Best Vibration Machines For Fitness – Review & Guide For 2023

Last Updated: May 27, 2022

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I’m sure you’ve heard about vibration platforms and how they can be a quick and easy way to get fitter and healthier.

There are a lot of claims from different manufacturers that this can even replace your traditional exercise.

I wanted to explore how true these claims are and found that these machines can actually aid you in your fitness journey. However, to be replacing traditional exercise might be too big of a claim. I would never replace a full form of exercise, just because I enjoy the sports that I do. Regardless, these vibration platforms and machines are really starting to get more popular.

Let’s explore how effective vibration machines actually are. Here are the best vibration machines on the market as rated by others.

Best Vibration Platform Machines Compared and Reviewed

#1 - LifePro Waver Vibration Plate

If you want the full set of equipment to get started with your fitness journey, try the LifePro Waver Vibration Plate. It has quite a ton of extra gear that you might want to use to elevate your workout regime.

For example, they include loop bands that can work your back, your biceps, and essentially your whole upper body. You can work your lower body, especially the glutes and quads with resistance bands of 4 different levels.

You can also easily change the settings of the speed from 1 to 99 through the remote or its buttons near the display, so you can go as hard or as easy as your fitness level requires. No pressure to get to 99 all in one session; just start wherever you can and build up slowly!

Buying from LifePro means you’ll also get a trainer manual and ebook. You’ll automatically also have online access to workout videos so you won’t be too lost if you’re only starting to exercise.

So far, the manufacturer is responsive to the complaints of users. They would even send replacements and refunds for certain complaints such as certain clicking noises.



#2 - LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate

LifePro takes the top 2 spots of this list with its Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate. Although this particular model is similar to the Waver plate, it is a bit more expensive with a lot more features.

It has 4D therapeutic vibrations, which is basically just a fancy way to say it has 7 different combinations of movements: lateral, oscillates, pulses, and 4 more combinations of those 3.

To give you this motion, 3 motors are included in this machine. You’ll notice that it’s actually a little bit curved on the platform for better balance.

Changing the training mode and settings is pretty easy with the wearable remote and Bluetooth as if it were a watch. You have a lot to choose from, with 3 program settings and 7 training modes.

You’ll see that it has 3 positions on the platform where you are to place your feet to increase difficulty. The widest position, for example, can guide you to squat.

Some users, however, find all these settings to be quite confusing. I was searching for all these settings and training modes and it seems LifePro does not provide that much information. Some users also find that these settings are quite unnecessary.



#3 - SUPER DEAL Pro Vibration Plate

You may be looking for quite a simple but effective option for a vibration machine. The SUPER DEAL Pro Vibration Plate has the basic features and then some, but I am personally not a fan of how they market their product.

Let’s talk about the good first. I like the basic features such as the LED display, the strong suction cups under the vibration machine for added stability, and a remote to control the vibration speed, time, and program.

You have 99 levels of vibration intensity to choose from. Included in the purchase would be 2 resistance bands to work your upper body as the machine works your lower. I also like how this vibration machine has Bluetooth speakers to connect your device to and play some music.

I’m not a huge fan of how it does not have wheels, especially for those who are in a smaller space and need to easily store your vibration machine.

I’m also not a fan of how it claims that 10 minutes of use equal to a certain amount of a different type of exercise. For example, 10 minutes apparently is 1 hour of jogging. Frankly, there is no study to back that up yet!

I’d be wary of buying from a manufacturer that claims this, but reviews seem to love this machine. Others, however, complain that the machine is too loud and not as durable as they wished it would be.



#4 - Powerfit Elite Vibration Plate

The Powerfit Elite Vibration Plate is another option. This is quite a basic vibration plate with a simple design, but its features are similar to any good vibration machine out there.

This vibration plate will give you different directions of vibration, oscillating so your muscles have added engagement. With this purchase, it also includes 2 resistance bands which you can hook to the machine and use as you vibrate.

With its remote, you can also easily adjust the intensity of vibration by 99 levels, which is great if you want to gradually increase your strength. On the platform, you’ll see some marks showing you where to stand to increase the difficulty.

Two models are sold: standard and XL. You have to pay extra for an XL version if you need it to get a machine with a weight limit of 330 pounds, which I think makes it less accessible to fitness enthusiasts.

Users especially dislike how it has no transport wheels, which is quite important especially if you’re in a smaller space.



#5 - Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Trainer

So far, all of the machines I’ve listed have only been vibration plates that are mainly for your lower body. The Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body vibration machine is almost similar to a treadmill, with handles for full-body support.

The 50 levels of intensity in this machine are half of what you’ll usually find from other machines, but would probably be just fine. You’ll also have a LED display and controls almost similar to a treadmill.

There are 3 built in programs if you’re not quite sure what to do yet. Two resistance bands are hooked to the platform, so you can work your upper body. To maintain balance, you can hold onto the handle, which includes a pulse detector to track your heart rate.

Its maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds, which is a great amount and is quite inclusive. The handles are quite close to each other, though, making for a narrow place to stand.

Users are disappointed with how not durable the machine is. For some, the machine has lasted years. For others, just months, and the manufacturer does not seem to be responding.



