The Best Foam Mats For Home Gyms 2023

Last Updated: January 24, 2022

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It’s been two months since I’ve set up my home gym. Honestly, it took me a bit of time to look for the best home gym equipment that I could find. I wanted to keep up with my workouts, but the lockdown during this pandemic has made me think of another way to do that. Luckily, when I researched, it gave me the idea to just set up my home gym.

I’m currently in a rented apartment. My best choice for the space to put my gym equipment was for it to be in the living room. I had to ensure that I’ll be able to work out stress-free and not make my landlord pissed if I make some changes in his property.

 I asked for permission then researched to know the same flooring that is used in actual gyms. 

To make sure I won’t mess up the flooring as well as to keep my workouts comfortable and clean, so I researched the best foam mats for home gyms. 

Alas, the internet does provide a lot of stuff to choose from. Here I’ll share with you the top five best foam mats for home gyms that I found. I hope I’ll be able to help you find the best one for you to use in your home gym! One thing I’ll add is that if you’re planning to use one of those all-in-one home gym machines, that you really consider foam mats to protect the floor, and yourself.

Best Foam Mats For Home Gyms Compared and Reviewed

#1 - ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat

The ProSource Exercise Puzzle Mat is a convenient way to convert your floor into a safe and convenient space for your workouts. These puzzle mats are very easy to assemble, so you can easily put or remove the interlocking pieces. It has a thick EVA foam and provides a protective, non-skid workout floor.

Each of the mat’s textured foam gives you a base for equipment like weight lifting benches, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other equipment that you may want to use.

It’s also water-resistant and noise-reducing while you work out. I recommend this foam mat for home gyms if you’re on a budget. It’s best to purchase a complete set so you will have some spare if start to need to cover more space.

The product also promises to let you have a comfortable exercise while using it. It has more room per piece and is thicker than yoga mats as well as folding exercise mats.

The brand suggests that it is also great for floor exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, and putting a bench on for bench presses. Foam rolling and stretching can also be done as well as yoga or Pilates.

The six adjustable square tiles can cover a total of 24 square feet. It includes 12 borders for a more polished and finished look and feels.

You can use fewer pieces if it’s needed, but I suggest you buy a complete set just to make sure the pieces won’t slide around. To ensure this, some users have taped the pieces all together, so nothing will end up out of place that can disturb you during a workout.



#2 - Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat

This foam mat is another one of the highly recommended best foam mats for home gyms by users. It’s portable, so just unstrap it and unroll and you can use it anywhere! The mat is 96″ Long x 48″ Wide in size, which is large enough for one person to do a lot of different exercises. Its foam is 6mm in thickness.

The brand claims you can do your cardio, strength training, or dance workouts like Zumba while using this mat.

This premium mat is made extra thick to protect your joints and floors. It’s also non-slip and eco-friendly as it is made with non-toxic materials.

The quality of the mat is great and is built to last! It stays flat even if you’ve unrolled it, so you don’t have to worry because it will give you a flat surface to get your exercise on!

For each purchase of this mat, you will get a 100% microfiber towel, carry bag for easy storage and two velcro straps. You will also get a lifetime warranty guarantee from the USA-based company.

I’ve read a lot of great reviews of this mat and they’re both happy for the quality of the product as well as the brand’s customer care.



#3 - XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat

The XMark XMat Ultra Thick Mat is made from the US. If you’re environmentally conscious, I’m happy to inform you that this mat was made from recycled rubber, so you won’t have to worry about this adding up your carbon footprint.

The dimensions of the mat are 4’ x 6’, which is perfect when you’re using different kinds of home gym equipment.

The texture of the mat is non-slip for your safety. It is durable and heavy-duty. The brand says it may have minor imperfections due to it being made from recycled rubber.

I recommend using this mat for when you’re using regular weight benches as well as bench presses because it will fit perfectly in on the surface. It’s durable and recommended for your high-intensity workouts.

The XMat Ultra is likely to last longer than other home gym mats with thin quality and poor build. It is sturdy and has the thickness quality that will protect your flooring. In some cases that the mat moves a bit, you can easily tape it onto the floor to secure it while you’re working out.



#4 - Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat for Home Gym Flooring

This mat is a steal for its price and size! Gxmmat’s exercise mat is durable and can be used for intense workouts and barefoot workouts as well. It’s made from high dense micro-foam material, which makes it safe to use with or without shoes! Its dimensions are sized at 6’x8’x7mm, which gives you plenty of space to do your workouts.

The mat is spacious enough and even has double-sided and no-skid surfaces for much more enhanced traction and superior grip. A 7mm high-density Memory Foam provides a combination of stability and cushioning.

