Best Hoka One One Running Shoes Compared And Reviewed

Last Updated: June 11, 2022

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Hoka One One have only been founded quite recently in 2009 but when people mention Brooks, Mizuno, Saucony and other running shoe brands its clear that it also has its own place up to the top

Hoka One One running shoes focus on providing a lightweight ride whilst maintaining maximum cushioning, something that is revolutionary when it comes to running shoes. Most of us have come to realize that that cushioning means weight, well not with Hoka shoes. They also tend to have a wider toe box which gives more comfort on your strides.

Here we’ve compared and reviewed some of the most popular running shoes created by Hoka as preferred by other runners through countless positive reviews online. We’ve compared them and provided nuances you should look out for. Check it out.

Best Hoka One One Running Shoes Compared and Reviewed

Best Cushioning
Hoka Bondi 7
Hoka Bondi 7
Most Lightweight
Hoka Clifton 7
Hoka Clifton 7
Best Support
Hoka Elevon 2
Hoka Elevon 2
Best Stability
Hoka Arahi 5
Hoka Arahi 5
For Heel Strikers
Hoka Carbon X 2
Hoka Carbon X 2

1. Hoka Bondi 7

Reasons to buy

  • Extreme comfort
  • Designed with paddings that offer great support
  • Excellent technology on the upper for breathability

Reasons to avoid

Hoka’s Bondi 7 is branded to be one of their best pairs of running shoes due to its maximized cushioning to offer runners an ulta-plush ride.

For runners who run long distances and seek out a pair that will offer them extreme comfort on the go, this product will surely be a great buy for them. Introducing Bondi 7 with a wide selection of sizes and color variation, it will surely fit well within the wardrobe of any runner. 

This product has the features of 4mm heel-to-toe drop, a footwear height that reaches the ankle, a lace-up footwear closure, an upper made with mesh, an EVA midsole, a rubber outsole, and sizes available for men and women.

Hoka One One Bondi 7 Unboxed

The star of the show for the Bondi 7 is the EVA midsole and everything inside the shoe. The heel area of the shoes has a memory foam collar that enables great fit and a perfect heel lock for any wearer.

It also features a maximum amount of cushion and padding for a total lockdown of the heel, midfoot and forefoot. For long-distance runners who look for extreme comfort, the Bondi 7 will be a great pair for their feet particularly for those who run on roads and well-kept trails. 

However, some runners and reviewers have taken note of the changes in the feel of the midsoles that seems to vary depending on the type of weather.

Some runners who ran in a cold climate have claimed that the midsoles tend to feel a bit firmer due to the lower temperature and others who ran in a warmer climate have claimed that the shoes felt softer and plusher.

Runners should also look for other shoes if they are seeking for a pair that would help them with their pace and speed since the Bondi 7 offers comfort more than the former.

The Bondi 7 also features a new and improved constructed open-engineered upper mesh TPU strips overlay that gives runners support and breathability on their run.

Reviewers also noted that the Bondi 7 offers more breathability than its predecessor which is the Bondi 6. Aside from the heel collar padding, it also has extra padding on the tongue to give protection on the feet against pressure from the shoelaces. 

Due to the generous amount of padding, it is advisable for forefoot runners to purchase against the Bondi 7 since they might not appreciate its weight on the road. Customers should also take note of the thin but still noticeable reflective strips of this product for a safer night run.

2. Hoka Clifton 7

Key Features

  • Engineered sandwich mesh
  • Plush collar
  • Fully compressed EVA midsoles
  • Meta-Rocker technology

Reasons to buy

  • Lighter than Clifton 6
  • Great for daily runs
  • Ideal for soft rides
  • True to its size

Reasons to avoid

  • Not for runners who suffer overpronation
  • Not designed for speed

For runners who look for the best pair of shoes that will offer them comfort and support in their run, Hoka’s Clifton 7 will be a great buy for them. Runners have lauded the lightweight Clifton 7 for all the support it provides runners with its new and improved features. 

These running shoes have a 5mm heel-to-toe drop, a footwear height that reaches the ankles, a lace-up footwear closure, a mesh upper, an EVA midsole, and a rubber outsole. Available in different color combinations and has sizes for men and women.

Many runners and reviewers have claimed that the Clifton 7 is a very comfortable pair of shoes that hugs your feet on each step of the run. This product features an open-engineered sandwich mesh for breathability and lighter weight. Compared against the Clifton 6, the Clifton 7 now has 3D bands instead of heavy overlays for added support. 

Hoka One One Clifton 7 Unboxed

It also now has a gusseted tongue to aid in the perfect lockdown of the feet and a wider shoe base for stability.

