Best Brooks Running Shoes 2023

Last Updated: January 5, 2023

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It’s of little doubt that Brooks is one of the most prominent running shoes brands in the world.

From the Ghost, to the Hyperion, their line of shoes are suitable for any style runner. Whether you want to go fast, or need support, cushion or stability there will usually be an option available for you with Brooks running shoes.

We’ve taken a dig at reviewing the best Brooks running shoes available today as rated by other runners and through our own personal running tests that we’ve done as its not uncommon for every runner to own a pair of Brooks running shoes, I’ll even bet on that.

Best Brooks Running Shoes Compared and Reviewed

Best For Racing
Brooks Hyperion Elite 2
Brooks Hyperion Elite 2
Best For Speed
Brooks Hyperion Tempo
Brooks Hyperion Tempo
Light Cushioning
Brooks Catamount
Brooks Catamount
Best All Rounder
Brooks Ghost 14
Brooks Ghost 14
Low Heel Drop
Brooks Revel 5
Brooks Revel 5

1. Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

Key Features

  • DNA Flash
  • Rapid Roll technology
  • Carbon-plated midsoles

Reasons to buy

  • Right mix of stiffness and bounce
  • Great for long distance runs
  • Bouncy and responsive

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive
  • Heavier than other running shoes
  • Bad traction on wet surfaces

Calling all the seasoned and newbie road racers, the Hyperion Elite 2 might be your next great purchase. Runners have claimed that this product is a great racing flat that is light but also stiff and bouncy at the same time. 

The Hyperion Elite 2 features an ultralight cushioning in the midsole that is infused with nitrogen called DNA Flash. This material is responsible for the durability of the shoes enabling it to last a 200-400 mile run. 

These Brooks running shoes also boasted its ability to save the runner some energy. By combining the powers of their broad midsole and unique carbon fiber propulsion plate, it lets the runner control their motion which results in efficient energy saving. This product also features a Rapid Roll technology that sets the runner up in an effortless forwarding motion.

Designed for marathons and long-distance runs, this expensive pair of running shoes enables runners to have a stable and rapid movement due to the wide platform and carbon-plated midsole. 

Many customers have also lauded its ability to be bouncy, responsive and true to its Rapid Roll technology effect that gives runners an instant forward motion. However, some reviewers have also noted the excess stiffness they experienced because of the carbon-plated midsoles. It also proved to be not that springy  and it could be heavier than most running shoes.

The Hyperion Elite 2 revealed itself to have a very reliable grip on dry surfaces but not advisable to use on wet and slippery terrains. Customers have also taken note of the noticeable weight of the Hyperion Elite which is heavier than most running shoes, weighing 216 grams. The lacing system of this product is not excellent but also not that bad since it still serves its one purpose of contributing to having that great fit on the foot.

2. Brooks Hyperion Tempo

Key Features

  • DNA Flash Foam
  • Padded collar
  • Heel support
  • Stretch-woven upper

Reasons to buy

  • True to its pitch
  • Reliable on speed runs
  • Lightweight 
  • No heel slippage
  • Different color variations to choose from

Reasons to avoid

  • Lengthy lace

For runners looking for a pair of shoes that would help them run fast and improve speed, the Hyperion Tempo would be the best fit for them. Featuring the nitrogen infused DNA Flash foam that is made from ultra-lightweight materials for incredible comfort. 

Additionally, this product has soft cushioning that helps reduce the impact on the daily runs. The upper is stretch-woven that allows breathability and flexibility to the foot. Available in eight different color variations to fit into any athlete’s wardrobe.

The upper of the Hyperion Tempo offers lightness and security. It also provides runners with great lockdown and superb breathability due to the mesh and holes on the upper. This product gives security in the midfoot as well while running. However, some runners hope to have the lace shortened since it is too lengthy for some. 

The materials used to create the midsoles resulted in the shoes having a light, firm and responsive feel. The Hyperion Tempo feels a bit stiff but not overpowering to the extent that it actually helps energy return. The outsoles are built to have a minimalist outer-layered rubber to give lighter weight and enhance speed, which is the main goal of the product. The aesthetic design is simple yet the shoes are very powerful.

The combination of the lightweight upper, heel lockdown and moderate toe box results in a perfectly snug fit to any runner. Many runners claimed that the Hyperion Tempo has both the adequate firmness and the comfort they are looking for in a pair of running shoes. 

Even with the lightness of the product, the Hyperion Tempo does not fail on its grip performance. This running shoe was designed to be versatile in any season with the right amount of insulation in its mesh. The runners also lauded the ability of this product to be flexible in both fast and relaxed runs.

