5 Best Bike Phone Mounts For Cyclists – 2023 Review

Last Updated: January 2, 2023

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Cycling is truly an exciting and thrilling hobby because of the different health and fitness benefits it brings. It is not only beneficial, but it is also a simple exercise that almost everyone can do. 

However, as generations evolve and technology advances, cycling can now be more enjoyable through the new devices and tools invented. As a cyclist and a triathlete, I’ve had my share of using some gadgets and tools that could really help you when it comes to your cycling journey.

These tools can not only elevate your cycling experience but can also thoroughly help you with monitoring your progress. One of these helpful tools is a bike phone mount.

A bike phone mount is not only currently a boon, but it can also give assistance to those who want easy access to their devices.

With different cycling and fitness applications available on your mobile device, this mount can help you track and monitor your progress without having to constantly bring out your phone in your pockets or bags. Plus, it’s a great tool for when you’re indecisive about your music too!

The best bike phone mount for you can be a bit difficult to look for most especially when there are hundreds of types and brands available in the market. But worry not, I have created a list that might help you with choosing the one that suits your needs!

Best Bike Phone Mounts Compared and Reviewed

#1 - Quad Lock Phone Mount Bike Kit

iPhone users must definitely look into Quad Lock Phone Mount Bike Kit because it is primarily designed for Apple users. Though it can be used by an android user, it is a different design and no longer classified as a case mount because it only sticks on the bottom of the phone.

It can lock up to almost all of the available bikes with a handlebar up to 1.57 inches in diameter. It is quick to attach and detach from the handlebar, hence, it is not that challenging to set up. It comes with a protective iPhone case, weather-resistant poncho, and mounting hardware.

This phone mount includes a patented dual-stage locking system for added security with your phone. This also helps the phone to lock in place, without moving even on your rocky trails.

Though this product had good reviews from iPhone users, many didn’t like the android version of the mount because it only attaches to the bike with two plastic strips.



#2 - Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

Looking for a bike phone mount for all sizes and kinds of devices can be such a hassle because of frequent phone upgrades. However, with this Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount, you no longer have to worry about purchasing a new phone mount when updating to a bigger device.

This specific phone mount has strong adjustable clamps that can hold phones up to 4.5 inches wide. It is compatible with bike and motorcycle handlebars from 0.9” to 3.7” inches wide. This comes with three different colors too!

Because of its design, it still allows you full access to all functions of your phone—from the touch screen, volume control, and the headphone jack for when you want to listen to your music. This is advantageous for people who prefer wired earphones over bluetooth.

It’s easily installed and once it’s placed properly, you can switch and position your phone to an angle that will best give you comfortability. The three silicone bands make the phone extra secure and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.



#3 - AILUN Bike Phone Mount Holder

AILUN Bike Phone Mount Holder offers a universal mount holder that could cater to most mobile phones. Its flexible spring-loaded clamp can hold to phones with a width of 2.2 to 3.7 inches.

It designed a silicon butterfly band that would connect the phone to the mount. This band could stretch to all four corners of the phone, adding extra security and protection to your phone most especially when used in extreme trails.

The non-slip silicone material is dirt-resistant and washable. It’s a soft material that can assure you that it will leave zero scratches or damages on your phone. Moreover, the material can absorb all shocks from your bike trails and also provides a good grip when attached to your handlebars.

No other tools are needed to install the phone mount onto your handlebars. The adjustable clamp is suitable for most bike handlebars ranging from 0.9 inches to 2.3 inches in diameter.

The AILUN Bike Phone Mount Holder also provides 360-degree rotation, giving you the optimum freedom to adjust your phone to an angle that best suits your viewing style. Moreover, this can also hold a small or medium-sized flashlight for your special bike headlights.



#4 - Ibera Top Tube Phone Bag

When you don’t feel comfortable having your phone exposed while biking, this Ibera Top Tube Phone Bag may be suitable for you. This is perfect for any device and can also keep some of your small belongings.

It has a soft grip base and a velcro strap that keeps the bag from sliding around while resting on the top tube of your bike without scratching it. It has a specialized earphone opening so that you can have quick access to the headphone jack.

It can accommodate other belongings other than your phone. You can keep your bills and cards in the bag, making this a versatile choice. Moreover, this keeps your phone from out of the elements while biking.

With its seemingly good features and reviews, there are still users who have commented about its loose grip onto the bike’s top tube. The bag itself is impressive but the attachment feature is difficult to adjust to the bike that you own.



My Number One Pick


Factors To Consider When Buying a Bike Phone Mount For Cycling

Enjoyable cycling experience is probably what we’re all aiming for. Hence, buying different accessories for our bicycles could be a tough job because it should give us both convenience and assistance. Bike phone mounts, for instance, are a good investment for our bicycles because they give us easy access to our phone without having to pull it in and out of our bags.

Ranging from style to affordability, bike phone mounts come in different variations. It is important to remember that when buying a bike phone mount, it is not about what style to buy, but how you want to mount your phone to your bike. With this, I’ve prepared some useful buying guide for you to take note of when looking for the best one for you.


The type of bicycle phone mount comes in three different styles. Since you’re aiming for convenience and ease of accessibility to your mobile devices, you should first identify which part of the bike you want to attach your phone onto. This will be then followed by the design of the phone mount you want to purchase.

