Best Battle Ropes For Home Gyms Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: August 15, 2021

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Swimming, cycling, and running are part of my routine, and I always make sure to put my heart in my training. However, I often do not have time to visit my local gym and yoga center for strength exercise due to my tight training schedule. So, being able to do these two activities at the comfort of my home is an advantage.

It is time-efficient for me as I no longer have to wait in long gym queues to be able to use their facilities or to request a schedule for a yoga session, and it also gives me the freedom to do my workout whenever I want to. With that, choosing the right equipment to use at home is often challenging because you have to consider a lot of factors.

One of the products that I first invested in was a battle rope. I made the right decision when I bought the best battle rope for my home gym because it contributed a lot to my strength training.

One of its benefits is training muscles which are often neglected when doing a standard workout routine. It also helps in increasing my grip mobility, as well as the movement in my shoulders, hips, core, knees, ankle, and feet, which are all necessary for my preparations for half-ironman.

So, if you are a sports enthusiast like me or you simply want to start training at the comfort of your home, you might also want to consider purchasing a battle rope for your home gym.

 I did some research before I was able to find the best battle ropes for your home gym, and I’ll be sharing with you the list that I have compiled after researching to get my own.

Best Battle Ropes For Your Home Gym Compared & Reviewed

#1 - AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Battle Rope

This simple battle rope from AmazonBasics comes in six options, so you can find the one that fits your needs. You can choose from 1.5” or 2.0” diameter, and 30”, 40”, and 50” foot respectively. The ropes are made with high tensile polyester and are triple-braided for added durability and long-lasting performance.

AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Ropes are affordable, yet they provide the same promising results as other expensive brands. These ropes are also versatile and portable, perfect for both indoor and outdoor training. Aside from the usual battle rope training, you can also use them for pulling and climbing exercises, improving your strength and endurance.

If you are looking for ways to easily burn fats or gain muscle, then this one is for you. You can use the ropes to sculpt muscles, build endurance, improve your cardio, and burn calories. It can also increase your reaction time and metabolic rate.

One disadvantage it has from the rest in this list is that it doesn’t come with an anchor hook, so you have to spend a few bucks to buy one, or you can opt to tie it on a sturdy surface. Some reviews mentioned the rope is soft compared to usual ones, so I’m quite uncertain whether it can live up to the durability and long lifespan it promises.

Given this battle rope having a high volume of reviews and with positive sentiment from a lot customers, this has topped our list as the best battle rope.



#2 - EliteSRS Premium Battle Ropes

You can never go wrong with the EliteSRS Premium Battle Ropes. These Poly-Dacron ropes are durable and waterproof which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor training. You also have the option to choose from three different lengths: 30”, 40”, and 50”, and two diameter options: 1.5” and 2.0” respectively.

If you are unsure of what length you should buy, I recommend you opting for the 50ft long and 1.5” diameter one because the longer length makes the battle rope more fluid and versatile, and the 1.5” grip is the easiest to hold on to and use.

Also, you must take note that thick ropes are heavier than thinner ones, and longer battle rope provide more fluid motion than shorter ones. So if you are aiming for high intensity, cardio blasting workouts, I suggest you choose the 1.5” ropes. But if you want to gain muscles, I recommend the 2.0” for you.

These battle ropes come with an anchor kit. It also has a 10” inch extra long heat-shrink handle for improved grip and added protection to your hands. These ropes are affordable and have a year warranty which guarantees user satisfaction.

I like how these rope are durable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can also choose from either black or blue colors depending on your preference. However, you must not use them on rough floors as it can cause fraying.

They are also a little stiff when you first use them but will loosen over time.



#3 - POWER GUIDANCE Battle Ropes

It is a challenge for some to find the ideal length of battle rope that can provide them the benefits they are looking for. The POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope gives you options to choose its length from 30”, 40”, and 50” foot with 18”, 24”, and 30” pound weights respectively.

Aside from giving a full-body workout, these battle ropes can also help you increase your reaction time and metabolic rate—ideal for people who are losing weight!

One of its key features is that the longer the ropes, the heavier they become and the more challenging the workout will be. Shorter ropes may not be as fluid as longer ones, but they are suitable to use in smaller spaces. If you are new at rope training, I recommend you to use the 30ft one as it is a lot easier to hold and use.

Meanwhile, I recommend the longer ropes to athletes like me and pros who want to have an intermediate workout. There are also two thicknesses to choose from: the 1.5” diameter rope is for general fitness, but if you are searching for a tough grip workout, then opt for the 2.0”.

The POWER GUIDANCE has good quality heat-shrink ends that are ideal for training and improving grip and hand strength. The three-strand-thick battle ropes are all nylon sleeves covered to protect the rope from friction, making it durable and ensuring it will last many years.

These ropes are good for both indoors and outdoors, and guarantee you a long-lasting performance so you can focus more on your workout.

These battle ropes are made of 100% Dacron, so they are more durable yet heavier than Poly-Dacron ones. It also comes with an anchor upon your purchase. However, you must note that it is more expensive than other battle ropes in this list. So if you only have a specific budget for your training equipment, then this one is not for you.

However, if you want to invest in a battle rope that will give you a long time benefit, then I guess you should not hesitate in spending some bucks on this one.

I personally like the outer sleeve that comes upon purchasing the POWER GUIDANCE because it helps in extending the life of the battle ropes and preventing them from getting damaged over time.

The variety in length also makes these ropes suitable to be used by anyone regardless of age.



#4 - Pure Kore Battle Rope

Looking for ways to build muscle and burn fat at the same time? Look no further because the Pure Kore Battle Ropes is the one for you. These training rope are ideal for developing cardio and conditioning. Aside from exercising your whole body, these ropes will also help improve your coordination.