3. Brooks Catamount

Key Features

  • DNA Flash midsole
  • Drainage slits
  • Ballistic rock shield
  • TPU mud guard
  • TrailTrack rubber

Reasons to buy

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent protection on the foot
  • Multi-terrain grip
  • Best in most off-road running

Reasons to avoid

  • Lugs might not be reliable on deep mud

A pair of Brooks Catamount for runners looking for the fastest and lightweight trail shoe that could offer them comfort and support on their runs, could be the best bet. Many runners have been witness to its outstanding performance in racing, training and even in ultramarathons. 

Features include maximum cushioning, a 6mm heel-to-toe drop, a footwear height that reaches the ankle, a lace-up footwear closure, an upper made with mesh, synthetic lining, EVA midsole and a rubber outsole. The Catamount is available in four different color variations.

Some customers have taken note of the sizing issue for the Catamount. It might be a bit large and lengthy to some because of the extra width, but others do not really mind it. It is advisable to downsize when trying out a pair of Catamount and measure the width to the runner’s comfort. 

Nevertheless, this product has a nice contour and quickly follows the shape of the feet of any wearer. The simplistic design of the upper blends well with the lacing system. The upper has an almost see-through design that helps with the breathability of the shoes. 

The Catamount’s midsole could be its greatest asset due to the DNA Flash material built in it. This top of the notch midsole offers a great amount of cushioning that does not compromise the guaranteed lightweight of the shoes. For protection, the Catamount has a rock plate outsole that shields the feet from the various kinds of surfaces runners encounter on their routine runs.

As mentioned, the outsole is rock-plated and has multi-directional 3.5mm lugs all over its sole. The Catamount’s outsole is aggressive enough to be completely reliable on any surface. Runners will feel confident and comfortable with using a pair of Catamount because of the extra traction provided by the TrailTrack sticky rubber outsole. Additionally, this product has the updated Ballistic Rock Shield that offers extra protection for the feet without the feeling of stiffness. 

This product also has the TPU mud guard that shields the runner’s feet from any trail debris they step on. It also features drainage slits in order to free the shoes from water and dry the feet quickly. And of course, the suede internal reinforcement is built in the Catamount that contributes to achieve that snug fit and keep the feet locked down.

4. Brooks Ghost 14

Key Features

  • 100% DNA Loft cushion
  • 3D Fit Print
  • Segmented crash pads

Reasons to buy

  • True to its size
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sufficient padding
  • Flexibility

Reasons to avoid

  • Not advisable to use on heavy dirted terrains
  • Not suitable for gnarly trails

One of the fastest running shoes with 100% DNA Loft cushioning from Brooks is the Ghost 14 released last July of this year. Along with segmented crash pads, the Ghost 14 has one of the best heel-to-toe transitions. 

With features including a 12mm heel-to-toe drop, a footwear height that reaches the ankles, a lace-up footwear closure, synthetic lining, a midsole made from EVA and an outsole rubber. Available in different sizes and color variations for both men and women.

The main headline for the Ghost 14 has prided itself on the 100% DNA Loft midsole cushioning that offers runners the comfort and protection with its softer underfoot. Runners will never go wrong in using the Ghost 14 for their long runs due to its massive amount of midsole and it gives unfailing stability on the road. 

Even when runners choose to have an easy and relaxed run, this pair could still offer them the same amount of comfort, protection and durability on their run. The Ghost 14 has just the right amount of padding to give it a snug fit on the foot. 

Name anything, be it on the pavement, a treadmill or trails with mild dirt around it,the Ghost 14 will never fail to give its utmost performance. Runners who need consistency and comfort will never go wrong in choosing this pair of running shoes.

Many customers have also noticed that the Ghost 14 is really true to its size, so it is great to know there is minimal sizing issue arising from this product. Others have also lauded how this product can accommodate and hug nearly any foot size. The Ghost 14 really lived up to its motto of being built for comfort.

5. Brooks Revel 5

Key Features

  • HPR green rubber outsole
  • BioMoGo DNA cushioning
  • Fit Knit stretchy upper material

Reasons to buy

  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Has a heel loop
  • Good grip on dry surfaces

Reasons to avoid

  • Others might mind the open toe box
  • Not as stiff as other running shoes

If you’re looking for a bang for a buck pair of running shoes that does not compromise its performance on its value, Brooks’ Revel 5 would be the perfect bargain buy. Priced only at most a hundred bucks, these pairs would be worth every penny. 

The Revel 5 has the features of 8mm heel-to-toe drop, a footwear height reaching the ankles, a lace-up footwear closure, an upper and lining made with synthetic, an EVA midsole and an outsole made of rubber. Available in men’s and women’s sizes with different color variations to choose from.