The midsole for Clifton 7 has the classic fully compressed EVA for comfortability and the same Meta-Rocker technology from the Clifton 6. Some of the buyers of this shoe have complemented its softness and how greatly it absorbs the shock of their every stride. 

However, one thing that runners have noticed is the missing hook tab on the Clifton 7 but took note of its “elf curl” feature on the Achilles heel that helps with the chafing and easier slipping off shoes. It has been also praised due to its legit sizing and provides enough toe room to hold the feet steady.

The outsoles for the Clifton 7 are made with rubber to yield complete ground contact. The rubber lugs have enough distance from each other and are placed over the foam pods that yield outstanding grip without any feeling of stiffness. 

The Hoka Clifton 7 will be the perfect buy for light to moderate daily runs. However, for runners looking for a pair that would help them with speed, this product might not be for them. Also, runners should take note that the Clifton 7 might not fare well with anyone who experiences overpronation.

3. Hoka Elevon 2

Key Features

  • Lightweight engineered mesh
  • PROFLY EVA midsoles
  • Active Foot Frame
  • Lacing system with wings

Reasons to buy

  • Plush feel
  • Lighter than Elevon 1
  • Improved upper
  • Provides excellent support

Reasons to avoid

  • Some might find the upper too constricting
  • Dirt could easily get stuck into the outsole

The Hoka One One Elevon 2 is a daily running shoe that offers the best support on the midfoot and forefoot.  For runners looking for a pair that would help them recover from a hard workout or long runs, this product would be perfect for them.

It features a 5mm heel-to-toe drop, a footwear height reaching the ankles, a lace-up footwear closure, an upper made with textile material, a midsole made with PROFLY EVA, and a rubber outsole. 

Runners can avail of this product with different color combinations and sizes that fit both men and women.

The Elevon 2 prides itself on its new and improved features from its first version. This plush and lightweight running shoe is great for neutral runners.

The upper is designed with a lightweight engineered mesh for better breathability and an asymmetrical tongue for enhanced security of the feet. In comparison to its predecessor, the Elevon 2 now has wings on its lacing system and a split feature on its tongue for great lockdown. 

Hoka One One Elevon 2 Unboxed

However, some customers have noted that the combination of the two resulted in exerting more effort on slipping on the shoes. The midsole of the Elevon 2 has its classic Active Foot Frame wherein when runners wear it, their feet would be resting within the midsole instead of being on top. 

The top layer of the midsole is built with PROFLY and an EVA layer below for added responsiveness. The midsole also was built with a reduced Meta-Rocker that runners have a mixed reaction for. This feature helps to keep runners going on their run but others find it a problem once they slow down on their pace and start to feel it on their calves.

The outsole for Hoka’s Elevon 2 has been built to have more durability than the Elevon 1 due to the crystal rubber outsole design. However, some customers noted how dirt could easily go through the flex grooves of the shoes, which has also been noticed on its predecessor.

The Hoka Elevon 2 is proven to have great performance on running on hills but it might not perform as well when utilized on loose surfaces like gravel.

4. Hoka Arahi 5

Reasons to buy

  • Offers great stability
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Added responsiveness

Reasons to avoid

  • Long and stretchy laces
  • Not for neutral runners

The Arahi 5 is titled to be the top pair of shoes that offer the most stability without sacrificing comfort among the Hoka running shoe line. This plush pair has new and improved features including a 5mm heel-to-toe drop, an ankle-tall footwear height, a lace-up closure, a mesh upper, a midsole made from EVA, and a rubber outsole. 

Runners can obtain the Arahi 5 with different color variations and sizes available for both men and women.

The Arahi 5 has an improved welded layers and stripped-down engineered mesh upper that provides breathability for the wearer. The mesh also runs from the heel to the midfoot and an open mesh on the forefoot. It has long and stretchy laces that some runners find it bothersome to tuck in because of the lack of lace pockets. 

The Arahi 5 also features an extended heel for a stabilized feel on slow runs. The design of the midsole for these running shoes has been incorporated with EVA J-Frames for added stability and firmness on the heel. The good shock absorption the Arahi 5 provides is due to the unique feature of differing densities of the midsole. 

It also has an Ortholite insole for extra softness. It might not be as soft as the Clifton shoes but it still has that plush and comforting feeling. The outsole has been tested to provide an ample amount of grip on concrete and asphalt surfaces. The Arahi 5 also now has a more textured tread pattern to have better traction on wet surfaces than its past versions.

Runners have taken note of Arahi 5’s added responsiveness but with a lesser weight, which is a plus for most. In comparison to the superb softness and cushioning of the Clifton line, the Arahi 5 still has the classic Hoka softness to it, only now added with a bit of stiffness on the midsole for good stability on the run. 

