Top 8 Best Home Gyms 2023

Last Updated: January 24, 2022

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There’s nothing like the convenience of having your own gym at home. You lose all excuses not to go to the gym — the traffic, the hassle of the commute, and the desire to come straight home from work all goes out the window with the right home gym!

It can be quite daunting to find the right equipment, though. There are a lot of machines and home gyms out there that promise a full body workout in one machine.

If you’ve been researching a lot, you know how expensive these machines can be. Since this is definitely an investment that will affect your health and fitness in the long run, it is important that you get the best machine suited for you. We’ve reviewed the best all in one home gyms as rated by others for durability, purpose, exercise possibilities and more. Read on to find out.

Best All In One Home Gyms & Machines Compared and Reviewed

#1 - Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Time and time again, I’ve chosen this home gym as my favorite one. This time is no different.

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is a versatile machine that will let you do more than 25 exercises to give you a full-body workout.

As with most home gyms, it makes use of resistance weights, specifically their Power Rod resistance units. Unlike other home gyms that make use of weight stacks, this home gym uses rods that are flexible and will bend as you push or pull.

This mechanism makes it easier to keep the proper form because it gets rid of the inertia aspect. You know how, when you start getting tired while lifting free weights, you tend to jerk your arm for more momentum? This obviously takes the resistance off your intended muscle group, making it less effective. This home gym tries to help you get rid of that!

Its Power Rod Resistance goes up to 210 pounds, which is more than enough if you ask me. However, if you’re a powerlifter, higher models are upgradable to up to 410 pounds.

Its roller cushions will also make your leg extensions more comfortable for you. You can also make use of its aerobic rowing feature, which I really like because it gives you so many exercises to do in one machine! You can watch the rowing exercise here.

Additional features include a media rack for your tablets to watch as you work out. You can also easily fold this machine when you’re done!

If you want to check out how versatile this machine can be, check out their 20-minute Better Body Workout here:



#2 - Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym

Two is better than one, they say, and maybe that’s what the Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym is trying to embody with its two benches featuring 2 different functions, all in one machine.

Bodycraft boasts its patented dual-function pec deck. It provides two ways to do your flys: there are the traditional flys done by pressing the elbows against the pads, and there is also a movement similar to the dumbbell flys done by using the handles.

The initial position of the peck deck can be adjusted to fit the exercise you’re about to do. If you’re going for a butterfly, you’ll probably want to move the arms as close to you as possible for a full range of motion.

Those seats are adjustable, so you can definitely share them with the family or your roommate. It also has a low pulley station for other exercises such as your bicep curls.

It also has a bench press station that allows for a variety of exercises such as the bench press and shoulder press. You can adjust the press arm between 4 categories, from shoulder to row, depending on what exercise you’re going for.

It also has the option of a leg press for your lower body workouts. Other exercises you can do for the lower body are leg extensions and hamstring curls.

All in all, you’ll find that this home gym is durable and solid. Bodycraft is so confident in their machine that they will give you a lifetime warranty on all components. You’ll find that this is an expensive machine, though, but with all things mentioned, I believe this is a good investment.

Another thing you might find is that it is not designed well for taller people, so you might want to look for another home gym if this is the case for you. It also takes quite a lot of space compared to other machines out there.

I don’t quite understand why the 2 benches are needed since some other machines have only one bench and still contain almost all these features, but taking into consideration its lifetime warranty and good durability, it seems to be worth it.



#3 - Powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym

Another one of my favorite home gyms would be the Powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X. It is compact (at least, for a complete home gym) that includes weight stacks of up to 160 pounds.

I like how its handles are made: 3 differently angled handles for different purposes. For one, you’ll find that there is a handle in front and another mirroring it at the back. These handles are made for exercises with vertical grips, such as the vertical grip chest press.

The other handle that mirrors the front handle is made so you can face the machine and do a pulling exercise instead of a press, such as a mid row.

The third handle you’ll find is one that is horizontally aligned. This is for exercise with wider grips that will focus on your chest or your pecs, such as the chest press. It can also help you get those shoulders burning with a standing shoulder press.

It also includes a lat bar that extends to up to 48 inches, accommodating the wide grips of people of different sizes. With a low row bar also included, this home gym proves to give you a full-body workout.

