portion of their glove. Moreover, they also added special Lycra support between the fingers and the flexion zones for flexibility.

This is made from a genuine leather palm that is durable and has a long lifespan. You surely know you’re getting what you paid for.



#2 - Mava Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves

For those who prefer weight lifting gloves that do not have a back cover, these Mava Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves may be a good pick for you. This has a superior fit that will help your hands when doing your powerlifting and kettlebells.

These gloves fit comfortably and securely. It is made from a breathable material of leather that will keep your hands cool and prevent them from sweating.

Its leather grip surface will help the workout gloves from slipping off of your hands. It has a durability that you can rely on that will ensure you long-lasting use despite the long or intense use.

These Mava workout gloves are pretty versatile because these are designed to fit both men and women. And since weigh tlifting gloves for women usually run a small size, these workout gloves surely don’t share the same issue.

I love that the comfort strap can be adjusted with its velcro design. The velcro design doesn’t only ensure security but it is also easily adjustable throughout your workout.

Your wrist will be secured and protected from any fatigue or strain with the integrated wrist support wrap. This also ensures a strong grip that will help you with all your training sessions.



#3 - Harbinger Women’s Power Weight lifting Gloves

The Harbinger Women’s Power Weight lifting Gloves are designed for all-purpose training and workout sessions. These half-finger gloves are specifically designed for women, hence, you know that these will comfortably fit slender fingers.

It has a full leather palm for excellent grip and a stretch mesh back for extra ventilation. And for easy adjustability and customization of the fit, it’s incorporated with a Velcro design.

These workout gloves for women are designed for free weights and gym machines, so you know that these won’t come bulky and stressful for your hands. 

My wife likes the wrap-around thumb protection feature that protects the thumb against abrasion. Needless to say that these are the ones she’s using at the moment because it was available for sale in our local sports store.

Moreover, its padded leather abrasion-resistant palm ensures comfort, grip, and durability. Wrist support protection is also considered a major priority with its wrist support closure.



#4 - Under Armour Women’s Flux Workout Gloves

Other than their good line of shoe collection, Under Armor also shows exemplary innovation through their Under Armor Women’s Flux. You may want to give these workout gloves a shot because of their form-fitting and soft feature.

This has a rubber strip design that helps you give that excellent grip. The soft material that contours your hand shape ensures optimum protection and comfort even with longer weightlifting sessions.

Your hands will feel secure and in place with the elastic wrist that holds the glove firmly and prevent it from slipping off. As these are specifically designed for women, Under Armour kept in mind the unique hand structure of women as they built the glove.

This is specifically made from Nylon which is a great material for flexibility and durability. It has moisture absorbent features making it fast-drying and can wick off sweat easily.

I find the Terry cloth thumb panel to give you that quick and handy forehead dab.



#5 - ProFitness Cross Womens Workout Gloves

I’ve come across many complaints from women about the sizes of gloves running too small for them. This sucks because small gloves can be really uncomfortable. I recommend looking into these ProFitness Cross Training Gloves.

These gloves are constructed for both men and women. ensures a versatile size that can work for everyone.

This has a nylon glove body which makes the gloves lightweight, durable, and breathable. Moreover, this also has an enhanced silicon slip grip so you can have a sturdy and strong grip on the bar.

These are constructed with sweat-resistant material for maximum comfortability. This also has thumb support to prevent fatigue and abrasion.

Its Velcro design security ensures an easy and secure glove. The design is made to be functional so they’re completely easy and comfortable on the hands while doing vigorous workouts.



My Number One Pick


What To Look Out For When Buying Womens Weightlifting Gloves

Protecting your hands with the proper gloves must always be the priority. It is undoubtedly true that your hands must always be comfortable when working out, most especially when lifting heavy weights because the support starts from this part.

When buying weight lifting gloves, always make sure that you’re not buying studio gloves or any gloves that are not exactly made for weightlifting. Studio gloves look exactly like the weightlifting gloves, but they’re heavily padded and truly uncomfortable.

Though it is true that eventually, what works best for you is what you should choose, you should also prioritize safety and comfortability first. To help you properly decide which weight lifting glove to look for, I’ve made a buying guide list for you to check on.


You surely know that material is the best factor to look at when you distinguish which glove is better than the other. There is a wide range of materials available in the market and each has its own characteristics that you might want to check out.

Lycra or spandex is often used in workout clothes or any fitness supports because of its elasticity. This allows the user to workout properly and flexibly. Moreover, it ensures maximum comfort too.

Lycra is known for its durability. But of course, just like any other material, its elasticity can also wear out. More often than not, some weightlifting gloves use Lycra in some parts of the glove for added elasticity.

Bionic Women’s StableGrip Half Finger Gloves is a good example of weightlifting gloves that got Lycra incorporated in the construction of the gloves. This keeps the gloves tight-fitting in between the fingers, making it snug and help you with your performance.

Nylon is another synthetic material that is pretty common. This is also very stretchy and is very durable. This is also known for its high moisture absorbent feature which comes helpful when working out.

On the other hand, Nylon is not the best choice if you’re into fabrics that are eco-friendly. Moreover, gloves that use Nylon can be pretty pricey too.

If you want the Nylon material for your gloves, you may want to look into Under Armor Women’s Flux.

Another popular material in the market is leather. This is the most used material when making weightlifting gloves because of its solid benefits.

Leather is known for its flexibility and durability which are the two qualities that you should really be looking for in your gloves. This also gives a natural feel so using leather weightlifting gloves may feel like a second skin.

While it is known for its durability, leather is infamous for its less breathability. Hence, you should look for gloves that have other incorporated material or any cooling feature that will give your hands the time to breathe.

