Top 5 Best Indoor Bike Racks 2023

Last Updated: January 24, 2022

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For someone who’s been cycling for quite some time and who has joined multiple triathlon events, I can vouch that cycling can be quite an expensive hobby, most especially when you’re quite serious about the equipment and maintenance of the bike itself.

The pieces and other accessories attached to the bike are just some expenses that come with your hobby, but the storage of the bike itself is also a top priority.

Storing the bike outside can be a bit risky, thus it is only highly recommended to store your bike in the garage, or anywhere indoors. This is both to avoid theft and to preserve the condition of your bike. It’s a pretty great way to display it, too!

There are multiple ways to properly store your bike; ranging from wall and ceiling hooks, wheel stands, to free-standing storage racks. Though these all serve the same purpose, there is still a great difference between them.

Regardless, it is best to have a proper way of storing your bike to prevent them from falling or creating marks on your walls.

There are different types of racks that will cater to your needs. Do you want a rack that is movable? Or maybe you prefer a more stationary rack drilled to your wall for more stability. Regardless, racks impose security for your bikes because of the stability and balance they offer.

For this list, I have created the best indoor bike racks that I have seen great reviews on. I hope it helps.

Best Bike Repair Stands Compared and Reviewed

#1 - Bikehand Floor Parking Rack

The only bike rack on my list that I would commend as an overall best rack. This is the one I personally have and it amazingly fits within my home, without having to compromise so much of my space.

I do get the feeling of moving around your home and tripping over the end of your bike or bumping into the handles as you scoot around, and buying a bulky bike rack is only an additional stress. However, this bike rack doesn’t add up to the space your bike is taking.

It’s also stressful when I have to go home and have to set my bike up in a complicated manner just to properly store it. But with this Bikehand Floor Parking Rack, it is quick and easy, creating an effortless push in system. The way this bike was constructed allows it to tilt when you push the bike into the rack, effectively locking it in place.

What I personally like about this is not just the convenience of the method of locking your bike in place, but the lock itself. It holds your wheel at three distinct places, heightening the security, thus it gives you the assurance that your bike won’t fall off and is balanced. The clamping points of the rack lock against the tires of the bike, giving minimal to zero risks for damage or altering the derailleur of your bike.

This bike rack is nearly for every type of bike (except for bikes with the tires more than 2.4” in width), but this is perfect for heavy bikes such as mountain bikes because you no longer need to lift to mount your bike on the wall.

Moreover, the design of this rack has a good finish through a high quality steel that underwent a good heat treatment to keep the aesthetics last forever.

Lastly, this bike rack is foldable and portable. The simple one-pull-knob allows you to fold the rack into a flat shape that is perfect for storage or when you have to carry around while biking.



#2 - CyclingDeal 5 Bicycle Floor Parking Rack

A bike rack that can accommodate a good number of bikes might be something you’re looking for. This CyclingDeal 5 Bicycle Floor Parking Rack doesn’t only give a good amount of space for all your bikes, but it can also assure you of its stability.

The two holding plates hold the tire grooves at an optimized angle. This ensures that it can fantastically balance your bike vertically. Moreover, this is easy to use because the bike stand holders are all linked together. However, this is relatively heavier, yet solid, than a single bike stand.

The front and back brackets are detailed with a groove design that gives a maximum stability for your bikes. Moreover, these smart tire brackets could fit any bike with a maximum of 2.5” in width.

This is a suitable bike rack if you have a good number of bikes and a good amount of space in your indoors. You can also reverse the holder direction, so you can fit the bikes from both sides if you have a big space allotted for your rack and bikes.



#3 - Delta Cycle Michelangelo 2 Bike Gravity Stand Storage Rack

I sometimes secretly look for the cool aspects of a rack when reading reviews online, and this really got my attention. This rack holds the bike using gravity, hence skipping the fancy and complicated ways of storing your bike.

Though some reviews have commented that they don’t want their racks leaning on the wall, like how this rack does, many reviews are still commending this rack for its versatile aesthetics. 

The elegant design of this rack looks good in a room or a garage, most especially if you’re feeling fancy to keep your rack compatible with the aesthetics of your room.

Delta Cycle has a reputation for making elegant designs for cycling accessories and for providing good storage solutions, without having to compromise a multitude of space and lifestyle. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also stable, adjustable, and easy to install that you can literally assemble within minutes.