This affordable pair of running shoes might surprise runners with its very unexpected performance. It might be a low-end type of runner, but it surely competes well or even better with other pairs of running shoes. Brooks has prided the Revel 5 from the biodegradable materials integrated in the shoes. The upper has a Fit Knit construction which is made from recycled fabric. This material is stretchy and accommodating enough for most runners. This product also offers great comfort from its open and wider toe box. 

Due to the material of the mesh, it also provides excellent breathability for the feet. The midsole has the unique feature of BioMoGo DNA cushioning which is made from biodegradable materials that offers runners that soft cushioned feel every step of their run. It also gives a quick and light bounciness. 

Brooks also claimed that their BioMoGo DNA cushion is 50x faster than the standard EVA that customers have lauded for its appropriate feel; not too soft and not too hard. On the other hand, the outsoles have an almost full coverage of HPR green rubber, which is also made from recycled materials. 

When utilised on the daily run, the Revel 5 proves to have a quiet and smooth ride that also gives that instant bounce on the road. The outsole and midsole work together to act as a spring on each step.

All in all, the Revel 5 has proved itself to be very reliable, accommodating and flexible even with a cheaper price than other well performing running shoes. Surprisingly enough, runners have experienced a smooth run from this product. 

Due to its lightweight and sleek design, the Revel 5 could be used on your routine run. Although, this might not be the pair for anyone looking for extravagant running shoes that they could show off to other people, but for runners who look for a great bargain that will give them a promising performance on the road, the Revel 5 should be your next purchase.   

6. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Key Features

  • GuideRails support system
  • Mesh upper
  • 3D Fit Print
  • DNA Loft cushion

Reasons to buy

  • Great lockdown
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Stability
  • Comfortable to wear on runs
  • Long life-span of the shoes

Reasons to avoid

  • Others might mind the tall heel-to-toe drop

The Adrenaline GTS 21 is the type of running shoe that could offer runners a longer life-span without having to sacrifice its performance. Released just late of last year 2020, these shoes will deliver its promise of excellent support and comfort to anyone who wears it. 

The features include a 12mm heel-to-toe drop, a footwear height that reaches the ankles, a lace-up footwear closure, a mesh upper, a synthetic lining, an EVA midsole and a rubber outsole. A pair of Adrenaline GTS 21 could be bought with men’s and women’s sizes with an array of varied colors to choose from.

The enhanced support that is offered from this shoe promises an excellent running experience. Featuring a soft platform that provides daily support on routinary runs, this pair is also a good buy for anyone who suffers from overpronation.The upper is made with a breathable mesh upper that flexes very nicely on the run. 

The 3D Fit Print greatly helps secure the midfoot and provide strategic support. It also features a pair of stretchy laces that helps with the lockdown of the foot. The midsole is designed with DNA Loft for a nice and soft feel that is great for daily running. Another great thing about this product is the improved ankle collar that causes no heel slippage.

Brooks has boasted a great feature of the Adrenaline GTS 21 which is the unnoticeable but very helpful Guide Rails support system by letting runners have a control over their movements. Aside from that, the featured support system for the Adrenaline GTS 21 cradles the feet of the runners while running, giving them the right amount of support on their trip. This product also features a gusseted tongue that contributes to the complete lockdown of the shoes. However, some runners have taken note of the uncommonly tall heel-to-toe drop and the loose gusseted tongue.

7.  Brooks Glycerin 19

Key Features

  • DNA Loft cushioning and midsole
  • Ortholite sockliners
  • 3D Fit print

Reasons to buy

  • Generous padding
  • Great support
  • Excellent lockdown of the foot
  • Proven durability and comfortability

Reasons to avoid

  • Might be too warm to use on summer
  • Can be unresponsive

The Brooks Glycerin 19 is the type of running shoe for an everyday run. This product is worth a try for runners that look for a pair that has proven its comfort and durability. The Glycerin 19 is another bang for a buck pair of shoes that is good for daily running with its unique features and ample cushioning. 

This features a 10mm heel-to-toe drop, a footwear height that reaches the ankles, a lace-up footwear closure, a synthetic mesh upper, a synthetic textile lining, an EVA midsole and a rubber outsole. Anyone can buy this product in men’s and women’s sizes with different color variations to choose from.

The Glycerin 19 is the newest enhancement to the Brooks’ Glycerin line. These runners have a flexible mesh upper and interior lines for a snug fit. Added to this is the 3D fit print construction that gives the shoes the perfect structure. The upper is also designed to have a generous amount of padding for extra comfort. 