This will let you have comfortable exercises without worrying about getting sore knees and elbows. It also reduces noise and vibration and ultimate floor protection. Your body will be provided with the best extra comfort and support during workouts like aerobics.

Gxmmat has made sure that the mat is made from premium materials. And according to them, their mats are also eco-friendly, toxin-free and heavy-duty. It’s also very easy to clean and to store.

When you purchase the mat, it comes with a free pair of high-quality gloves, three Velcro straps for storage and a carry bag. It also comes with a lifetime service warranty.



#5 - BalanceFrom Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat

This foldable mat is also one of the best foam mats for a home gym that I found during my research online. This perfect when you have limited space to do your at-home workouts because you can easily fold it and store it inside your closet or under the bed. It has to carry handles, so you can easily bring it when you want to work out outdoors as well.

Aside from it from being convenient to use, this folding mat is 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. The foam is 2-inch thick and is made from high-density EPE foam. It’s durable and deal for at-home exercises like yoga, aerobics, Pilates, MMA, or martial arts. The surface of the mat is non-toxic and lead-free.

It is puncture resistant and has a non-absorbent vinyl material. This mat features a Moisture Resistant Technology that makes it easy to wash with just soap and water. The stitches of the mat are also carefully-done and are built to last. They also offer multiple colors to choose from! This mat is highly recommended by users due to its quality and durability.



My Number One Pick

For me, I chose the Prosource mats because it contains the easiest setup for my requirements. I love the puzzle setup and it allows me to quickly move it between spaces or rooms if I have to.

What To Look Out For When Buying Foam Mats For Your Home Gym

When looking to setup your home gym and as you lay out your plan for the flooring you should consider a few things first. Just like any product, there are key nuances to consider when making the best decision tailored for you. The below guide hopes to service as a buyers guide in order to give you the most information possible when looking to make a decision.


You must have a clear view of what kinds of exercises or workouts you’ll be doing before deciding to purchase a foam mat. This way, you’ll be able to select the best one that will suit your needs. If you’re going to do at-home intense workouts, you should look for a foam mat that has a great quality as well as the appropriate thickness to also protect yourself and the flooring.

The XMark Fitness mat or the Gorilla Premium mat is the best choice for highly durable mats. But do take note that thickness doesn’t always mean high quality.


This is important because getting the right measurement for the gym mat you need will help you with your workouts. You need to determine the space that your exercise or workout requires before purchasing a mat. For space-saving, you should look into the BalanceFrom Tri-Fold mat as it offers that feature.

Aside from that, think about the floor space you’re going to occupy. Make sure to measure it first before buying an at-home gym mat.


There are a lot of foam mats available online that you can choose from. Some may come at a cheap price, but you have to make sure that it has great quality and durability. Set up a good budget for a foam mat that you think can last. Read and watch reviews to help yourself choose the best foam mats for your home gym.

Luckily, there are a lot of budget-friendly mats in the market today. As such, most of the products I listed here are on the affordable side. You can either choose from BalanceFrom Tri-Fold, Gxmmat Extra Large, or ProsourceFit Puzzle if your budget weighs more.


This is very important. You have to make sure that the foam mat you’ll get has a great build quality for your safety. You don’t want a mat that will make your knees and elbows sore. Look for a foam mat that is thick enough to handle your workouts as well as your home gym equipment. It would be nice if it’s also easy to clean so you won’t have any problems maintaining the quality of the mat.


Unfortunately, not all home gym foam mats have great quality. If you can go to a physical store, ask a shop assistant for help. Determine if the mat is proper for your weight and the weight of the equipment you’ll be using. Check the texture because you want to make sure that the mat is not slippery even if you’re sweating so much during a workout.

For safety, I’d go for the XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment. It has non-slip features that I think are extremely important and can also support a lot of pounds as it is made from thick rubber. If you can’t go to a physical store right now and will be buying online, make sure to read or watch a lot of reviews.


During these tough times, exercising or working out can help you relax. Setting up an at-home gym is a convenient and affordable way to keep motivating yourself to also maintain your body goals. A foam mat is important just as much as the at-home gym equipment essentials you will purchase. 

If you’re looking for more ways to improve your gym routine, check out my review I’ve done on workout gloves you can use with your new setup or finding the right shoes for the gym.

There is so much to choose from! But keep in mind that you need to get the best home gym foam mat that will suit your needs as well as protect yourself and your floors. You can get a foam mat that can be suitable for both low and high-intensity workouts. There are durable ones that can even last for many years and are worth your money!


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