Best Womens Workout Shorts As A Gift “For Her” Reviewed

Last Updated: August 15, 2021

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With the wife’s birthday around the corner, I’ve been trying to think of a gift that I can give to her. I don’t mean exchanging boxes of chocolates or roses that most lovers everywhere would do. Because my wife and I— we’re a little different.

By different, I mean what’s meaningful to us would be something that adds value to our health, simply because this is very important to us both. Not to say that roses and chocolates aren’t meaningful, it just isn’t our typical “thing”.

I decided to go the safe and simple route: I’ll be giving her workout clothes, specifically, shorts that she can wear while she does yoga or running. She’s into a little bit of everything so it has to be a bit versatile.

So in this article, I’ll let you in on the best women’s workout shorts that I’ve researched and perhaps, persuade you to buy a gift for your special someone in the realms of fitness. Because why not grow old and be fit together, right? Or if you’re a woman, maybe you can get yourself a pair, too.

Best Womens Workout Shorts Compared & Reviewed

#1 - BALEAF Women's High Waist Compression Shorts

‘Cult-like following’ wouldn’t be enough to describe the popularity of Baleaf’s High Waist Compression shorts. 

Despite its growth now, Baleaf came from humble beginnings, with a group of fitness enthusiasts who are looking to create stylish yet functional pieces to help people get in the best shape.

This is a pair that every girl seems to love. It has a wide range of color options from the basics black, white and gray, to the more adventurous coral, pinks, and blues. Buyers rave about the length of this pair, bringing back that biker shorts era.

Baleaf is also made from breathable material that wouldn’t leave you feeling sweaty or sticky after an intense workout. It is made from very thick material that doesn’t thin out to be see-through when you bend or stretch.

Another crowd-favorite feature is the tummy control top. While most reviews say that it helps them hide the muffin top when they have had too much to eat on certain days, I think the true value of tummy control tops is to remind you to engage your core. This helps maximize your workout be it running, skipping or weightlifting. I can only wish men’s shorts had that variation too.

This pair provides ultimate comfort: it doesn’t roll up like regular shorts do when you workout. The 8-inch variant also prevents the rubbing of your thighs. Lastly, the most favorite and talked about feature is the spacious side pockets that can fit the latest iPhone and Galaxy comfortably.



#2 - THE GYM PEOPLE High Waist Yoga Shorts

The GYM People takes pride in bringing over 28 years of experience in the fitness industry. They are a team made up of fitness experts, gym owners, sports science professionals and personal trainers. Besides manufacturing apparel and equipment, they strive to create functional and stylish fitness spaces.

Their high-waist yoga shorts are a testament to their commitment to quality being one of the most bought pieces in Amazon today. The quality is often compared to higher and more premium apparel brands like Lululemon that have a price range that is 3 times more of Gym People’s.

The yoga shorts are made from polyamide and spandex fabric blend. Polyamide is a synthetic fiber that is highly durable and abrasion-resistant. This material is also designed to wick off moisture away from the body.

On the other hand, spandex is lightweight, and is best known for its elasticity. This should tell you of the comfort this pair would bring. Spandex is also known to be durable.

Whether you’re working out or just lounging around the house, you should feel comfortable moving around this piece. Like the BALEAF, it has a high-waisted tummy control design that everyone seems to love. Buyers also rave about wide and deep side pockets that are useful for carrying items like keys or phones.

It comes in different colors and carries sizes up to 3XL.



#3 - Cadmus Women's High Waist Stretch Workout Shorts

While there isn’t any information about the manufacturer of the Cadmus shorts, based on the reviews, this is a noteworthy contender as well.

Often raved about as the best shorts for weightlifting, users think that this pair is made for squatting and deadlifting. You’ll be expecting breathability and comfort as this is made of a blend of polyester, mesh and spandex. Durability is no question and the material is quick-drying, perfect for longer hours in the gym.

This also has a compression fit; I prefer this feature on some of my workout clothes, and with the many reviews I’ve read up on this, this is a great add-on, as it brings a nice detail when you’re reaching that state of fatigue.