Afraid this machine won’t keep up with the intensity? I don’t think you should worry too much with its 11-gauge mainframe construction, meaning its steel is thick and therefore durable!

The only thing I see lacking is the variety of leg exercises. You can do leg extensions with this, but that’s pretty much it. Although this particular model does not include a leg press, other models, such as the BSG10LPX, have this for some extra bucks.

To see more of this home gym’s features in action, you can watch the video below:



#4 - Total Gym XLS

You’re getting something way different with the Total Gym XLS home gym. Not only are you getting a complete workout with way smaller equipment, but you’ll also have a glide board in place of a bench.

It’s quite amusing to watch this machine in action, but it does give you a lot of simple, no-fuss exercises that you would normally do on a larger machine.

Why not buy a bigger machine with more weight stacks and cables, then? Well, this machine gets rid of the bulk of having to assemble a weight stack and a cable pulley system before you can use it. No assembly required.

Instead, this machine lets you use a percentage of your own body weight by sitting on the glide board. As you push or pull the resistance cables, the board glides up, and you’ll essentially be pulling yourself up!

If your body weight is not that much of a challenge anymore, then you can simply insert a weight bar and add some plates. If you don’t have a bar, though, you can always adjust the incline to make your exercises harder.

All of the resistance exercises that you would typically see on a full home gym machine can be done here. There are, however, limited leg exercises that you can do with the resistance cables, much more limited than the bigger home gym machines.

Total Gym can accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight. It’s also foldable, and really, all you’ll need to do once you get this machine is to unfold it and you’re good to go. It’s a really great break from all the assembly disasters out there.



#5 - Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym

Let’s get back to our typical home gym set up! The Marcy brand comes up again in this list with another great home gym, MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym.

Like that of a typical home gym, you’ll find a dual-function press arm for your butterflies and your presses, a lat bar, and a roller pad for your leg exercises. An ankle strap is also included for more leg development.

The lat bar can be attached at the top for your pull-downs, and at the bottom for your curls. You can also place a preacher curl pad, which supports your chest as you do your hammer and bicep curls. This is a great way to maintain proper form and prevent back strain.

The weight stacks go up to 150 pounds, which, for a basic home gym and someone with a good fitness level, will most probably be enough for you. If you’re starting to lose sight of what exercises you can do, don’t worry! It comes with a workout chart that can easily guide you in the right direction.

It’s also quite easy to change the weight stack with a pin system, although I must admit, other home gyms have developed better methods. All in all, this is a simple home gym with all the basics.

These are all great things, but as with any home gym, it comes with its limitations. You won’t get as wide a range of motion as you might with other home gyms. The lack of a mid cable pulley makes it so you have limited exercises to do.

The assembly is also quite difficult, according to some users. Their manufacturer does respond, though, directing users to contact their customer service.



#6 - Body by Jake Tower Door Gym

Let’s take a break from all the typical home gyms with another compact home gym system. This is probably the most intrigued I’ve been with a home gym, and that’s because it’s designed to be a gym by your door!

Instead of a weight stack, you’re going to get a full set of resistance power cords that are up to 200 pounds. The advantage of having resistance cords as your added weight instead of free weights is that the impact to your joints is definitely much less.

You’ll also find that having resistance cords will get rid of that sudden jerk you have to do to lift up your free weights that usually happens when you start to get tired. This maintains proper form and technique.

The great thing about this door gym is that, after sliding it into any door you chose, you have a variety of exercises that you can do from top to bottom. Because of this, you are able to get a full body workout.

If you want to isolate certain muscle groups, you can easily do that with these cables and the ankle straps it provides. It’s also a steel frame, making it quite durable. You also have limited lifetime warranty, which is practically a guarantee that you’re getting a great product.



#7 - Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym

The Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S is another home gym I like because of its compactness. Don’t let its size fool you, though; it can give you a lot of exercises in this relatively small machine!

It has 210 pounds of iron weight in increments of 10 pounds, meaning you can adjust slowly but surely as you progress with your fitness. It is made of 12-gauge steel, meaning it has a durable and sturdy feel to it, too, along with its heavy-duty construction. That is, if you actually finish assembling this home gym. Several users have reported that the instructions for the assembly are outdated!