It has dimensions of approximately: 83” x 19.75” x 16” and can hold a maximum load of 80 lbs. With this bike rack, it can accommodate two bikes (or four if you’re purchasing the other type), while saving enough space for you to move in.

The steel is made out of an industrial-grade powder coated steel, making it durable and corrosion resistant. Moreover, it is chip resistant and assures you a long lasting finish and colors for your rack unit. Powder coating the steel is also environmentally safe and it costs you zero maintenance.

Though there are countless good reviews, some have commented that it’s just only perfect for rough floors because the feet of the rack do not have a good grip. On a hardwood floor, there is a tendency of slowly sliding forward over time.



#4 - Steadyrack Classic

For people who opt to mount their bikes on the wall and do not mind drilling screws on their walls, then Steadyrack Classic is the best recommendation I’ve seen so far. Of course, it is no doubt that wall mount bike racks give you a good amount of floor space, hence giving a convenient storage solution for some bike users.

Its 160 degree side-to-side swivel provides an easy method for you to load your bike without ever having to lift the bike off the ground. You can easily roll the front tire up and into the rack to load the whole bike. If not in use, you can fold the rack flat against the wall to keep it out of the way.

The Steadyrack Classic prides itself in being able to pivot the racks side to side, when combined with the arm designs. When bikes are stored, the pivot feature helps you to overlap the bikes even when they’re mounted on the wall. This is a relatively universal fit rack, except for bikes with mudguards and tires that are beyond 85mm in width.



#5 - Reliancer Sports Foldable Bike Stand

A stylish bike stand rack that can hold children’s bikes to adult bikes may be the one you prefer from the market. The Reliance Sports Foldable Bike Stand allows you to store your bikes in the 20-inch to the 29-inch range.

This rack is stylish in a way that it will not totally disrupt the aesthetics of your home because its black finish makes it perfectly compatible to most home designs.

This is also foldable when not in use and also portable enough to bring it with you when you have to cycle around with friends. For cyclists with children at home, I understand the anxiety from the fact that you have to constantly watch for your kids because of the risks your rack could pose.

However, with this rack, because of its foldability, it really ensures safety within your home. The quality of the steel used is assured to be of high quality, with it being powder coated and heat-treated to heighten its durability and impose corrosion resistance.

Some reviews have commented that being black as the only option for colors is a bit restricting, however, it is still a good product regardless.

To operate this, you just simply have to push the bike into the slot and it will firmly hold your bike while tilting the mechanism to keep its stability. This comes with a spring loaded arm to help the bike wheel lock into position. On the other hand, the second arm ensures overall stability, regardless of the weight of your bike.

Some reviews have commented that though they could be stable, it is not stable enough when given a harder pressure. Moreover, others have complained that they move around when you’re setting the bike, hence there could be difficulty for some users.



My Number One Pick

Factors To Consider When Looking For An Indoor Bike Rack

When purchasing an indoor bike rack, there are not many rules to follow because it is solely dependent on what you want and how you want it to work. However, it is still important to check different features that you might want to consider looking into because after all, it can damage your (expensive) bike.

A closer look into the bike rack before purchasing is important as well. Some can even hold more than one bike, which can totally cater to fellow bike enthusiasts and cyclists like myself.


With different styles and designs offered in the market, it is only right for you to choose what you really want your rack to look like. Even though they serve the same purpose, they technically work differently in terms of how the storing will be.

For some, you might want your rack to be foldable and portable so you can keep them and also bring them when cycling around with your mates. Others of you might want to do the handyman work and drill your racks on the wall to save you a lot of floor space. Regardless, different styles offer different methods of storage.

First assess your home and how you want your rack to fit into your personal space. Some want a stylish wall mount rack that can be easily folded flat against the wall when not in use, but can make your bikes look like a decor on your walls when suspended because of its pivot features or its stylish design. You might want to look into Steadyrack Classic.

If you want a cabinet-like style, wherein you can pile up your bikes in a vertical position, then DeltaCycle Michelangelo 2 Bike Gravity Stand Storage Rack could satisfy your standards. This style gives a cabinet vibe as though you’re storing your bikes like a trophy in a cabinet.

