Where to Get Fitted for Running Shoes When Starting Out

Last Updated: May 29, 2022

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Running is a highly strenuous and repetitive activity, which puts a lot of strain on your feet. Running shoes help mitigate these stresses, but if you don’t have the right fit, this can contribute to the problem rather than aid it.

Thus, having the right fit is critical for wearing running shoes.

If you want to feel the most benefits from wearing running shoes, you need to know exactly where you can get fitted for your running shoes.

The Best Places for Fitting Running Shoes 

Having the right fit for your running shoes is crucial if you want to make the most out of it, but it’s generally not the best to estimate your fit by yourself. Thus, you need to go to the places with the right expertise to outfit you with the best running shoes for your need.

There are several ways that you can fit your running shoes. This section will discuss where you can get fitted for running shoes with the best results.

Your Local Running Store Is A Great Start

The best place to get fitted for running shoes is your local running store. These might be standalone small boutiques or shops in malls, but what matters is they specialize in selling running shoes.

You might be tempted to go to a brand store, which you can conveniently find at every mall.

However, while those do sell running shoes and even have some expertise in the matter, your options will only be limited to the models that the brand is selling.

Going to a general running store is better: you have options from different models of different brands, and the store assistants are generally savvier about running. They might even have running professionals and equipment that can observe you while you demo your run on-site for the best fit.

If you’re a beginner runner with plenty of options in your area, reading online reviews will do you well before patronizing a store.

Good running shoes will generally cost you hundreds of dollars, but badly-chosen running shoes will cost you hundreds of dollars plus the inconvenience and even pain of wearing them for every run.

Thus, you need to choose a local running store that cares about its customers and has the expertise to back it up. If you have several in your area, go online and read reviews, or reach out to fellow runners and get recommendations.

Orthopedic clinics

Orthopedic doctors are the best choice for those with preexisting foot conditions or injuries.

While expert local running stores can help the regular runner, they generally can’t help those already suffering from conditions. If you’re one of these individuals, you need the specialized, professional care that orthopedic doctors can give you.

Your feet are delicate parts of your body – yet they are crucial for your movement. Those who suffer from movement pains will have experienced a significant reduction in quality of life.

Thus, they can’t afford just to get fitted anywhere. Their feet have specific needs that can be only be addressed with expert care.

Orthopedic clinics will usually prescribe you medical-grade running shoes or inserts that specifically address your diagnosis. It might be more expensive than just buying running shoes straight out of the store, but an orthopedic clinic is the best choice if you don’t want your pains to worsen over time.


Going to a physical location is the best way to get your feet fitted for running shoes. However, this isn’t possible for everyone because of the onset of the pandemic and the new challenges it presents.

Even if the virus isn’t as much of a problem in your area anymore, there are situations when the shoes you’re looking for aren’t available anywhere near you.

In this case, you’ll need to fit your shoes yourself with help from an online guide.

This is the most unreliable fitting for your shoes, but it’s convenient. By following online guides such as RoadRunnerSports, you can take specific measurements of your feet and submit your data. They will then match it with their online database to match you with the perfect shoe brand and size.

How Should Your Running Shoes Fit?

Now that you know where to go to have the right fit for shoes letting the shoe technicians take care of everything isn’t the best way to buy the shoes for you. If you don’t know how your running shoes should fit, you won’t have any references, and you can still end up with ill-fitting shoes.

You need to keep in mind three areas of your foot when looking for the perfect running shoes: the toes, midfoot, and heel. Here’s how each room should feel.

  • Toe fit. Your toes shouldn’t fit snugly in all the space available on the toe area of your shoe. Keep it spacious enough to let your toes expand as you run, which means a thumb’s width from the tip of your toes to the end of the shoe.
  • Midfoot fit. The midfoot area shouldn’t feel too tight, but the shoes should still fit nicely around the area. If you can, take a short walk around the room. Your midfoot shouldn’t move around inside, but it shouldn’t feel constricted either.
  • Heel fit. Lastly, your heel should be firmly cupped with the heel portion of the shoe. Ensure that your heels don’t move around while you walk and that no part of the heel cup digs into your ankle.

Whether buying shoes online or in person, ensure that you know your seller’s return policies before buying in case it doesn’t work out.

Running shoes tend to be expensive, and you don’t want to be stuck with a costly shoe that hurts you whenever you wear it when you can return and exchange it for better-fitting shoes.

Getting a Great Running Shoe Fit

Well-fitting running shoes are essential if you want to run at your best. If your running shoes don’t fit, every step you make is likely to be inconvenient – not to mention painful.

Thus, you should know the best places where you can fit for running shoes. If you want the best fit possible, you can go to local shoe stores and orthopedic doctors or fit your shoes by following online guides.

Whatever method you decide you try, all you have to ensure is that your foot is supported correctly and that you don’t feel pain when you use them.

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