Buyers should also take into consideration that the Arahi 5 is not suitable for neutral runners and for anyone looking for a pair of running shoes that would help them with their pace and speed.

5. Hoka Carbon X 2

Key Features

  • Engineered mesh upper
  • Reflective panel
  • Soft EVA midsoles

Reasons to buy

  • Best for speed runs
  • Less stiff
  • Good and consistent lockdown of the feet
  • Reflective panel on the tongue

Reasons to avoid

  • Traction struggle on wet and damp surface
  • Rubberized foam outsole can easily wear down

For runners waiting for the new and improved fastest pair of running shoes from Hoka, the Carbon X 2 has been released earlier this year with enhanced features from its first version. The Carbon X 2 is designed for runners who seek a pair to aid in their speed particularly with long-distance runs. 

With features including a 5mm heel-to-toe drop, an engineered upper mesh, an EVA midsole, and an EVA rubber outsole. Runners can get a pair with different color variations and sizes.

The enhanced Hoka Carbon X 2 is now designed to be appropriately worn by heel strikers as opposed to its predecessor. This product now has a protruding heel that helps absorb shock to provide stability for heel strikers. The engineered mesh uppers are thick and layered in order to keep the feet secured. 

The tongue has a thin EVA sheet for padding and also has a substantial size reflective panel for a safer run at night or in low lit areas. The Carbon X 2 also highlights its soft Achilles collar that keeps chafing at bay. For the midsole, this product has a carbon fiber plate inside the regular EVA foam that aids in the stability of the shoes. 

Runners have taken note of its noticeable firmness and wideness due to the ample amount of cushioning in the midsole. The fit of the Carbon X 2 is narrow and long with a roomy toe box that offers support upon running on uphill and downhill slopes. 

The outsole of this product is a rubberized foam with a flat profile that has a great grip on dry roads or terrains but might not be advisable on wet, slushy, or damp surfaces. Some customers also took notice of the fast wear downs on the outsoles compared to other shoes with full rubber outsoles.

The Hoka Carbon X 2 has proved to be less stiff than its predecessor with an excellent lockdown on the entirety of the run due to its non-stretch upper. However, the non-stretch material might be a problem for runners with wide feet and might find this constricting.

This product might not be as lightweight as other models in the Hoka running shoe line, but some customers have lauded the support and comfort it gives on their routine run.

6. Hoka Rincon 2

Key Features

  • Engineered mesh
  • Meta-Rocker technology
  • Full compression EVA

Reasons to buy

  • Upper provides solid lockdown on the feet
  • No loosening of the laces
  • Soft and springy midsole
  • Good for its price

Reasons to avoid

  • Less durable outsole
  • Not for heavy pronators

Influenced by the name of the famous surf spot located in Southern California, the Hoka Rincon 2 that only has minor upgrades from its first version was released last August of the year 2020. 

Hoka has been known to provide running shoes that offer excellent comfort and cushioning, with that said, this product features a 5mm heel-to-toe drop, a lace-up closure, a mesh upper, a midsole made with EVA, and a rubber outsole. This product is available with many color variations and different sizes appropriate for men and women.

The upper for the Rincon 2 has an engineered mesh with a classic fabric and a few side overlays. Some customers have found this feature to be a bit problematic during the summer since it does not offer much breathability in hot weather, however, it provides warmth for runners who run in a colder climate. 

It also has a narrow toe-box and extra-long laces that aids in the solid lockdown of the feet without loosening in the middle of the run. The midsole has a full compression EVA that is soft and springy which makes the Rincon 2 running shoes great for running a few miles and even in marathons. Some reviewers also described the midsole as thick and responsive but not bulky for it to be heavy. 

It also features the Meta-Rocker technology which is a design that helps in propelling the runners in a forward motion. The Rincon 2 has an outsole built with a modest amount of rubber, which might be for a lighter weight, that is good enough for gripping on wet surfaces. However, a reviewer from RunRepeat has noticed that the outsoles wear out fast and easily due to the fair amount of rubber on them.

The Hoka Rincon 2 is the best pair of running shoes for runners looking for a pair that is best for easy, fast, and long runs with an attractive price range. It is a max cushioned daily running shoe that could offer runners comfort and help with their speed and at the same time very legitimate and true to its sizing. However, for runners who are heavy pronators, this product will not be the best buy for them.

7. Hoka Gaviota 3

Key Features

  • Meta-Rocker technology
  • J-Frames structure
  • H-Frame upper/lacing system

Reasons to buy

  • Generous padding and cushioning
  • Excellent durability
  • Best for runners with wide feet
  • Super plush

Reasons to avoid

  • Stiffens on cold temperatures
  • Some might find it too heavy
  • Not soft and bouncy

The Gaviota 3 is claimed by many to be Hoka’s best-cushioned pair of running shoes. For heavy runners that seek a stable pair of shoes that is both plush and heavily cushioned, the Gaviota 3 would be the perfect pair for them. 

