Top 5 Best Elliptical Machines For Homes 2023

Last Updated: January 24, 2022

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Stationary exercise machines are perchance one of the best gym machines that you might want to look into. Sure, it is already given that these types of machines bring a lot of benefits to your fitness journey, but it also brings your fitness experience to the next level. I love using these machines for my active recovery from running.

An elliptical trainer, a type of stationary exercise machine, are particularly appealing to anyone. This machine is definitely a nice-to-have in your home gym because it offers a low-impact workout that works with both your upper and lower body.

If you haven’t tried an elliptical trainer, there are a few good reasons why you should. This is not only pretty forgiving with your joints, but it can also help you with your weight loss workout.

To give you the best impact-free, weight-bearing exercise, I have listed some of the best elliptical trainer options out there that you might want to give a looksie.

Best Elliptical Trainers Compared and Reviewed

#1 - Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainer Machine

Designed for maximum sturdy and smooth performance, this Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainer Machine is truly not made to disappoint. This is structured with a foot motion technology to mimic a natural running motion, heightening your workout experience.

This has 29 workout programs that you could try depending on your fitness goals. This also has 25 resistant levels to give you a wide range of intensity with your elliptical workouts.

It has an LCD display that features all the programs, a quick start button, goal tracking, and Bluetooth for your entertainment. Moreover, this also has a built-in three-speed fan, water bottle holder, USB charging port, and media shelf for a better workout experience.

It also has nine heart rate control options that you could set depending on your fitness level (beginner, advanced, and custom). Moreover, you can also customize the user-made profiles to let the machine best cater to you.

Dimensions: 63” H x 28” W x 70” L; 164lbs
Maximum user weight: 300 lbs



#2 - Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Trainer Machine

Making ease of use and comfortability as their top priorities, this Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Trainer Machine deserves more recognition for its good features and functionality. Not to mention, this machine is also praised for its commercial-grade durability.

With a stride length of 20-22”, this machine is designed to cater to all shapes and sizes. Thus, you don’t have to worry about not fitting in your own machine. This has a 30-degree incline for a more challenging workout that you might prefer more.

This has an adjustable incline and 16 resistance levels through a push-button. The handlebars are designed for optimum comfortability that also features multiple grip positions.

Feeling warm during the workout? This machine got your back with its built-in cooling fan to keep you cool throughout your whole workout. Also, a water bottle holder is available too!

Its response to the advanced technology is seen through its 7.5” backlit and tiltable LCD display. This has 6 pre-programmed workouts and can also be programmed according to the user.

The LCD display can feature your speed, time, incline degree, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and pace. In this way, you know that your workout is guided all the way through.

This has a built-in speaker for your music workouts. Plus, a plug-in for your iPod or MP3 player is available as well.

Dimensions: 58” H x 32” W x 83” L; 215 lbs
Maximum user weight: 375 lbs



#3 - EFITMENT E005 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

A small space in your house or apartment must not be a hindrance for you not to have a good workout machine. Hence, this EFITMENT E005 Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer can be the answer to your prayers.

This machine is more compact than the typical ellipticals that you normally encounter. This is perfect for tight spaces. If you prefer storing it when not in use and just pulling it out during your workout time, then this machine’s portability may be something you’d like.

It has 8 levels of resistance that you can freely adjust. Moreover, this has a pulse monitor to check your pulses to keep track of the effectiveness of your workout and your results.

It also has a small LCD monitor that displays your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and your pulse rate. Moreover, the belts situated in this machine ensure a quiet and smooth workout.

Dimensions: 41” L x 26” W x 59.5” H; 63 lbs
Maximum user weight: 220 lbs



#4 - ProForm Hybrid Trainer

For a versatile type of ellipticals, you may want to check out ProForm Hybrid Trainer. This has a seat that you can utilize to mimic a cycling workout and you can stand up if you feel like doing a full-body workout.

If you like watching on your phone or your tablet, this machine has an attached bracket that could cater to your devices. This increases convenience most especially when you want extra entertainment while working out and easier access to the machine’s iFit. 

It has 16 workouts programmed into the console. Some are designed for speed training while some are designed for calorie burn. For a more fun experience, you can use the iFit and use and design an immersive Google Maps workout.

This is manufactured with an auto-adjustment feature, hence, the trainer will automatically change your resistance in accordance with your performance. This also has a silent magnetic resistance for a smoother and quieter workout.