Once you finally get it assembled, though, you’ll find a variety of exercises to choose from.

It has two benches with two stations: one for your presses and another for your cable pulleys, similar to the Bodycraft Galena Pro. Speaking of cable pulleys, it has high, mid, and low pulleys for different exercises.

You’ll also get an ab or triceps strap to make your ab crunches and tricep extensions a bit more intense.

It has the option for the leg press, though without it you can do quite a bit for your lower body. There’s the leg curl, the leg extension, and the leg abduction from low pulley, among others.

No cable changes are necessary to go from one station to the next, which I feel is super convenient. The manufacturer also gives you a lifetime warranty.



#8 - Gold's Gym GGSY29013 XRS 55 Home Gym System

A home gym system made by an actual gym doesn’t sound too bad. It might not be my top choice, but it has all you need for a relatively low price!

My favorite feature of a home gym is when it successfully makes one feature have two functions. This makes everything compact and effective! That’s why I really like how its press station is also a fly station, where you can do several exercises in one place.

It also has a leg developer, and I must admit this machine gives you very limited lower body exercises! Other home gyms do have more variety there, but you can always replace those lower body exercises for running (my personal favorite!).

You also get a lat bar that you can attach both on the upper part and at the bottom. The upper can be for your pulls (like your shoulder pulls). The bottom will be great for curls!

Speaking of curls, this home gym comes with a preacher pad that can help you focus on your arms as you do your curls. This will keep your form proper, preventing injuries to your back.

I really also like the vinyl seats (which are adjustable by the way), although I’m not quite sure they’ll be the most durable seats. You do, however, get up to 125 pounds of vinyl weight stack.



My Number One Pick

After researching in-depth the features, history of the company and purpose of these all in one home gyms I found that the Bowflex comes out on top. The reason why is it gives you more than 25 exercises, meaning you can get a full body workout. Mix that with a cardio regime and you’ll surely become The Ultimate Primate!

What To Look Out For When Buying An All-in-One Home Gym

Buying any all in one home gyms will definitely get a great amount of money out of your wallet. That’s why it’s extremely important that you make your purchase count!

It’s disheartening to go out and buy heavy equipment that falls apart once you actually start using it, so you have to really do your research and make sure the machine matches your preferences.

Hopefully the buyers guide we’ve prepared below will gear you towards finding the best home gym setup for yourself.

Types of All In One Home Gyms

There are many types of all in one home gyms, but the home gyms in this list can be broken down into three categories. Figuring out the type of home gym you want is important, especially if you already prefer certain types of exercises.

Certain types of home gyms are also more versatile than others. Some home gyms are able to provide you with a variety of exercises, while others limit you quite a bit! Let’s figure out which machines are best for you.

Smith Machines

If you’re into using free weights but want a little support, the Smith machine is the way to go.

A Smith machine allows you to move a barbell vertically in a more stable manner. It assists you throughout the movement so that you lessen the risk of injury!

One thing fitness enthusiasts might say about a Smith machine is that it can prevent you from getting further into your weightlifting journey. When you get used to that little assistance, you might not learn to be stable with free weights on your own.

I like to think of a Smith machine as a gateway weightlifting tool. It will definitely help you get into that weightlifting routine, but I’d actually suggest that you eventually get the feel of a barbell without the extra support. This will force you to learn to stabilize yourself!

For more advanced athletes, though, this is also actually quite helpful. The Smith machine will be helpful in maintaining your strength on days you can’t go to the gym.

Smith machines are usually integrated into the home gym (called Smith cage) instead of being on its own. The ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith Cage is an affordable Smith cage that incorporates other types of equipment.

Weight Stacks

I would argue that home gyms with weight stacks are the most common type of home gym out there. It’s usually very compact and will give you a variety of upper body exercises, as well as a limited number of lower body exercises.

It usually comes with a fly/press station in one, along with a leg developer. They’ll also give you a lat bar, which you can usually hook at the top for your pulls and at the bottom for your curls.

These machines usually go up to 150 pounds, although this is only your base level home gym. Other home gyms will go up to 200 pounds!

The Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym, one of my top picks, gives you several exercises in one. You can easily adjust the bars to change it from presses to rows!

