Best Heavy Bag Gloves For Boxing Training – 2023 Review

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

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I’m one to try and discover new ways to move around. Repetitive and routine exercises can get boring really quickly, so finding new workouts can revitalize your love for fitness.

Boxing can be one way to find your drive to workout more! However, getting into a new hobby can require a lot of preparation, like buying new gear and equipment. This can all get very intimidating really quickly. That’s where I started researching about it — very confused and very intimidated, but also excited.

While researching, I found that there’s a bunch of stuff to think about while buying heavy bag gloves, which are essentially boxing gloves that you use when you train with heavy bags, speed bags, and mitts.

You can find a buying guide as you scroll further into this article, which I tried to make as simple as possible to make it all less intimidating! Anywho, here are the best heavy bag gloves I found out on the market as rated by others.

Best Heavy Bag Gloves For Boxing Compared and Reviewed

#1 - Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

The Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves look and feel premium quality. Layers and layers of foam help to cushion the impact of your fists hitting your opponent (or a punching bag)!

Its core was apparently developed in collaboration with top universities, which is quite a guarantee for its quality and comfort.

They boast their T3 design, which you see in the 3 strips of leather exterior sewn together, almost acting like a spring that would absorb the shock.

The wrist support is also great with the lace-up closure and foam, making sure the glove is secure but comfortable. This is really important; you want to protect your wrist from the heavy hits you’ll be giving your opponent.

If you’ve been in the ring for a while or other mixed martial arts, you know the struggle of you heavily sweating and no one there to wipe your face off (except, sometimes, your coach).

Hayabusa tried to solve this problem by giving you a soft material on your thumb to wipe your sweat away with. This shows how much Hayabusa tries to innovate its products to make them optimal for any boxer.

I’m also a huge fan of their black and gold design, making them look more premium than ever. It does not, however, have any mesh design to give more ventilation for your hand. Still, great choice!



#2 - Everlast Heavy Bag Gloves

We can’t talk about boxing and the equipment you need without talking about Everlast. If you’ve been boxing in a while or practicing some of these other arts, Everlast might be one of the brands you see around the most.

That’s because they are able to bring good quality gloves and equipment at a relatively lower price. Their heavy bag gloves are especially great for your regular training!

They show their dedication to making training enjoyable and optimal for you with their design. For example, their Evercool technology, which is basically a mesh design near your palms, makes for added ventilation while throwing your punches.

Layers and layers of foam are also able to absorb the impact of your hits with their closed cell foam technology. It’s firm but has enough flexibility on the inside for your fingers to be able to move.

The straps are also quite wide to protect your wrists from impact. Everlast recommends that you use these gloves for both heavy bag training and mitt work.

You get a 120-day warranty, so if anything happens in that time, you’ll be able to repair or replace your defective products.

These are, however, more fit for beginners. If you box regularly and are starting to compete, you might want to look for another pair.



#3 - Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing

One of the more popular options because of its relatively low price and high quality, the Sanabul boxing gloves will give you the best bang for your buck in my opinion.

Its foam is infused with gel to give you more elasticity and shock absorption every time you punch. This prevents injury and also makes your boxing gloves more comfortable, especially in the interior.

It is bent so it naturally guides your hand to a proper fist form for hitting. In fact, they pride themselves on creating a pair of boxing gloves that you could cross-train with. They even list that these gloves can function with punch mitts, shin guards, as MMA gloves, and with headgear.

You also don’t want sweaty palms, so Sanabul added mesh to the palm area for more ventilation. This can also easily dry your sweat. The thick straps by your wrist also have a hook and loop closure.

Users have had mixed experiences with this. Some absolutely love these gloves, but some say it’s okay. Even users who ordered twice have felt differently about their two pairs. This tells me it’s a manufacturing inconsistency, so be careful.



#4 - Hawk Sports HWK Boxing Gloves

Another one of the brands popular in sports is Hawk. With their HWK boxing gloves, you see how much gear can be innovated and developed to make your sports experience more optimal.

The feature I really like the most is how the gloves are gel injected and multi-layered, making this pair great at absorbing the shock of your punches.

They call it their Supremo-Shock Foam, which is placed on the knuckles for extra protection. A padded block of foam is also added by the wrist for more protection, showing that Hawk gives extra attention to your joints.

With all this foam, though, your hand is bound to get a bit sweaty. Hawk tries to solve that with their anti-perspiration holes spread throughout your palms and thumbs. This also prevents odor build-up.

Its hook and loop velcro makes it easy to strap on your boxing gloves. Its durability is also reinforced with its double stitches.

There are issues with durability according to some users. You do, however, get 1-year warranty.



#5 - Liberlupus Boxing Gloves

Another relatively inexpensive option is these boxing gloves by Liberlupus. Its premium look really draws me to these gloves, but it’s so much more than how it looks.

It gives you three foam layers that will protect your fist from the impact of your hits. It also gives you a lot more elasticity, which helps your fist bounce off your opponent quickly.

Like the typical boxing glove, its wrist strap is quite thick which provides some wrist protection, something you need especially with that much shock that your body is getting. It has a hook & loop closure, making it easier to strap fists in.

Its faux microfiber leather is such a sleek and fancy look on boxing gloves. It’s easy to clean and resistant to cracks and tears.

I also like the hole by the bottom of your palm, as it provides a little bit of ventilation, drying your palm sweat relatively quickly.

Some users are not a fan of the fit of these gloves, though. Some claim that it doesn’t provide any proper padding and is too tight.



