Fueling Success: Ultra Runner Pau Capell’s Diet and Workout Routine

Last Updated: March 15, 2023

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When it comes to ultra running there is little to no one that hasn’t heard of Pau Capell. 

Pau Capell is one of the best ultra runners in the world. Born and raised in Catalonia, Spain, Pau Capell is a celebrated athlete known for his endurance and impressive performances in ultra-running events worldwide. 

Early Life:

Pau Capell was born on June 6, 1990, in Manlleu, a small town in the province of Barcelona, Spain. Growing up, Pau was always drawn to outdoor activities, such as hiking and mountain biking, and developed a passion for the mountains. He also played soccer and basketball, but it wasn’t until he discovered trail running that he found his true calling.

Pau’s interest in trail running began in his early 20s when he started participating in local races in Catalonia. He quickly found success in the sport, winning several races and earning recognition as one of the top up-and-coming trail runners in Spain.

Despite his success, Pau continued to work full-time as a physiotherapist and juggled his training with his professional responsibilities.

Career and Notable Achievements:

Pau Capell’s career in ultra-running started in 2014, when he participated in his first race, the Ultra Trail Montblanc (UTMB), which is one of the most challenging and prestigious ultra-running events in the world. He finished the race in 25th place, which was an impressive feat for a beginner.

Since then, Pau has participated in numerous ultra-running events worldwide, winning many of them. Some of his notable achievements include winning the Ultra Trail Montblanc in 2019 and finishing the race in an impressive time of 20 hours and 19 minutes. He also won the Transgrancanaria Ultra in 2017 and the Ultra Trail Australia in 2018.

In addition to his impressive performances in races, Pau Capell is also known for his charitable work. In 2019, he raised over 50,000 euros for charity by participating in a race across the United States. 

The funds raised went towards supporting research on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive neurodegenerative disease. More on this later as we discuss his philanthropic work.

Workout Routine:

To maintain his impressive physical fitness and endurance, Pau Capell follows a rigorous daily routine and diet. He wakes up at 6 am and starts his day with a cup of coffee and some light stretching exercises. He then goes for a run or a hike, depending on his training schedule.

When asked specifically how he trains Pau answered with:

“I train mostly in the mountains, but I try to be smart with how and when I run. I listen to my body and will always rotate my training, so my mind stays active. I would never want to repeat the same runs over and over again because it’s as much about the mind as the body.”


It is also known that Pau trains twice a day, once in the morning which is mainly his running, and afterward doing more cross-training to build up his strength. 

Diet Plan:

After his morning workout, Pau usually has a breakfast of oats, fruits, and nuts, which provide him with the necessary nutrients to fuel his body. He then spends the rest of the morning working on his fitness, either by hitting the gym or doing some strength training exercises at home.

For lunch, Pau typically has a balanced meal of lean protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates. He avoids processed foods and sugars and focuses on eating whole, natural foods that provide him with the necessary energy to sustain his intense workouts.

In the afternoon, Pau usually takes a short nap to help his body recover from his morning workout. He then spends the rest of the day either training, working on his fitness, or spending time with his family and friends.

Charity and Philanthropic Work:

Pau Capell is known for his charitable work and efforts to raise awareness and funds for various causes. One of the causes he supports is the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. 

In 2019, Pau participated in the “Run for ALS” campaign, a fundraising initiative to support research on the disease. He ran across the United States, covering over 5,000 kilometers, and raised over 50,000 euros for the campaign.

In addition to his support for ALS research, Pau Capell has also worked with other organizations and initiatives to promote outdoor sports and environmental conservation. 

He is an ambassador for the European Outdoor Conservation Association, a non-profit organization that supports environmental conservation projects in Europe and beyond. 

He also works with the Trail Running Association of Catalonia (ATRAEC), a non-profit organization that promotes trail running and mountain sports in the Catalonia region of Spain.

Moreover, Pau Capell uses his platform as an ultra-runner to raise awareness about mental health and well-being. He has spoken openly about his struggles with anxiety and depression and encourages others to seek help and support when needed. 

In 2020, he participated in the “Mental Health Trail,” a campaign that aimed to raise awareness about mental health and reduce the stigma around mental illness.


Pau Capell is one of the most celebrated ultra runners in the world. From his rigorous daily routine and diet to his charitable work and notable achievements.

There is something about ultra runners that is very inspiring and Pau is just another addition to these amazing heroes that grace us.

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