Best Exercise Bike To Lose Weight Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

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Using a stationary bicycle makes great exercise to get the heart pumping and burn calories. For beginners, they can work out with less stress on their joints. Using a stationary exercise bike may also be ideal for introverts who prefer to get fit in the comfort of their homes.

When I was a kid whose weight fluctuated (on the heftier side), I had trouble keeping up with the intense workouts such as P90X. Then one day, I got to visit a classmate’s house that had an exercise bike. I tried it out, and I was able to go for 1 hour without getting gassed. Although I wasn’t doing this at any crazy intensity, I kind of liked it.

This was when I realized that I wanted my own exercise bike to burn down the excess weight. However, research suggests that I take into consideration the quality, effectiveness, and comfort that the product can provide. I never really took this further until the recent issues happening with COVID-19 around the world. I knew I wanted to self-isolate but I also wanted to keep fit. I have a turbo system and my road bike (As I’m training for a half-ironman) but I wanted my wife to be able to use something as well.

So with the help of a few dependable delivery sites, I developed a list of items that have high ratings and good reviews. I hope you can choose the best exercise bike for you to lose weight. If you have any exercise bike you’ve considered from your own experience why not let me know at the bottom of the page.

Best Exercise Bike To Lose Weight Compared and Reviewed

#1 - Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

The fitness company Keiser promised a bike that would “fit riders of all body shapes and sizes.” Its adjustable V-Shape frame has been regarded to allow workout for people measuring in at 4 ’10 – 7’ in height. It can also support up to 350 pounds, thanks to its meticulously-engineered sturdiness.

This exercise bike is probably the most popular brand on this list. Its slogan, “Designed around you,” implies that you can experience the gym workout at the comfort of your home.

The flywheel, different from other stationary bikes, is placed on the rear of the machine. This was based on the study that a person’s sweat zone is directly above the standard flywheel. This lessens the chance of the flywheel being contaminated and becoming corrosive.

The M3i exercise bike employs a magnetic resistance in its flywheel: claimed to be the first of its kind. This allows you to keep track of the power your legs exert via M3i Indoor Exercise Bike Computer. This particular gadget also tracks your heart rate, kcal, ride time, and trip distance among other things.

Bluetooth is enabled to connect to virtually any app that involves cycling.

With all these perks, this Indoor Cycle Bundle is expensive: easily the most expensive item in this list. However, don’t let the formidable price take away from the accolades of this top-notch item. If you want the best of the best, it is literally a small price to pay.



#2 - Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike

If I could describe this Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike in one word, it would be “INTENSE.” It’s not a means to discourage you; it’s meant to imply that awesome feeling when you use this. This stationary bike by Sunny Health and Fitness will make you feel like an engine with how powerful its pedal is.

The steel frame of this indoor bike is very sturdy and can support up to 300 pounds in weight. It has stabilizers that help minimize unwanted shakiness even on uneven ground. Paired with the stabilizers are transport wheels that can be retracted or withdrawn for placement convenience.

It has a 44-pound flywheel that operates smoothly and quietly thanks to its magnetic resistance. When pedaling, you’ll feel as if you’re actually riding a bike outdoors, but with less jerky and more controlled cycles. The red micro-adjustable resistance can be increased or decreased with a simple twist.

The handlebars can be adjusted 4 ways and have a stationary that can securely hold tablets for online or virtual workouts. The exercise bike also comes with a bottle holder that is within arm’s reach. Meaning you can still pedal while taking a sip.

One of the surprising setbacks of this item is that it has cancer-inducing chemicals such as 1,3-Butadiene which can also cause reproductive complications.

If you have done your research and can circumvent its one setback, the Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is a great option for high-momentum cycles.



#3 - MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser

This rather simple stationary exercise bike of MagneTrainer takes advantage of how versatile simplicity can be.