This has adjustable pedals that you can freely work around with to give you the most comfortable position for your feet. Also, this has an onboard sound system for a more exciting workout.

The EKG grip pulse sensors are also attached to this trainer to provide a quick estimate of your heart rate for monitoring. This also has a water bottle holder for your hydration purposes.

If you plan on storing this when not in use, you can easily wheel this around using its front-mounted wheels. Because of this feature, you are assured of its maximum portability!

Dimensions: 60.5” H x 24.5” W x 70.5” L; 116.84 lbs
Maximum user weight: 350 lbs



#5 - Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Trainer Machine

This Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Machine comes at our budget-friendly options without having to compromise its optimum performance. For those who want a straightforward machine, without the unnecessary features, this could be your best pick.

This compact machine gets the job done. This is manufactured with armbars that stride together with your lower-body movement to hit most of your muscle groups.

This also uses magnetic resistance that is structured for easy adjustment through a dial. Moreover, this also boasts its Aero Air that promises a quiet and smooth workout experience.

This has a small but easy-to-read LCD that will display your progress. Though this isn’t as fancy as other ellipticals, some may want this because its straight to the point performance without having to pay for the extra features.

The LCD display features your distance, calories burned, time, and speed. This is light and relatively compact enough for maximum portability.

Dimensions: 46” H x 19” W x 33” L; 51 lbs
Maximum user weight: 250 lbs



My Number One Pick

After conducting extensive product research around elliptical machines, I’ve found that the Schwinn has the most to offer with its different resistance levels which is very important for me. As an amateur endurance athlete, being able to withstand harder pressures consistently is where my goals are at.

What To Look Out For When When Looking For The Best Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical machines or any gym equipment must not be bought out of a whim because they are delicate and they could make or break your whole workout experience. Also, you can’t buy machines just because without having to carefully check its features.

Buying machines or any gym equipment in general without assessing the machine itself and its features can be pretty dangerous. A lot of risks are at stake when you’re using a machine that’s of low-quality and of bad performance.

When working out, your safety and comfortability must always be the top priority. So, when buying your ellipticals, make sure that it doesn’t only serve your muscles, but also your safety too.

Other than safety and comfortability, you must also take note of what you want. There are ellipticals that are less fancier, hence giving you a straight-to-the-point performance. On the other hand, some offer extra features that could, more or less, improve your workout.

To know more about the factors to consider when buying the best elliptical machine for you, I’ve listed some of the features that you might want to consider looking at. In this way, you’ll get the worth of your money.

Workout Space

The first feature to always look at is your workout space. Your workout space should be wide enough to cater to the elliptical machine that you want.

Remember that elliptical machines take up quite a bit of space, hence, you should take note that you have enough space to store this. When you really want to have ellipticals at home but don’t have enough space, you can always choose to buy the compact units.

You should always take note of the dimensions of the machine—from its height, length, and width. The width is also as important as the height and the length because this takes the sizes of the wheels and pedals into consideration.

If you’re putting it in a room, like a basement, with a short vertical clearance, it could be a bad idea—unless, you’re short enough. Remember that you should consider some headroom in your space.

If you don’t have enough workout space, maybe you can look for storage space for your elliptical machines. There are compact ellipticals that are made for space-saving options.

When you’re choosing to store your machine when not in use, you should also look for units with good portability features. This will help you move your machine around when it’s time to use it.

If you prefer a compact elliptical machine, you can consider looking into the EFITMENT E005 Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer or Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Machine.

If you want a machine with front-mounted wheels for ease in portability, then I suggest looking into ProForm Hybrid Trainer.


When you’re regularly using an elliptical, you would know that programmed workouts will extremely help you in your workout. The built-in programs will give you workout routines to try with your elliptical machine.

The programs can also be a guide for some. Think of your programs like a personal trainer because this will guide you along your elliptical fitness journey.

Some machines are built with 20+ programs while some have less. Nonetheless, look for a machine that you think will be helpful to you when working out. Some may prefer the lesser programs for a cheaper price, while some prefer otherwise.

To be specific, the programs will help you with your fitness goal—whether you’re planning a strength workout or toning workout. Some machines also have a custom user-profile so if the machine is being used by more than one person, you won’t lose your personalized program.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine is a machine that has more than 20 programs, so if you prefer a wide range of built-in programs, then you might want to check this out.

Additional Features

The additional features aren’t necessarily important, but they significantly contribute to your workout experience. For some, this could really help you with your fitness journey with an increase in its intensity, while some may find it unnecessary.