With features such as a 5 mm drop, a footwear height that reaches the ankles, a mesh upper, a midsole made with foam, and a rubber outsole. Customers can avail of this product with different sizes for men and women and varying color combinations.

The Gaviota 3 is a stability shoe designed for overpronators and heavy runners. The upper is built with two thick layers of fabric that offer warmth to any wearer. Although, some runners advised that due to its thick upper, this might only be great in moderate weather conditions because of the medium breathability it offers. It also features an H-frame upper and lacing system, including a gusseted tongue. 

Customers have mixed feelings about this feature, for others, the lacing design is a great help for a solid lockdown, while others find it annoying to put up with. The Gaviota 3 is built with plenty of foam to offer comfort for runners particularly for long-distance runs.

The midsole highlights the Meta-Rocker technology that aids runners into toe-off. Along with this, it also grants runners a mix of responsiveness and balance on the field. The outsole is made with rubber profiled with segmented pods that add durability and offer great traction in different surface conditions.

This product has been received greatly by a lot of runners, however, there are still some notable features that they advised for improvement.

Due to the amount of padding and cushioning, the Gaviota 3 has been proven to be a heavy pair of shoes so it might not be a great purchase for anyone looking for a lightweight pair. Runners should also take note that the product has been tested to stiffen up when cold by a reviewer from RunRepeat.

#1 Choice – Editor’s Pick:

Hoka One One Bondi 7 Running Shoes

  • The Hoka Bondi 7 has been a staple show from Hoka One One since the beginning so it is no surprise that it tops the list as the best all rounder. It runs a bit narrow and the cushioning may not be enough for everyone though. It is designed for long distances, and one could say that it is quite similar to the Glycerin’s from the Brooks range.

How To Choose The Best Hoka One One Running Shoes

Choosing the right pair of running shoes could be tricky especially for entry-level runners and beginners.

Someone may declare a certain pair as the best pair of running shoes and it might not be the same case for others. In this article, runners can help themselves choose the best pair for them using the questions below:

What kind of surfaces do you mostly run on?

For runners who run mostly on paved surfaces, a pair of running shoes with more cushioning would be best for them. The generous amount of cushioning could greatly absorb shock and keep them from having any injury, such as the Bondi’s or Carbon X 2.

On the other hand, runners who usually take on muddy and damp terrains, a pair of running shoes that has deep treads on its outsoles will have the best grip on those surfaces and even on tricky terrains.

How far do you run?

Runners should find a pair of running shoes with more cushioning if they run long distances, like the Rincon’s.

On the other hand, for runners who prefer to run shorter distances, a flexible running shoe that offers great support will be their best buy, like the Clifton’s.

What is your foot type?

For runners with a low arch, runners should pick a pair of running shoes that offer the most stability, such as the Arahi’s. For normal arch runners, they are very lucky since any type of running shoe is great for their type.

Lastly, for runners with a high arch, it is best advised for them to choose a well-cushioned pair of running shoes like the Gaviota’s.

What is the result of your gait analysis?

For runners who experience severe overpronation, they should consider choosing a pair that offers the most stability to aid with their heel strikes. On the other hand, neutral runners and underpronators should pick up a pair of running shoes with neutral cushioning as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EVA?

EVA is an acronym for ‘ethylene vinyl acetate, which is an elastomeric polymer that is manipulated to produce rubber-like materials such as the EVA soles. This was first utilized in a rubber shoe by Brooks back in 1975 using a polymer with tiny air bubbles inside the foam that resulted in a light cushion material. When compared to rubber, EVA has proved to be greatly lighter than rubber soles.

How to combat consistent discomfort in the heels when wearing a pair of running shoes?

If runners experience persistent discomfort in the heels, it is best advised for them to seek medical assistance to know if they have plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a condition behind consistent heel pain once the plantar fascia, which is the thick band of tissue across the bottom of the foot, gets inflamed.

This condition could be made worse by overpronation. For runners who suffer from this, it is best advised for them to do some rehabilitation and choose a pair of running shoes that would offer them the best support for their condition.

Are lightweight shoes better than the ones that offer more stability?

Each pair of running shoes has its pros and cons. It varies on the type of shoes and where they are best suited for. Lightweight shoes are suited better for runners who do not experience overpronation, which is the inward rolling of the foot once it lands on the ground. Runners who do experience this, on the other hand, should opt to buy a pair of running shoes that offer stability features to counter this experience. 

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