One of the disadvantages of having weight stacks as your home gym is you usually can’t add more weights without disassembling the whole machine. 150 pounds is a good amount already, though!

Resistance Cords

This is probably my favorite of all three types of home gyms mentioned here. Resistance cords or cables are very versatile, in that it can be incorporated into almost any exercise you might like.

Resistance cords don’t usually weigh up to a super high amount, although some resistance cables can be incorporated into machines with weight stacks (usually called a cable pulley system).

Remarkably, though, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym can go up to 210 pounds, and even up to 410 pounds when you upgrade to other models.

Resistance cables provide a variety of exercises for upper and lower body exercises. Look out for the ankle straps that some manufacturers will include; this will help incorporate lower body exercises into your routine for a truly full body workout!

Resistance cables also lessen the risk of injury that you get from free weights because it prevents that inertia. It also helps you keep your proper form.

Exercise Performance

One thing you have to keep in mind as you’re buying a home gym and machine is what kind of exercises you like.

It is assumed here that you’re probably going to be into weightlifting or resistance training. Of course, weightlifting exercises will prefer the Smith machine and the weight stack type of home gym.

Those who prefer free weights will tend to go for the Smith machine. Those who really like resistance training will like machines with resistance cables.

Fitness Level

You’re going to want to reflect on your fitness level as you choose your home gym. This is especially important while choosing how much weight you’re going to need.

The Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym goes up to 210 pounds, which can probably accommodate your fitness needs! You can go up or down in increments of 10, which is great for gradually progressing.

If you’re a beginner, I would suggest you go for machines with mainly resistance cords or cables, such as the Total Gym XLS. They are usually compact and easy to use, so you won’t shock your body too much.


Storage is important for a home gym! You want something compact but effective.

The Body by Jake Tower Door Gym is definitely your most compact option in the list, right after the foldable Total Body XLS. This is because this door gym can easily come and go out of your door. Because it’s so sleek and thin, you can just set it aside on the wall for later.

Warranty And Customer Service

It might be an afterthought to some, but the warranty and customer service that the manufacturer provides really does point to the quality of their products.

Look for home gyms and machines that have a good amount of warranty to ensure you that they actually built their products to last. The Powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym has 10 years of warranty for you.


One might argue that the best all in one home gym is one that is versatile. It’s great to find a machine that has all your favorite equipment in one!

Frequently Asked Questions About All In One Home Gyms & Machines

Q: Should I get a gym membership or build a home gym?

A: You’re really going to have to reflect on your preferences to answer this question. A gym membership will, arguably, keep you motivated to go to the gym (especially since you’re paying). You’re also most likely going to see some people there and gain some good gym buddies, which will keep you accountable.

On the other hand, a home gym will get rid of the inconvenience of having to commute or travel to the gym. You also will have fewer excuses. A question you might ask yourself is: am I motivated by social accountability or am I able to be accountable by myself? There is no right answer, and none of these choices are necessarily bad. It’s just a matter of making a strategy around your personality!

Q: What are the advantages of resistance cords and weight stacks?

A: Resistance cords are going to give you a smoother resistance training experience, especially since you’re getting rid of that inertia that you get from free weights. They are also very versatile. Weight stacks, on the other hand, will keep you stable and positioned in great form. The fly/press station will also help you focus on your muscles more intensely than when you use free weights.

Q: What is the best home gym or machine for weight loss?

A: No one machine can promise to give you the best results! Weight loss comes from your fitness journey and the exercises that you do, so make sure your exercises are of quality. Think of your home gyms as a tool for you to get to your fitness journey. They are great to have, but they won’t be the solution to all your problems! Work hard and exercise well, and weight loss will come as a side effect to your wonderful new lifestyle.


Your fitness is at stake here. Buying an all in one home gym can be daunting, but if you keep at it, you’re going to love it in the long run. Don’t be afraid to shell out some money. You’re investing in your fitness and health!

Since you’re out to build your own home gym, check out these essentials you may need to make it better. We’ve also done a review on some of the best home gym equipment for weight loss, check it out! If strength is your game, check these joe weider home gyms. And just for kicks and giggles, we even did a review on some of the best protein shakers for post-workout! Check it out!

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