The biggest selling point of this particular exerciser is the many activities you can do while exercising with it. Owing to its small size, the MagneTrainer-ER Mini is the most portable item on this list. According to its website description, you can get exercise “while watching TV, reading a book, talking on the phone, or working at your desk.”

True to its name, the arm and leg exerciser has craftily-designed pedals that allow grip for both hands and feet. Its pedal has magnetic resistance that can be adjusted to a greater degree than other small stationary bikes. The mechanics of this bike are so well-regarded; it is regularly used in clinics for therapeutic exercises. The pedals can also be customized with optional accessories if you need to adjust it for various purposes.

Its Digital Fitness Display keeps track of your speed, distance, time and calories burned. The DFD runs on one AA Battery (included on the package) and can save power by automatically turning on and off.

Surprisingly enough, a contradictory disadvantage to this bike is that you cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT USE THIS UNDER YOUR DESK. If you do, your desktop computer and/or office items will look like the climax of Avengers Endgame. Another downside of this item is also the perceived lack of resistance it has for stronger people. That’s understandable owing to its size.

Overall, I recommend this portable arm and leg exerciser to people who are fans of multi-tasking. It is also very essential for patients who need a therapeutic exercise that can be customized for their needs.



#4 - 3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Elite RB Recumbent Exercise Bike is a prominent addition to the list of running equipment that defined 3G Cardio for 50 years.

It has an LWH (Length-width-height) dimension of 49-27-43 inches, making it good for smaller spaces. With a weight of 115 lbs, the Recumbent has an easy roll transport that allows you to move it without lifting everything. It comes with a warranty of 3 years for the parts (plus 1 year for labor).

This stationery has a sturdy frame that allows weight support of up to 350 pounds. Its low-height electronics allow you to take a seat without raising your leg too high. The seat has a backrest made of Infinite Airflow Mesh that you can adjust according to your comfort. Its seat frame is also adjustable to accommodate people with heights ranging from 5′ – 6’4 (153-193 cm).

The pedals are magnetic and have 16 adjustments, depending on how intense you want your workout to be. The belt that connects the flywheel to the pulley was designed to make less noise and ensure smooth cycling.

The Recumbent Bike comes with an electronic display that was sized and positioned for easy viewing. It also has big and visible dial control to choose your desired program. 

The display can track your heart rate via the handlebars on your seat or through a wireless chest strap transmitter. The console unit can input settings like height, weight, age, and gender. This allows a smarter calculation of calories burned and energy output in a workout.

One of the few downsides to the Elite RB Exercise Bike’s is its lack of online connectivity. It’s sure to be a little disappointing if you want your exercise with a little recreation. Despite that, in addition to being a little hefty price-wise, space efficiency and seat comfort makes this recumbent bike a good choice to buy. 

There is a reason why 3G Cardio boldly claims that this “is the most comfortable recumbent exercise bike you’ll ever use.”



#5 - Concept2 BikeErg Stationary Exercise Bike

The fitness machine brand Concept 2 is known for its highly sought-after ergometers Indoor Rower and SkiErg. They exercise their ingenious technology in making the BikeErg.

Weighing in at a lean 68 pounds, the BikeErg is a meticulously-constructed machine that can be stored in tight spaces when not in use. It has a 2-year warranty for the entire package (5 years for the basic parts).

This stationary exercise bike has a flywheel that simulates air resistance akin to using a real bicycle. It also comes with a damper that can adjust the tension of the pedal to your liking. In addition to the pedal mechanics, the BikeErg’s saddle & handlebars have adjustable settings to suit the rider’s comfortable position.

BikeErg comes with a state-of-the-art performance monitor called the PM5. This tech allows you to choose your exercise depending on pace, calorie burn, or heart rate. In addition to the monitor, you can connect via Bluetooth to your gadget in order to play the virtual cycling video game, Zwift. The PM5 is powered by 2 D-cell batteries and the generated voltage of your exercise routine.

