Best Fitness Watches For Women Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: June 21, 2021

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There are many instances when you just don’t know what’s going on while you’re working out. It’s pretty difficult to keep track of your workout session when you’re already in the middle of your routine and your phone is pretty far to reach.

I honestly thought that fitness watches are a waste of money and it’s something I thought I wouldn’t need. But, as I try to check some of the fitness trackers for women in the market, I’ve realized that these fitness watches are necessary most especially when you’re really into fitness.

Fitness watches are truly reliable when working out. They don’t only tell you what time it is, but they also track your progress, monitor your heart, and dictate your next step in your workout routine. Generally, features for fitness watches are gender-neutral since the fitness features cater to both men and women. 

Fitness trackers for women are usually less intimidating than those for men. However, feature-wise, it’s generally the same. To learn more about which fitness watches to buy, I’ve made a list of the many fitness watches available.

Best Fitness Watches for Women Compared and Reviewed

#1 - Fitbit Versa 2

It is only smart to have a smartwatch (get it?) that innovates to cater to your fitness life. This Fitbit Versa 2 has all the design and features that you might possibly need and you might want to check into.

This large screen keeps track of your heart rate, your activity, and also your sleep. You don’t have to worry about your watch dying during your workouts because this can last from five to six days!

This doesn’t only monitor your steps, distance, and calories burned, but it allows you to control your music through your watch with its Alexa built-in. This can also notify you with your mobile notifications, through Bluetooth, if your phone is within range.

If you’re still starting with your fitness journey and you find yourself having a hard time tracking your progress with your goals, worry no more because this watch is most likely to help you with that.

You can use this Fitbit Versa 2 to set goals and see your current stats as you do your activities. Moreover, it auto-detects your activity and logs it automatically as well.

The built-in Alexa isn’t only for your music but it can also give you quick news and information, weather report, and can also control your smart home devices. Moreover, this can as well be used for your timers and alarms.

Since this can track your sleeping activity, this will automatically create your sleep score to further assess your sleep quality. This can also track your sleeping stages and your time in the light.

If you’re a swimmer, you can also use this to track your swimming activity. This is waterproof up to 50 meters.



#2 - Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit is yet again part of our list with this Fitbit Charge 2. This fitness tracker provides a number of features such as Relax Mode and Interval Mode to guide you with your health and fitness routine.

This has a heart rate monitor through its wrist strap. With the heart rate monitor, your calorie burn for the whole day can surely be tracked by this watch. The OLED display shows your calls, texts, and calendar notifications. Moreover, with Fitbit, you can also monitor your sleep or use it as an alarm.

Some may not like the fact that this doesn’t have a built-in GPS. However, worry not because you can Bluetooth connect your phone to see real-time stats of your pace and distance.

To improve your fitness progress, this Fitbit Charge 2 has the right specs for you to enjoy. With its Cardio Fitness Score, you can now have a better understanding of your fitness level and you can see ways to improve.

This is designed to be small and petite for a discreet impression. It’s packed with all the minor features as well as an all-day activity tracking and auto sleep tracking for you!

Fitbit Charge 2 has movement reminders and also guided breathing sessions to perfectly guide you with your physical activity. Not only that, but you can also take pride in this watch’s built-in high-quality rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 days.



#3 - Fossil Gen 5 Juliana Stainless Watch

I totally understand if you’re quite picky with your fitness watches. After all, you want your watch to be a guide for you while at the same time, functions as an everyday watch with its trendy design.

This Fossil Gen 5 Juliana Stainless Watch is a smartwatch that is designed to be a fitness tracker while can still be your everyday watch due to its trendy design. I don’t know about you, but I personally like well-designed trackers but still contain top-notch features.

This heart monitor is said to be accurate. Moreover, its expansive built-in Nike Run Club app feature is built into this watch for you to have like a training coach—but make it a watch app.

Other than its heart rate tracker, it has an activity tracker using Google Fit so you can carefully assess and track your workouts. You can make use of its built-in GPS for distance tracking when you’re running or cycling outside.

This has a swim-proof design 3ATM too while enjoying your contactless pay with this watch due to its Google Pay feature.

This has a good battery life that can last for multiple days. Fast charging won’t be an issue as it has a magnetic USB rapid charger that can charge your smartwatch up to 80% in under an hour.

Other than the said features, this smartwatch also can let you stay connected through phone calls and message notifications. Another thing I like is it can monitor breathing exercises with goal customization.



#4 - Polar Vantage M

If you’re talking feature-wise, this Polar Vantage M is surely included in the best fitness watches. This can hold 20 sports profiles and also has wonderful wellness features.

Sleeping stats are carefully monitored with the Polar Vantage. Plus, it has a good set of breathing exercises too!

This watch can last up to 30 hours of training time—assuring you of that ultra-long battery life that you need for the whole day. Moreover, it has advanced GPS for running and multisport.

This smartwatch takes pride in its Polar Precision Prime Heart Rate. This is said to be a gold standard in optical heart rate accuracy through its high-end bio-impedance electrodes and optical sensors.

Since this is strictly and specifically made for fitness, you can expect that its features are well-designed to cater to your fitness journey. This tracks your cardio, muscle, and perceived load separately so you can further understand how your training is doing.