The insides of the shoes have an ample room for the foot but it does not mean it compromises that snug fit. It also features a stretchy forefoot and toe box to give the feet a bit of room to move around. The Glycerin 19 is also built with a mesh that runs from the front of the heel up to the toe which helps with the breathability and lockdown of the feet. 

Additionally, it also presents a gusseted tongue made from a stretchy nylon polyester material which has also been added some padding, and along with the ankle collar, provides excellent comfort and feel of softness.

The midsole for the Glycerin 19 is made with DNA Loft that offers a nice and soft feel for the runners which sits steadily on top of the platform under the forefoot. The full rubber outsole for these running shoes provides durability and gives the product a great grip on dry surfaces, especially on asphalt. 

Although, some runners have raised their concerns with the shoes having a bit of unresponsiveness and it could be irritating to use on hot summer days due to its thick upper and padding.

How to Choose the Best Brooks Running Shoes

Picking up a pair of running shoes is all about the runners’ preferences and individual needs depending on their foot type. Lets get on to the details on choosing the best pair of Brooks running shoes for you:

Terrain type

Generally speaking, some runners run on different unpredictable terrains, but there are also others who run the same terrain for their routine run. It is wise to choose the best pair of running shoes based on the runner’s frequent terrain route. 

For runners who like to run on the road or on asphalt, lightweight runners with a very responsive cushioning system are great for them to choose, such as the Brooks Glycerin. 

On the other hand, runners who love to take their daily journey on tricky and rocky terrains, it is advisable for them to purchase a pair of shoes like the Catamount that has a high durability and is built to shield the feet against damaging debris on the trails.


For anyone who does not know, Brooks has categorized their shoes based on their comfort and how good they feel when worn. For runners who are very meticulous about the level of comfort they get from a pair of running shoes, Brooks has the great offers to give them. 

Runners who love to purchase plush and generously cushioned shoes, should look for the Brooks running shoes under the Cushion collection which has the design of excellent impact absorption and steady push-off. Brooks’ line of Energize shoes are great for runners who look for a springy toe-off and returns the energy they put on each step. 

Lastly, some runners feel the most comfortable when their shoes help them with their space, and Brooks has the Speed shoes line that provides runners that extra support with their speed.

Runner Type

There are two types of runners depending on their preferred motion pattern while they run. First, neutral runners run with their consistent preferred motion. One way to know if someone is a neutral runner is when the wear patterns on their shoes are consistent, meaning their weight is spread evenly throughout each step. 

Neutral runners who love to run on asphalt, road or pavement are best suited for the Revel, Glycerin and Ghost shoes lines from Brooks. Secondly, support runners are the type of runners who experience too much joint movement when they run and have excessive wear on the insides of their shoes due to the lateral movement when they run. 

Brooks running shoes have developed the GuideRails system in order to support this problem for support runners. For support runners, it is advisable for them to purchase a pair of running shoes that features extra support such as the Adrenaline GTS.

Heel-to-Toe Drop

This running shoe feature is not much of a problem for entry level runners but for advanced and more seasoned ones, this is a very important attribute to catch on. It refers to the height difference between the heel and the ball of the foot. 

For new runners, a great go-to starting heel-to-toe drop should be 10mm. But for other runners who are cautious about it, they should take into consideration the different heel-to-toe drops because this affects the physical state of the runner.

Zero or lower drop shoes help greatly with midfoot and forefoot strike, while shoes with higher heel-to-toe drops aid with the rearfoot strike due to the elevated heel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know the appropriate pair of running shoes to buy?

In order for runners to know the best and appropriate running shoes for them to buy is to research. Although, they will be needing one key information from their routinary runs; the type of trails or terrains they usually encounter or take on. 

Take this up the net and great results will flood your screen. Brooks has been a renowned company that creates products for the sports industry, particularly running shoes. Different running shoes have different types of trails appropriate for them to be utilised in. 

Runners should allot some time to research on which is the best pair on the market in order to improve their running experience with the best pair of running shoes.

How long do running shoes usually last?

Believe it or not, a number of runners are unaware that their favorite go-to running shoes have exceeded their life-span. It might be shrugged off as a bit of a scratch here and there but these minor damages could indicate that it is time to throw out the pair and purchase a new one. 

Generally speaking, a pair of running shoes should be replaced after being used to run 300 to 500 miles which might equal three to six months of running. 

Some physical indications that could mean that the running shoes are already worn out could be worn out treads, wrinkled midsoles or the pair is noticeably beaten up. However, the best indication that could mean you should replace your running shoes is when the pair is not performing as well as it used to be.

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