My Number One Pick

What To Look Out For When Buying Vibration Machines For Fitness

Buying vibration machines is not as complicated as it seems, but the technology behind it is quite a mystery still.

Since the vibrating or oscillating plate has only come up quite recently, you’ll find fewer studies out there. The results are promising, though, but we still can’t conclusively say what most manufacturers claim.

We’ll be talking about this in a while, but let’s start with the basics.

What is a vibration machine?

The most basic vibration machine is a platform that oscillates and vibrates at a level of your choosing. Some machines will have other variations, such as added handlebars similar to treadmills, or resistance bands.

It takes the concept that small vibrations are able to imitate what your body feels as you exercise. According to a Harvard newsletter, your bones feel many small stresses as your cells twitch and contract. This will, in turn, train your bones to get stronger. 

For your muscles, because you are essentially constantly moving, your muscles are forced to contract and engage. Keep in mind that these are all in theory, though, and more studies are needed to conclude that this compares to any traditional exercise.

What are the benefits of a vibration machine?

Although there are limited studies with conclusive results, we still can find some benefits from these vibration machines.

I will say, though, that while researching vibration therapy, I found some would say that this has no conclusive results on the bone mass or strength of their respondents, while other studies beg to differ.

Let’s check out some of the benefits that Healthline put out there.

Weight and Fat Loss

Most people’s fitness goals, especially at first, would be weight and fat loss. Fortunately, vibration plates seem to have an effect similar to that of aerobic exercise.

For example, a study found that, in groups of middle-aged obese women, body fat loss was as effective with vibration training as it was with aerobic exercise.

I wouldn’t use this as a substitute for traditional aerobic exercise, though! Vibration platforms can be supplements to exercises that are usually on flat surfaces. Squats, step-ups, and even planks can get elevated by your machine.

Improved Strength and Fitness

By using the vibration platform, you can get stronger in time. Not only can you change your body composition, but you can also become more fit.

Another study found that an 8-week training program with a whole-body vibration program can improve your lower body strength, which they tested using the standing long jump. 

You can replicate this program by using the resistance bands that you can usually hook onto your platform and do upper body exercises, like bicep curls and rows, while standing on your vibration machine.

Lower Blood Pressure

You want to get the most out of your shoes, you don’t want to have to throw them away after running just one obstacle course. You will want to look for materials that are easily cleaned such as GoreTex or synthetic materials. If you start running with a shoe that contains a lot of cotton material then you’re not going to get much use of them afterward.

Factors to Consider

Now that we’ve seen how vibration machines can be beneficial to you and you’ve decided that you want one for your own fitness, let’s talk about what factors you might want to keep in mind as you choose one.

Vibration machines aren’t that complicated, but some will have better features than others to make things easier for you as a user.

Health Considerations

These vibration platforms seem quite harmless, but too much vibration can cause more harm than good.

If you have any concerns, such as back problems and weaker joints, you might want to keep it only up to 30 Hz of vibration, 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, according to a Harvard newsletter.

You might also want to check with your doctor so you know if this will be safe for you. Vibration machines are quite low impact, though, so unless you have any severe health problems, you’re most probably safe.

Is it Easy to Adjust?

You want a machine that’s easy to adjust so you won’t be fumbling around for the right settings. Most vibration machines will have a normal remote with an LED display.

If the brand is quite high end, the display will show you the estimated calories burned, time, and speed. For more basic machines, you’ll see the speed on the display and some buttons around the display.

These buttons can even activate built-in training programs. Speaking of which…

Is there Workout Programs and Different Settings?

Good vibration machines will have built-in training programs so the vibrations will adjust themselves for you.

Some even better machines will bring you different directions, activating more muscles so you have to stay balanced on the platform. Some brands will even give you access to online training or workout videos to guide you on what you can do with your vibration machine.

What Other Gear or Equipment is Included?

You’re buying a pretty expensive machine, so you definitely want some bonus equipment to go with it.

Most brands will include resistance bands that you can hook up to your platforms. This is usually included so you can work your upper body as the vibration machine does the work for your lower body.

Others will also include booty bands (or resistance bands for your lower body) to increase difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions for Vibration Platform Machines

Q: Are vibration machines effective for weight loss?

Like traditional exercise, vibration machines can be effective if you pair them with the right diet. However, there are limited studies to suggest that purely standing on vibration machines will effectively make you lose weight. Try pairing your vibration machine with traditional exercise to get better results.

Q: Can vibration machines replace strength training or traditional exercise?

I don’t believe it’s a good idea to replace traditional exercise with vibration training only. There’s really no one quick way to be fitter and healthier! It’s going to be a whole process, and vibration machines can help you along the journey.

Q: Do vibration machines have any side effects?

Generally, they are safe to use and won’t have any side effects. However, it may induce some motion sickness and dizziness, especially if you’re only beginning.


It’s quite exciting to find a new piece of equipment to aid you in your fitness journey. However, myths can be really tricky. Big claims from manufacturers might be too big and too good to be true, so be wary about how brands market their products.

Do your own research and look at some of the reviews! I’m sure you’ll find the best vibration machine for you.

If your goal is specifically weight loss, check out our post on the best exercise machines for weight loss. Do it the old fashioned way! There’s some less pricier options which you can use in the comfort of your home available with these instead.

Stay strong and keep training!

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