Most bicycle phone mounts have small plastic brackets that will attach onto your bike and can hold your phone. On the other hand, there are also silicone bands that are snug enough for your phone. Regardless, the style is always correlated with the method of mounting you prefer.

Option 1: Case + Mount – 

Case + mount are usually attached to the handlebars of your bicycle. Just like what the name specifies, the case of your phone is directly connected to the clamp that will hold everything together. Your phone is situated in a case that is specifically constructed to the size and model of your phone.

Case + mount type achieves a clean and secure look for your phone. Moreover, you are definitely assured that your phone won’t slip off of the case because of its perfect fitting. However, this could be a hassle if you were to upgrade or change your phone model.

If you prefer Case + Mount type, Quad Lock Phone Mount Bike Kit may be suitable to your preferences. This is specifically made for iPhone 5 to X users, hence a snug-fit is to be expected in this product.

Option 2: Universal Bracket Phone Mount –

Universal bracket phone mount, as specified in its name, is for most types of phone models. Since this isn’t designed specifically for your phone, it only comes with elastic bands or grips that will help attach your phone onto your bike. Moreover, most universal bracket phone mounts give you a less hassle set-up because you no longer need to remove the case of your phone before mounting it.

Obviously, this is perfect for people who worry about changing their mounts when changing phones or when lending it to other people. However, despite its advantage, one disadvantage is that it’s a lot less secure than the case + mount type.

I recommend looking into Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount if you want a universal bracket phone mount. This has garnered good reviews regarding its adjustable feature and silicon bands for added security.

Option 3: Frame Bag Mount –

If you really want extra security not just for your phone but also for your small belongings, then the frame bag could be the best option for you. This doesn’t sit on your handlebars though, since it attaches onto your top tube instead.

This is a good option too for cyclists who worry about the elements when cycling. To prevent your phone from accumulating mud or dirt, this mount has a transparent window that gives optimal protection. Typing onto your phone isn’t a worry even with a transparent window because you can still operate your phone’s touch screen even with this protective layer.

One downside of this type is it is not really ideal when you have to constantly look on your phone. The placement of the mount isn’t completely ideal because you have to reach or look down further than if your mount were to be mounted on your handlebars.

Ibera Top Tube Phone Bag is a good phone mount if you prefer frame bags over the other two mentioned types. Since it can fit more than just your phone, but also your extra cash and card, users have commended the product for its versatility.


After choosing the method of mounting, you should consider the compatibility next. Take note that not all universal phone mounts can accommodate all models and types of phones. Some are still big enough or perhaps too small to fit your phone into.

When buying in a physical shop, don’t forget to fit your phone onto the mount before purchasing. If choosing online, make sure you have accurate measurements of the dimensions of your phone to get the perfect unit for you.

This is one of the most important guides that you have to look into when purchasing your phone mount because a loose-fitting case can really be risky most especially when you’re on a rocky trail. The TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount is a recommendable unit because of its good reviews on its universality. It has a rubber grip to provide extra security for your phone.


Though it is undoubtedly true that there are phone mounts offered at a quite expensive price, phone mounts in general are fairly inexpensive. Your buying decision now relies more on the durability of the item because replacing your mount every once in a while due to its fragility becomes more expensive over time.

The TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount is offered at a fairly inexpensive price. However, some are questioning its clamp’s durability. Priced at a relatively same price tag as TaoTronics, Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount had good reviews with its clamp attachment feature.

Additional Features

Personally, when purchasing an accessory for my bike, I look for additional features that are beyond the primary goal of the item. For instance, when looking for a bike mount, there are some brands that offer an additional feature like a small compartment for your cash or a hole for your headphone jack.

The AILUN Bike Phone Holder has a commendable feature for having a small compartment to hold a fairly small to medium headlights for your bike. This could be helpful when you’re looking for mounts that are really worth your money. After all, products that hit two birds with one store are really exceptional.

Frequently Asked Questions for Bike Mounts

Q: How wide can the frame bar be? I have a specialized bar and it’s wider than traditional tube frames.

It depends on the item that you’re eyeing for. If you’re looking for phone mounts that attach to the handlebars, some can clamp onto bars with a maximum of 3.9” in width. On the other hand, if you’re looking for frame bags for your top tube, there are mounts that use velcro straps instead of clamps.

Q: Can I still use a touch screen in the frame bag?

It can still sense your touch, however, it’s not ideal when you’re using it for texting or for a more complex usage. Regardless, it’s still good for single button usage like answering calls.

Q: Are there waterproof phone mounts?

Yes! Some frame bags are waterproof but case + mount and universal phone mount are oftentimes bare leaving your phone exposed, hence, they’re definitely not waterproof.


It’s very easy to shut off from the ‘outside world’ when you are cycling as you probably want to your full focus to stay on you, the road, and your bike. However, having your phone in your reach at any time is as useful as being able to easily grab your water bottle as you cycling along.

For one, you can use it for maps and communicate with your cycling group when needed. Remember though, phone mounts or phones, in general, should not be a cause of distraction to you. It should compliment ride by being one of the tools that you can use. At the end of the day, full focus on the road is important. Make sure you stop at any point of your ride if you need to use it.

Check out my post on cycling tips if you’re just starting out. If you’re looking at more gear for cycling, check out my reviews on cycling gloves and cycling socks which are an important piece of gear to stay protected. If you like to cycle in the rain like me you may want to check out my review I’ve done on the best cycling rain jackets.


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