Each purchase comes with 3 different shorts; I’m not so sure if you can choose the color of each but that’s a great deal already. Buyers also expected it to be a little short for their liking, but were pleasantly surprised when it covered most of their thighs, giving a more secure fit as they moved around.

These are also high-waisted, which seems to be a favorite feature on shorts nowadays. Some went as far to say that these felt like silk when they put it on.



#4 - Under Armour Women's Fly By Running Shorts

A modern-day sports apparel, Under Armour started with the ambition of the former special teams captain of the University of Maryland’s football team. Born out of a grandmother’s garage, the brand was established in 1996, when they started selling apparel from the trunk of their car. In the same year, they moved to their headquarters in Tide Point.

The Fly By’s promises to combine style, comfort and performance in the most natural way possible. These come in various prints and styles that will surely have you buying more than one pair.

Running shorts are often seen as a bit bulky and least flattering for women. The fit is off-putting especially if you like clingier fabrics. However, with the fun and stylish offerings of various prints and colors, I think most buyers let this slide.

One of the things that Under Armour boasts is the breathability of their fabrics, and that’s what you’re usually paying for when you buy from them. Add to that the wider and more comfortable fit on the leg holes. The mesh side channels just add to that overall feeling of lightness and breathability when you wear this product.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Under Armour item if it isn’t moisture-repellant. UA’s signature and tested Moisture Transport System is weaved into the material and doesn’t disappoint as most buyers say.

Another thing that is loved by users is how UA offers more size ranges for them to choose from. This goes to show how the brand seeks to accommodate all kinds of bodies— for a price, of course.



#5 - Hanes Women's Jersey Short

Hanes isn’t a brand that’s often associated with women’s apparel, but they’re also known to produce high quality women’s shorts. Hanes Her Way was established 85 years after the original “Gentlemen for Hanes” was founded. This was the brands’ direction to reach a wider market and start making products for women.

Hanes is tantamount to comfort and it shows in their women’s jersey short. The material is mostly cotton providing that level of comfort that spandex and polyamide won’t. It also means that the short is lightweight. Some rave that they can use this short in going to sleep.

These have big and deep front pockets for keeping things like a phone. It’s been stitched very well to ensure that it won’t tear regardless of what you put in.

The shorts come in 4 different colors, so it’s easier to pick and choose versus those that have a wider variety. It also has a drawstring so you can adjust it to your level of comfort. The length will go down to your mid thighs which some like while others found too long.

Some users found this product to be a bit too loose for their liking saying it hinders them from executing some movements as they need to either pull the fabric up or move it sideways.



My Number One Pick

As one of the best sellers on Amazon as well as gaining a bit of a cult-following and providing the people that wear with a fashion statement I think that the BALEAF compression shorts come out on top. The wife thinks they are very comfortable as well and allow for the most flexibility and movement.

Different Types Of Shorts And Their Functions

Shorts seem simple enough. You wear them at home, outside, or even when you’re at the beach. However, since the 1960’s and as sports changed greatly over the years, so did sports apparel.

Initially, shorts were designed to emphasize the buttocks and legs of women. It was a very popular fashion item then. There were short-shorts, hotpants, culottes, and skorts. Skorts were your regular shorts but had an extra fabric that made them look like skirts at the front.

On the other hand, cargo shorts were baggier, and are usually in the color brown, green or camouflage. Recently, boy shorts are also becoming popular: these are tight fitting shorts that extend from the navel to the crotch area that is usually worn outdoors or on the beach.

While these are mostly casual wear, workout clothes have also evolved and revamped over the years. Here are some of the different types:

Athletic Shorts

These are your traditional gym shorts and training shorts. Originally, these were more loose-fitting and are usually made from nylon in order to build a structure on and cotton to incorporate breathability.

Bun huggers are considered a type of athletic shorts that are more form-fitting and usually used by volleyball players. These are made from a mix of nylon and spandex. These are tight-fit and shorter than the usual to give the wearer more freedom and more range of motion.

Biking and Running Shorts

While these two have different fits and functions, these are usually made from the same material: tight-fitting lycra and spandex. These usually help prevent chafing and burns from your thighs’ skin rubbing against each other. Ideally, these should have aerodynamic properties that should enhance the runner/biker’s performance.