One of Kore Battle Rope’s unique features is the nylon covered ends capped in a durable composite coating that stops fraying. These ropes are ideal for people like me who have sweaty hands because its 10-inch heat shrink handles provide an easy grip and prevents the ropes from slipping off.

They are also made of 100% Poly-Dacron giving it a high tensile strength that prevents the ropes from breaking or fraying when used on rough surfaces. Aside from these, the Kore Battle Rope is perfect for outdoor training as it can withstand multiple impacts with the ground.

These 1.5” diameter ropes are 40ft long and come with two 2” X 16” nylon anchor straps with double sewn, strong 1500lbs nylon webbing, and one carabiner to ensure the safety of the anchor of the ropes. I think this bonus is a plus point as it helps you save some bucks in buying accessories.

It is also convenient because the high-grade anchor strap kit is easy to set up anywhere, so you can have more time spent on training than on setting up.

The Kore Battle Ropes are affordable and I recommend you to buy this if you are hesitant on spending money on costly ones for it promises the same total body workout as the others in this list at a reasonable price. I also like how the manufacturer is willing to give a full refund for unsatisfied customers, this ensures that the product is truly a high-quality one.



#5 - ZELUS Battle Rope - Pure Poly-Dacron Exercise Ropes

If you want to get an intense full-body workout while building muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning, you can never go wrong with the ZELUS Battle Rope Pure Poly-Dacron Exercise Ropes.

These 30ft Poly-Dacron ropes provide a dual-force dynamic effect to improve the physiological response of the body which will allow you to go intense while maintaining a solid grip at the same time.

These ropes have ergonomically designed handles and heat shrink that provide comfort and safety while maintaining its shape. They are also made of ultra-durable polyester that ensures sturdiness, which can guarantee you that the product will last for a long time. It also comes with an anchor strap kit which helps you save money on accessories.

Connecting the strap kit to a fixed or weighted point protects the battle ropes from getting frayed or scratched, extending its life.

This battle rope is also suitable for both professional and amateur gym enthusiasts because of their adjustable length and diameter, which gives you the freedom to adjust the exercise intensity based on your preference. The ropes are portable and easy to roll up too, so you can bring it with you in case you want to do an outdoor workout.

I personally like how these battle ropes are wear-resistant and deformation-proof, so you can guarantee its lifespan will last for years. It is also odorless and is made from environment-friendly materials, so you know the manufacturer is prioritizing the health and safety of their customers.



My Number One Pick


Key Considerations When Looking For A Battle Rope For Home Gyms

As with all gym equipment (And any purchases really) there are key nuances you should look out for when making a purchase. This will usually factor down to personal preference and intended use. The below guide hopes to help you with that decision.


This is the most important factor that you must consider. There are four material options that you may choose from when buying a battle rope: Poly-Dacron, High Tensile Polyester, Pure Dacron, and Manila.

I highly recommend choosing Poly-Dacron ones because it is made from polypropylene and Dacron. The Dacron provides strength in the outer braid, while the polypropylene ensures a lightweight core and additional strength. Another great benefit of this kind of battle rope is that the fibers do not shed.


As I have already mentioned, shorter ropes are not as fluid as longer ones but they are ideal to use in smaller spaces. Some brands of battle rope give their customers the option to choose between 30”, 40”, and 50” foot length.

I personally prefer using the 50ft one because it gives me a more fluid motion. However, you must note that the longer rope will not make your training intensity harder, it will only provide you with better undulation as compared to shorter ones.


You usually have two thickness options: the 1.5” or 2.0” diameter ones. Some brands sometimes have 2.5”. I would suggest for almost everyone to opt for the 1.5” rope because it is the easiest to use among the three regardless of your strength level. It can also provide you with some cardio blasting, high intensity, speedy workout.

Meanwhile, if building muscle is your priority, and you are aiming to perform an exercise that feels more like a bench press than wind sprints, I recommend you to choose the 2.0” diameter ropes. However, you must take note that these battle rope are a 35% larger than 1.5” ones, and require a larger hand and stronger grip to maintain control.

Frequently Asked Questions About Battle Ropes

Q: Is it really worth it to invest in a battle rope for my home gym?

A: Absolutely! Whether you are an athlete like me or just someone who is looking for a full-body workout, battle ropes are must-have equipment for your home gym. This is ideal in improving your reaction time and metabolic rate, aside from training your power and strength. It is also a good way of burning calories because by simply doing the exercise the right way, you will find yourself sweating within 25 seconds.

Q: Should I buy a battle rope sleeve?

A: Battle rope sleeves are used to protect the rope from scuffing or getting dirty. Personally, I think you should not waste your money in buying one because battle rope are meant to get dirty and scuffed because you use them on the floor. Instead, I suggest you choose a good rope that is durable so you can guarantee it will last for a long time.


Investing in the best battle rope for your home gym is essential, especially if you are aiming to have a full-body workout. However, you must first consider whether this type of exercise would really work for you. Battle rope training can be intense especially for beginners who do not know their capabilities and limitations, so choosing the best kind can be difficult.

Also, you must keep in mind how much you are willing to spend on your home gym equipment before buying one of these ropes. It would be helpful for you to look at reviews first to make sure the product is of good quality and will last a long time because it can help you save money.

If you’re serious about starting working out then check out my other reviews. I’ve done a review on workout shoes for women as well as the best mens working out shoes. If you have only just started and don’t have the right shoes for the job you’ll be surprised at how having the right pair can do wonders. Also, if you have a problem or phobia with calluses then you may want to consider using gloves when working out with the ropes.

I hope I have provided you with enough information about battle ropes through this article. Have fun looking for the best battle ropes! If you have any of your own suggestions – why not let all the readers know in the comments box below?


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