Regardless of your preference, there are additional features that can actually help you with your fitness journey. It’s helpful in a way that can help you monitor your progress. To know more about the additional features you may want to look at, read on!

Adjustable Resistance
Adjustable resistance is important because this will allow you to go further when you want to gain more strength and endurance. The resistance provides resistance with your pedaling, in this way, you exert more effort.

There are elliptical machines that have a broad range of resistance levels. For high-end machines, auto-adjustment is a feature that they pride in.

If you prefer machines with a wide range of resistance levels, you might want to look into Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine. For an auto-adjustment, I suggest looking into ProForm Hybrid Trainer.

Noise and Smoothness

This feature is probably overlooked by some interested buyers. Though it is not really that important as the other features, it is still something good to consider most especially when you workout at night or when you have thin walls.

Some ellipticals that do not feature a quieter experience can be pretty loud and annoying like in the long run. So, if you’re not considering this feature, you might want to think twice.

If you prefer a smoother and quieter machine, you might want to check out Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine.

Adjustable Incline Settings

The adjustable incline is something I would really consider. I understand that if you’re only beginning to explore this type of machine, you wouldn’t really notice the importance of an adjustable incline.

Adjusting the incline angle of your elliptical machine is important because this will give you the best results and positions for a more diverse and challenging workout. This is because your lower-body muscles have to work twice as hard when it is inclined to a higher degree.

A higher degree of inclination will ensure the higher intensity of the workout. You can think of this as climbing the stairs vs walking on flat pavement. It is no doubt that your heart rate will beat faster with the former than the latter.

This intensified aerobic exercise will significantly help you with your calorie-burning during your session, which is a pretty good idea if your fitness goal is centered on lessening your body fat percentage. Moreover, this vigorous workout will help you stay healthy and fit.

I suggest looking into Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine if you want a machine with an adjustable incline.

Heart Monitor

The heart monitor is a feature that you should never opt out of the lists that you need to consider. This is a useful feature because it can help you keep track of your pulse rate. In this way, you can closely monitor your progress and you can gauge your result expectations through this.

If you want this feature in your list, you can consider checking out Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine for its pulse and heart rate monitor.


Hybrid trainers, or the versatile units, are not exactly a feature that you should consider if you just want a straightforward elliptical machine. However, if you want to maximize the worth of your investment, you can delve into this type of machine.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is a versatile, hybrid trainer that can mimic both a bike workout and a running workout. This is two-for-one equipment that can give you two types of workouts in one purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About An Elliptical Trainer

Q: What should I wear when using an elliptical machine?

Some people no longer consider what they wear when they workout at home. However, it is really important that you should wear appropriate clothes when working out, most especially with your ellipticals.

Baggy clothes can get caught in the corners of your machine, which can cause injury or breaking with your machine. Hence, I suggest wearing tight-fitting clothes to observe safety and a more comfortable elliptical experience.

Q: Do elliptical machines tone my body?

Elliptical machines are known for their low-impact, high-calorie burn feature. So, while you’re losing your body fat, you’re assured that you’re also toning your major muscle groups in a shorter amount of time.

However, just using the machine without a program can be pretty hard when you’re aiming to tone your muscles. Hence, I suggest focusing on the interval work and the intensity of your workout.

Q: Are elliptical machines good for people with poor joints?

A study by Kaplan (2004) showed that the elliptical workouts are good for people with weak joints or for people who want to relieve some pressure off of their joints. This machine is a good workout training for those who don’t want to wear and tear their joints.

Elliptical machines are known for their low-impact exercise. Hence, this is good for people with poor joints compared to other workouts like running and jogging. However, make sure that you consult your trusted doctor first before engaging in this workout.


When you’re buying a workout machine, always consider that your safety comes first before anything else. This is most especially when you haven’t tried the specific machine before.

Good thing though, elliptical machines are more often than not safe because they do not utilize weights like bench presses and whatnot. Hence, safety lies in the maximum user capacity of the machine and also the added features.

Don’t get fooled with the different features, most especially when they’re not part of your priority. This is because these features are more or less the big chunk of the price that you’re paying for—in short, get the ones that are good for your body and your budget.

If you’re looking for even more equipment for your home gym check out my previous review on the best smith machines for home use and also check out some of these stamina rowing machines. If you’re after something more specific towards weight loss then I also did a review on some of the best equipment you can get for weight loss.

In the end, always remember that your fitness goal should be met by your budget and by the features that you prioritize! 


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