Walking Shorts

These are simply your casual shorts and are used for style, more than anything else.

Swim shorts and Trunks

More often used by men, swim trunks are made of nylon or an equivalent material that is expected to be quick-drying and shape-retaining.

Bermuda Shorts

All the way from 1914, the Bermuda shorts were used by the military and was considered as acceptable business attire for men. The hem is specifically at 1 inch above the knee.

These became popular sportswear come the 1920’s because of its association to leisure and tropical climates.

What To Consider When Buying Womens Workout Shorts

It is a fact that the clothes you wear during your workout will make a difference in how you’ll feel before, during and after the exercise. Below are some of the key considerations you can make when looking out for the best shorts for working out.

Check if you have allergies

Before anything else, check whether you are allergic to any fabric. According to, symptoms of fabric allergy include allergic contact dermatitis. This may come in the form of redness, itching, irritation of the skin, chest tightness, and burning of the eyes.

While I can’t tell you exactly how you’ll find out if you’re allergic to any kind of fabric, you’d probably have an idea since you may have reacted to some fabrics in the past. I recommend getting yourself checked just to make sure you know specifically what kind of fabric you are reacting to.

Consider breathable fabrics

Speaking of fabrics, when you’re working out, you are expected to sweat a lot. Veer away from clothing made from any kind of rubber, leather or any plastic-based materials. This will prevent moisture and heat in your body from evaporating and may even cause you to have a heat stroke.

Moisture-wicking is your friend

Fabrics that are made from materials like polypropylene are your number one choice to help sweat to evaporate quickly. These kinds of fabrics allow moisture-transfer and don’t sit on your skin or clothes long enough to soak it.

Get your fit right

The right measurement of your workout clothes will help prevent injury and won’t restrict you from executing your workout. 

In choosing the best fit for you consider the following tips:

  • Generally, for cross training, you can wear clothes that aren’t form-fitting and a little loose. However, if you’re biking or running, make sure you wear tight-fit clothes as loose clothes may get tangled in the pedals.
  • For activities such as yoga and pilates, moisture-wicking fabrics are a great choice. Make sure these are tight-fitting as well, as looser clothes will restrict your movement.
  • The length of your shorts is a matter of your preference. The only thing you have to remember is to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of your workout.

Consider the season

Do you workout outdoors or play seasonal sports? You may need to consider the weather when choosing the kind of shorts you need to wear. During hot weather, be sure to dress in cooler fabrics that can prevent moisture and allow your skin to breathe.

On the other hand, during cold weather, dress in layers that you can remove. Usually, some women wear their shorts over leggings. I would recommend that the inner layers still be moisture-wicking as you will still sweat even with the cold.

Aside from the leggings in addition to your shorts, make sure you protect your hands, head and ears as well.

For wet or windy weather, make sure you have an outer layer that can protect you from getting soaked all throughout. While you can’t prevent that completely, especially if you’re living in an area with sporadic weather conditions, the added layer will definitely be useful in protecting your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions With Womens Workout Shorts

Q: Can the clothes you wear affect your workout?

A: Definitely. Not only does your clothing add confidence and motivate you as you work out, but it is also an added layer of protection and helps reduce the risk of injuries. It is recommended that you wear clothing that is appropriate for your sport: don’t wear swimming clothes for biking and vice versa. Additionally, there are some compression workout clothes that help with recovery and promote blood flow. In any case, clothes can play a big factor during your workout.

Q: How short is too short for workout shorts?

A: Workout clothes are designed to protect you while giving you the freedom to move, but it shouldn’t reveal anything else. Make sure you try on your shorts and move around before buying them. Some may say that short shorts are the best way to go to the gym; I think it’s a matter of preference and shouldn’t compromise comfort and security.


When it comes to workout clothes, some prioritize style, others comfort. Most of us are in the middle. While splurging on branded and premium brands now and then don’t hurt, always remember that the most important thing when buying workout shorts is performance.

Don’t mind the latest fashions or flashy brands: focus on feeling as comfortable as you can, while having the freedom of movement that you need.


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