If you’re a triathlete like me, you’ll like the waterproof feature on the Polar Vantage as you can use it for your swimming, biking, and running functionality. You can track your long-distance running and also your cycling activity as well.

For swimmers out there, you might want to keep an eye for this watch as it can capture key metrics like swimming stroke and pace.



#5 - Apple Watch Series 6

The immense frustration when your iPhone isn’t compatible with your fitness tracker is understandable. Hence, getting this Apple Watch Series 6 as a fitness tracker for you (and your iPhone) is probably a better choice.

This swim proof watch can track different types of workout—from running, HIIT, to your swimming activities. This watch is also made to cater to your health and wellness and fitness activities.

This watch is so much more than a fitness tracker, you can use this to call, text, and pay with its ApplePay. Moreover, this has a GPS to help you get directions without your phone.

It’s capable to measure your heart rhythm through its ECG app. Moreover, it has an all-new sensor for better and precise measurements of your blood oxygen.

This is the perfect watch for you if you have an iPhone because it can sync all your daily activities and all your fitness trends in the Fitness app on your iPhone!

This Always-On Retina display can adjust to the lighting of the outdoors to give you better readability. Moreover, you can sync here your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks to keep you entertained while working out.



My Number One Pick


What To Look Out For When Buying Fitness Watches for Women

Fitness watches for women aren’t exactly different than those for men. The difference generally lies in the exterior design of the watch and the size of the strap itself.

It is okay to buy a fitness watch that will generally work; however, I don’t recommend this if you’re serious about your workouts because you’d need your watch to thoroughly guide you to better understand your progress and your body stats.

The features of each fitness tracker in the market vary differently and these features definitely make up the price. Though you can find the same features in the low-priced watches, you still have to consider the reviews and the accuracy of these tracking features.

To help you better assess if the watch is worth investing in, I’ve made some list of factors to consider. Read more to know more about what makes or breaks your fitness watches!


The tracker is the most important one because obviously, this is the feature that keeps your watch vastly different from the ordinary watches. Plus, this is the reason why you’re buying one, isn’t it?

The term tracker is very broad, most especially when you’re looking at the high-end trackers. The basic trackers can only contain a tracker for running, while some tracks all sorts of workouts—from cycling to swimming.

To further establish a definition for a high-quality tracker, I’ve broken down the popular trackers that should be the priorities on your list. Take note that these don’t just help you with your training, but it can also help you address concerns with your health (and sleep!).

Activity Tracking Features

An activity tracker is the most important component of your fitness tracker. In a general sense, this helps you keep track of the steps and the distance that you have tackled during your day or during your workout training.

Activity trackers work best when they have their own GPS. This may sound a little too technical, but having a watch that has a GPS will give you accurate data because of its real-time tracking of your locations.

Some trackers, like the Fitbit Versa 2, have an altimeter—or a measurement of the number of flights of stairs that you have encountered. Though this is not important, this could be something some people might need.

If you’re a swimmer, or perhaps getting into it, you may want to make sure that your fitness watch is waterproof (or swim proof) and has a swim tracker. Fitness watches like Polar Vantage M are built for all types of fitness, including swimming so you can expect it to have a good swimming measurement and waterproofing.

Honestly, no fitness watch can really gauge the calories that you’ve burned. However, you can assess this through your heart rate monitor because cardio helps you burn carbs through the change in your heart rate.

In short, if you’re into workouts or intense activities, you should look into multisport devices like Polar Vantage M to give you more accurate data. Moreover, you are assured that your activities will be recorded accordingly.

Sleep Tracking Features

Most, if not all, fitness watches have a sleep tracker feature. If you want a sleeping tracking feature in your watch, then you should make sure that the strap is comfortable and snug on your wrist because you’ll be sleeping with this.

The sleeping tracker can vary in quality and accuracy, depending on the brand and the model. Some sleep trackers have an automatic option while some do not.

There are sleeping trackers that are pretty precise due to their monitoring of your sleep stages. By this, the watch can help you better understand your heart rate and your movements during your sleep.

This can be extremely helpful when you want to better improve your sleeping patterns and your behaviors—or your overall wellness. If you find yourself having trouble sleeping at night or having a poor quality of sleep despite the good quantity, this feature should be very useful.

If you want to have yourself dedicated to a fitness watch that prioritizes your sleep as well, I suggest looking into Fitbit Versa 2.

Heart Rate Monitoring

This is a key feature that you need to consider in your list of priorities. However, when getting a fitness watch for your heart rate (HR), you should factor in the accuracy of the data.

An accurate HR is best detected through optical sensors and high-quality monitoring systems built in your watch. Thus, you can be assured that the fitness watches that come at a hefty price have the most advanced sensor technology like the Fossil Gen 5 Juliana Stainless Watch.


It is very important to consider the LCD display of your smartwatches. Of course, this is already pretty subjective; hence, I’m suggesting that you should get the one that will give you good readability.

Some may opt for a smaller screen for a sleek and discreet design, while some may want a bigger and wider LCD display. Regardless though, you should always consider what best suits you when it comes to reading your watch.