My Number One Pick

What To Consider When Buying Heavy Bag Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag Training

Buying heavy bag gloves isn’t supposed to be that hard, but when you’re only starting out in the sport, it might be a bit intimidating.

What exactly is a bag glove in the first place? What size glove do you need? And are bag gloves the right choice for you? Let’s try to answer all these questions below!

Types of Gloves

There are different types of gloves out there, and although I kept heavy bag gloves in mind while researching this list, you might find that you actually need other kinds of gloves.

Although most beginners and casual boxers might have one pair of gloves for different occasions, it doesn’t hurt to know what gloves are best for your lifestyle.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are our main product for this list! They are used mainly for training with bags, obviously, such as heavy bags, speed bags, and even mitt training.

The difference between bag gloves and typical boxing gloves is that you might want to expect less padding in the knuckles on your bag gloves. This is especially great for beginners because less padding means you’ll feel the impact of your punches.

Feeling this impact is important at first so that you can train yourself with correct technique. With less padding, you’ll feel it whenever your punch is off or in the wrong form, so you can easily correct yourself.

Sparring Gloves

If you also usually do a lot of sparring, these gloves are the right option for you. It’s quite often heavier because of the added padding. This protects your knuckles and your coach or opponent!

Training Gloves

Training gloves are more general gloves, so expect an okay amount of padding. It won’t be as specialized as bag gloves, which are particularly made for you to feel the impact of your knuckles hitting the bag.

These can be used in a more general sense — sparring, bag work, mitt training, and the like will be suitable for these gloves.

How To Choose The Glove Size For You

Boxing glove sizes are quite confusing, especially at first. When I first tried out boxing, I found myself not being able to eyeball what the right size is for me.

You’ll find that boxing gloves are sized by ounces. Typically, like how boxing matches are set up, your weight matches you to the right sized gloves.

However, for beginners, you typically want a more padded glove to help you get accustomed to the impact of your fist hitting a surface. This means that you will be starting out with a heavier glove.

The sizes you will be choosing from are typically 6 oz, 8 oz 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz and 20 oz.


Different functions and training call for different sizes of boxing gloves.

If you’re sparring, we already know that you want a more padded glove to protect both your knuckles and your sparring partner. This might range from gloves weighing 12 ounces to 20 ounces.

Because this has more padding and is heavier, expect that you won’t be as speedy or quick than when you do have lighter gloves. Instead, you will find that your strength is going to be developed with these gloves.

If, however, you’re training more with heavy bags, you’re mostly focusing on your technique and form. This is why you probably want something with less padding, and therefore lighter. 10 ounces is the typical size for this.

Body Weight

Using your body weight to choose the right glove size for you is probably the most typical one out there, and one that takes into account both your training and your weight class.

Hand Circumference

Another way to check your glove size is to measure your hand circumference. Simply measure using a fabric tape the widest part of the palm of your dominant hand (don’t include your thumb!) without any wrap.

Hand Circumference - Glove Weight

Boxing Glove Closure

Another thing you want to know about is what boxing glove closures are out there. This is what you typically see by the wrists, and is basically how you close the straps that protect your wrists.

There are typically two types of closures: lace and velcro.

Lace up closure makes it more personalized to your wrist size. This is because you can adjust the fit of these straps more aptly to your wrists. It also provides more wrist support.

This is, however, not as practical as velcro. You definitely cannot do this on your own; you need your trainer to tie this up for you. You’ll see lace up closures in professional boxing gloves.

Velcro closure, or hook and loop closure, is typically easier because all you have to do is stick the strap to your wrist. This, however, creates limited tightness. I always find that, with velcro closures, the wrist is quite loose, which is something you want to avoid.


Boxing gloves are made of primarily two types of materials: leather and vinyl.

Leather boxing gloves are typically more expensive, but that’s because they’re more durable. They are also a lot more breathable than vinyl.

If you plan to box regularly, you might want to consider investing in leather boxing gloves even with the higher price point. However, if you’re only starting out and don’t know if you’ll be doing this in the long-term, consider buying vinyl boxing gloves.

Vinyl boxing gloves are cheaper. They are better for beginners. It’s also less breathable, making it quite uncomfortable and sweaty especially if you’re training for hours on end.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Heavy Bag Gloves

Q: How do I know that I have the perfect fit for my gloves if I’m buying them online?

You have to check out if the websites have a size chart specifically for the glove that you are trying to purchase. While some claim their sizes are standard, it is still safe to have actual measurements. Regarding how well gloves fit, you can read more about it through product reviews.

Q: Which is better: lace-up gloves or velcro gloves?

That depends. While laced up gloves provide that snugness and security that most are looking for, they are just too tedious to put on and off. You’ll need an extra pair of hands just to get it on. On the other hand, velcro gloves are convenient but don’t provide a similar fit that lace-up one does.


Although all the intensity around boxing and boxing gloves can be quite intimidating, once you are able to narrow it down to what your preferences are and what you really need as a boxer, you’ll find that it’s actually quite enjoyable.

Make sure to do your own research. It’s always important to keep in mind your own lifestyle and needs so you can make the most practical and suitable choices for you.

Although there are a lot of cheap brands out there, it’s always good to seek out high quality gloves more than cheaper ones. These will typically last you longer and will provide good warranty. And hey, if you don’t already have one – check out our reviews on the best punching bags available for homes and apartments.

Read the reviews and check out your brand new gloves in person. I hope I could help you out! Happy boxing!


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