With all those sweet mechanics though, there is a downside. Some customers have pointed out the discomfort they felt with the saddle when they have a prolonged workout. For that reason, it may be inevitable to have a change of seat. Other than that, BikeErg is a great option if you want to feel like a professional cyclist.



My Number One Pick

Things to Consider In Choosing the Best Exercise Bikes to Lose Weight

Indoor cycling bikes are popular not only for beginners but for anyone who is stuck at home due to winter. When choosing what machine you want to use, take these factors into consideration:

Purpose & Features

Depending on which exercise bike you want to purchase, there are a few features which you should consider such as:

  • Measurements for heart rate, so you know how your cardiovascular system is coping with the exercise.

  • Measurements for speed, distance and RPM’s so that you can gauge your performance over time and on that specific exercise routine, so that you can gauge how to improve.

  • There should be a way to measure calories burned. Most exercise bikes will have an LCD screen or an app that you can use that will show you the progress of your workouts in terms of calories burned.

As for purpose, you should consider what your primary reasons are for using an exercise bike.

  • If its overall cardio and endurance then choosing a bike that has multiple levels that challenge you will be worth it as your body will improve over time and the basic mode will get easy and boring.

  • If weight loss is your primary goal, you can get away with less options, focusing on consistency and changing your diet up so that you can burn those calories.

Dimensions & Adjustments

There are some quality indoor cycles that are space-efficient for an overall more comfortable exercise. Being able to adjust the seat and handlebars are a plus if you have an exercise buddy bigger or smaller than yourself.

Be sure to check the manufacturers details on the size of the exercise bike when assembled as well as you may not have enough room to store them at your apartment or home.

Resistance Levels

It shouldn’t be surprising that cheaper cycles have fewer resistance levels. To put it simply, to challenge your workout, sometimes you must challenge your budget.

Some exercise bikes can go from level 1 to level 30, whilst others only have a few standard modes. Some exercise bikes have exciting visuals which are presented on the LCD screen as you’re racing through virtual fields.

Strength and Construction

An indoor bike’s strength and construction are also based on product quality. Ratings and reviews can help you find a strong brand to choose from. As a good starting point, you would want to look for something with a stainless steel frame which would prevent rusting for a long time. Look for those that have adequate grip available and that the rubber doesn’t seem cheap.


Last, but certainly not the least, the warranty should be taken into consideration. The best models are the most expensive but have lengthy warranties that could even be for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exercise Bikes

Q: Can you change the seat if it’s uncomfortable to use?

A: Yes. It’s a well-known fact that 30 minutes or more can be painful and numbing. You can alleviate this by using a gel seat cover for greater comfort.

Q: Why do a lot of bikes lack a computer console?

A: A lot of people don’t really use a console on their bikes so it’s not always implemented. Most of the time, people would rather use an ordinary stopwatch and listen to music. That’s good enough for them.

Q: Can I Order/Ship Internationally?

A: Of course you can. It comes with a shipment fee, though, which depends on where the item comes from.


As an introvert, I believed in workouts that can accommodate stay-at-home folks like me. That’s what brought me to do research on indoor cycling bikes. I’ve grown since then and since I’m training for a half-ironman I use a Turbo system and my road bike. However I’ve looked into these exercise bikes for my wife, and myself after the recent effects of COVID19.

Some have been known to emulate the realistic momentum of an actual mountain bike. Others are so small yet so versatile you can do other things while exercising. Then there are those high-quality brands that take your overall comfort and efficiency into consideration.

With the list of items that I’ve detailed, complete with pros and cons, I hope I’ve helped you find the best exercise bikes for you to lose weight.

Looking for more ways to cut the calories at home? Check out these intense sweat exercises to lose weight at the comfort of your house. And, to wrap up the year, check the top 5 popular weight loss trends of 2020.

We also did a round up review on the best exercise machines for weight loss, check it out (Hint, the bike is in there!)

If you’ve had your own experience with other exercise bikes you think fit the bill, why not let me know in the comments box below?

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