If you want a rack style that would allow you to park your bikes beside one another, then you probably want to check out CyclingDeal 5 Bicycle Floor Parking Rack. Though this is not the best option for limited spaces, the style is still a good one for users with multiple bikes on hand.

Space Availability

Bike racks are mostly created with a careful consideration of your home space. More often than not, they are constructed to minimize the disruption with your movements and as well as provide more floor space for some.

Technically, I purchase bike racks so that I won’t have to worry about damaging my bike parts and I won’t have to constantly clean my walls because of the handlebar marks. So, I look for a bike rack that will not only cater to my bike storage problems, but will also still leave me enough room to move.

If you have very limited space or have children at home that can be vulnerable to tripping over your racks, then you might want to look into the wall mount racks or foldable racks. The Steadyrack Classic is a great wall mount rack that you can easily fold flat against the wall when you’re not using it, and can also fold your bike against the wall when it’s being used. In this way, you don’t have to worry about scooting aside just to pass through.

Foldable units are helpful when you want to completely store your racks when not in use. More often than not, foldable racks are also portable, thus it could be really handy most especially when biking around and you don’t want to put your bike against a tree or lie it on the grass.

If you’re looking for a foldable rack, then you might want to look into Bikehand Floor Parking Rack or Reliance Sports Foldable Bike Stand.


Looking into the safety feature of the item is totally essential. You don’t want to scratch your priceless bikes because of a malfunctioning item. You have to consider the method of locking in your bike because some racks could really damage your bike and your tires.

This also includes the stability and the balance the rack gives because some racks are light enough that will bring your bike down, given the little amount of pressure. If your bikes are in the bigger size and weight, you might want to choose Bikehand Floor Parking Rack.


Your budget is an important aspect when purchasing a bike rack. Of course, you don’t want to be spending too much on a bike rack that has similar features to a more affordable brand. It is important to spend wisely when it comes to buying a bike rack because cheap could also mean expensive, most especially when you have to constantly replace your unit because of its poor durability.

The Reliancer Sports Foldable Bike Stand is an affordable brand that you would want to look at. Despite being offered at a low price, it definitely wouldn’t compromise its quality and you don’t have to worry about it not meeting your standards.


I personally like the movable and foldable racks to avoid the stress over wall installation. But of course, there are movable racks that also require installation. Regardless, it is better to have to consider the ease of installation when purchasing the suitable bike rack for you.

If you prefer an easier installation, you might want to stray away from Steadyrack Classic because its screws and measurements are quite complicated. It is no doubt that this really has great design and it’s convenient to use. However, reviews have said that the installation was more complex than they thought.

Easy to moderate installations are okay, unless you’re not patient enough to read the instruction manual in the box. The Delta Cycle 2 Michelangelo and the CyclingDeal 5 Bicycle Floor Parking Rack are relatively easy to install. And if all else fails though, there are existing instructional videos online that could really help you out.

Racks that do not require installation completely take off the load on our shoulders. If you’re like me who’s a big fan of this, then Reliancer Sports Foldable Bike Stand and Bikehand Floor Parking Rack could be the units you might want to check into.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bike Racks

Q: How will I know which rack I need for my bike?

A: You have to measure the wheel diameter and the tire width of your bike. In this way, you can find racks that can accommodate your bike features. If you want suspended racks, you also have to know the overall weight of your bike.

Q: What type of walls can the wall mount racks be mounted to?

A: It depends on the rack. But often, almost all types of walls are suitable for any rack. For some walls like timber or steel walls, you have to consider inquiring from your local hardware or bike store on which type of fixings you should use for the frame of your bike rack.

Q: Can a child use the bike rack?

A: It totally depends on the bike rack. There are bike racks that are for specific types of bike, while some are for universal type.


There are plenty of options in the market that you can look into; from types to styles, it is no doubt you’ll be able to find the bike rack that is suitable for you. Don’t rush into buying a bike rack just to have on, most especially when you’re a professional cyclist or getting into the hobby because this could totally damage your bike if it malfunctions.

Out of all the steps and standards listed, the very first should always be how you define the right one for you because after all, this will be your friend in this cycling journey.

If you’re looking for more tools for your bike, check out my post on bike repair stands that I’ve done if you’re into fixing your bike at home. It’s better to use a repair stand than the bike rack for this purpose. And if you’re a new cyclist check out my post on the top 10 cycling tips that every cyclist should know.


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