Harbinger Women’s Power Weightlifting Gloves is made from padded leather. If you prefer leather for your gloves, then you might want to check this product out.

Overall, the material is something you should definitely look at and you should never skip this part; this truly makes or breaks your weightlifting gloves. Also, this is where your comfortability lies.

Fit (Size and Finger Length)

Since women tend to have smaller hands, the fit of your gloves is a factor that you should never overlook. Small workout gloves will result in an uncomfortably tight feeling, or you may also encounter constant unwrapping of the closure; which can be a hassle while working.

A larger glove will also be uncomfortable because it may move around while you’re using it, which can be pretty dangerous. So, better make sure to look for the right fit.

There are gloves that have an adjustable velcro strap. In this way, you can fit your glove perfectly. Plus, these velcro straps that secure to the wrist can be additional support too.

Finding the right fit is a must because it changes the quality of your workout. Remember, the gloves give protection from blisters and calluses and also helps you to prevent abrasion and fatigue.

The fit also considers the finger length, other than the size of the whole glove itself. Since most weightlifting gloves are designed to be fingerless, you should look at how the gloves fit your fingers.

The finger length is important because it enhances your control and precision when heavy lifting. Hence, you should always look if your gloves have shorter finger length, knuckle-length, or longer length.

A good glove that has a wide range of sizes and could fit small and large hands is Mava Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves. I suggest looking into this product if you have trouble looking for gloves for your hand size.


Don’t let your gloves be throwaway gloves nor gloves that demotivate you with your workouts. Hence, you should always look for gloves that are made from high-quality craftsmanship.

Of course, the durability of majorly lies in the material. However, the construction itself also plays a huge role in the durability of your weightlifting gloves.

The reinforced and superior stitching is important because they provide a satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, they make the gloves high-quality which will help you with your performance.

I suggest looking into ProFitness Cross Training Gloves since this prides itself in their guaranteed satisfaction. This has an enhanced silicon grip as well for better and long-lasting performance.


The padding is important, but not that necessary. A glove with the right amount of padding when heavy lifting can be really helpful for you most especially when you’re only a beginner.

Others may prefer padding, while some don’t. This is important to include in this list, most especially if you’re only beginning to explore the weightlifting section of the gym.

Don’t get me wrong! Just because this is not that necessary, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not look for this feature in your gloves. Padding is necessary (and most, if not all, gloves do have this), but the extra layer is not necessary.

The padding can be made out of any sturdy material like rubber, soft gel, or whatnot. This is important because it will help you from getting blisters, calluses, and cuts.

If you weren’t exactly into the padding, I suggest trying it because it is a good feature that helps you take the pressure off of some parts of your hand to reduce pain and fatigue.

I suggest looking into Bionic Women’s StableGrip Half Finger Gloves if you want that extra padded gloves.


There are gloves, like the Under Armour Women’s Flux, that are made with special surfaces to enhance grip while doing your weightlifting. See, this feature is not exactly necessary, but something I recommend looking into when you want a more comfortable session.

Usually, the extra features for the grips are made out of leather, rubber, soft gel, etc. For some gloves like the aforementioned Under Armour Women’s Flux, they have rubber grip strips that can enhance your training session.

Wrist Support

It is always important to look for the wrist support feature in your weightlifting gloves. This is most especially when you know that you have relatively weak wrists.

Not all weight lifting gloves provide good wrist support. So, it’s always better to make sure that you’re investing in something that prioritizes that. This is not only for a more comfortable workout, but it is also for a more secured and safer training.

Wrist support is also important to prevent you from fatigue or wrist strain. Usually, wrist supports are tight around your wrist, so you can expect that they can make your wrist pretty warm.

I suggest looking into ProFitness Cross Training Gloves if you prefer gloves with good wrist support. This wraps twice around your wrist so it may be uncomfortably warm for some.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weightlifting Gloves

Q: How do I clean weightlifting gloves?

A: Some weight lifting gloves are made from a machine washable material so this won’t be a problem. However, if your gloves are from a sensitive material, always check the manufacturer’s guide first before washing.

In general, though, you can wash your weight lifting gloves with a laundry detergent. You first have to soak your gloves in warm water with the soap. You can use your hands to scrub off the grime or any stain.

Don’t forget to flip them inside out so you can clean the inside too. Just repeat what you’ve done from the first step. If these don’t work, you can always toss it in the machine if the manufacturer allows.

Q: Does wearing gloves make it easier for me to lift?

A: It totally depends. Some believe that this could affect your grip, while some don’t. Hence, it is always important to look for the right weightlifting gloves to protect your wrists and hands, and can also help you easily lift.

Q: Why are most weightlifting gloves fingerless?

A: This helps you with your hand grip and reduces sweat. Moreover, research was conducted regarding the lesser effort that you exert when using fingerless gloves rather than full-on gloves. Because of the extra material on your hands, you have to exert extra effort to fold your fingers onto the bar. Source:


Weightlifting is already hard itself. Hence, you don’t have to add extra pressure on yourself by depriving yourself of good and high-quality weightlifting gloves for women.

These gloves do not only promote optimum performance, but they also prioritize safety and comfortability. Thus, it is only right for you to find your gloves that are made from good material, provide a good grip, and definitely will comfortably fit in your hands like, well, a glove.

We’ve done some more reviews on fitness gear for women (Mainly written by Kelly, not me). Check out some of her posts such as this one she did on the best fitness watches. If you’re after storage for all your gym equipment check out these gym bags for women. If you still don’t have the right pair of shoes for the gym, check out these workout shoes for women we did a review on.


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