I don’t think you can still find a fitness watch that mainly works with buttons. Though there are some that still have buttons, it doesn’t usually rely on the buttons for navigation.

When looking at the display feature of the watch, you should always consider how compatible the screen is with your fingertips. Since women, generally, have smaller fingertips, fitness watches with small screens like Fitbit Charge 2 can suit them well.

If you prefer bigger LCD displays, then you might want to consider other brands or models like the Apple Watch Series 6. This is perfect for those with bigger fingertips or for those ladies who just want a bigger screen for themselves.

When looking at the LCD display, make sure that it has proper brightness features. Some watches from the high-end spectrum, like the Apple Watch Series 6, have an automatic brightness adjustment for when you’re running outside.

In summary, looking at the LCD display as a factor to consider highly depends on the user experience. Remember that this is the key for you to better enjoy your purchase without regretting it in the end.

Battery Life

The battery life of your fitness watches is really important. Though this may not be the case for other individuals, this is pretty important most especially for those who are always on the go.

It is believed that some fitness watches that have built-in GPS have a much shorter battery life. However, with the advancement in technology, this may not be the case for other brands and models.

If you want a model that truly lasts, then you might want to consider looking into Fitbit Versa 2 or the Fitbit Charge 2. I suggest straying away from Apple Watch Series 2 if this feature is a big deal for you because this model doesn’t have a long-lasting battery.

App Features

The app in your fitness watch is something you should consider. This is not exactly a major need, but this still a good feature to improve your fitness experience.

Applications in your fitness watch often include different fitness workouts and guides for you to utilize. Moreover, some applications have a motivation feature that can help you with your fitness journey.

Fitbit is known for its effective and good applications. Some Fitbit models that you might want to check into Fitbit Versa 2 and Fitbit Charge 2. However, some may not like the monthly subscription to unlock the premium access in the app.

When looking at the apps, it is best to thoroughly read the reviews. Some fitness watches have a poor operating system, thus making the app lag—which can pretty annoy you.

Waterproof or Water-resistant

When looking at your fitness watch, you should always properly distinguish the difference between waterproof and water-resistant. You have to understand this, or else you might cause damage to your watch.

If you intend to use your fitness watch for your swimming activity, then always look for the waterproof or swim-proof in the label. If you prefer a swim-proof watch, you might want to look into Fossil Gen 5 Juliana Stainless Watch.

The measurement that you might encounter when reading about your watch is ATM. This tells you exactly how resistant your watch is. To further your knowledge about it, here are some guidelines for you to read:

  • Water-resistant: Your watch can withstand accidental splashes but not must be exposed to a great number of water splashes like a shower. Your water-resistant watch cannot be submerged into the water as well.
  • 3 Bar/3 ATM/30m/100 ft: Accidental splashes are okay. Moreover, this can be used in the shower. However, old or chipped watches are not recommended because this can leak into the internal components of the watch.
  • 5 Bar/5 ATM/50m/165 ft: The watch can withstand splashes and shower. Water sports, diving, or sea-diving is a no-no at this resistance.
  • 10 Bar/10 ATM/100m/ 330 ft: The watch can be used for swimming and snorkeling. However, you should avoid high-board diving or aqua diving.
  • 20 Bar/20 ATM/200m/660 ft: You can use your watch for swimming, high-impact water sports, and scuba diving. 
  • More than 30 Bar/30 ATM/300m/990 ft: All high-impact water sports, scuba diving, and saturation diving are allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions on Fitness Watches for Women

Q: Do fitness trackers cause cancer?

A: This doesn’t have any proven claim just like how cellphones are believed to cause cancer. You don’t have to worry about the Bluetooth causing cancer either because this has a much lower output than your cellphones. Also, this isn’t attached or used close to your head.

Q: Can I use my fitness tracker on treadmills?

A: Yes, you can. However, you should take note that some fitness watches use accelerometer that might track more of your arm movement than your distance. Generally, though, the accuracy is still expected regardless.

Q: Will the fitness watch immediately monitor my activity when I start to do my workout?

A: Usually. Some fitness watches have an automatic sensor while some may still need to be activated manually.


Getting a fitness watch, most especially when you’re actively training or working out, is a need rather than a want. It is undoubtedly true that this invention is really helpful with all your fitness ventures.

Fitness watches nowadays are not just made for your fitness. What a blessing it is to have these watches help you with your health and wellness as well. Hence, getting a high-quality fitness watch is definitely a must.

Take note, however, that your fitness watches are not a replacement for the original and professional medical apparatus. So, this is not completely reliable if you’re feeling different about your health and wellness.

Overall, a fitness watch can help you in so many things—from versatility to easy access in your phone while working out. In the end, though, you should always take note that a fitness watch should help you all throughout, not just a purchase that will end up in your drawer.

If you’re after a something mores specific for a fitness tracker, perhaps check out running fitness trackers as well as smartwatches for swimming (Which we’ve actually done a review on) but most of these talked about above can handle all of these activities. If you’re after stuff for women, you should also check out our post on gym bags for women as well as the top rated workout shoes for women which we’ve also reviewed.


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