The Ultimate Primate and Merger and Acquisition

Last Updated: July 7, 2022

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It comes with great pride to announce that and have merged together into one website. This merger is effective immediately. 

As our readers are aware, Marko has been tasked with documenting his running journey as well as his expertise in running gear particularly running watches and running shoes on Marko is also the lead writer of and has been interviewed and written on many websites as we’ll get into below.

Why are we merging?

JogTunes has served as a great beacon for running music for over a decade. It has become a great website where runners were able to use their cadence to find running music via the BPM (beats per minute) that suits their run.

We haven’t forgotten that, which was the initial dream with JogTunes – In fact, we aim to improve it by putting everything together in one central hub. Together with the team at TheUltimatePrimate, led by Marko, and our writers at JogTunes, we plan to create a resource that demonstrates through physical activity we can all live healthy happy lives.

As you are aware, TheUltimatePrimate was created to provide our readers with a safe place where they can learn more about fitness and how it can change our minds, excite us to keep improving, and help with our mental health. 

More about TheUltimatePrimate

Many readers have come to love the posts that Marko has been creating about how to make a change in your life by using fitness as a tool. 

A lot of websites have reached out to find out more about Marko and he has been featured in articles on as well as Addicted2Success. Marko’s articles have also been featured on websites such as Benzinga where they’ve posted about the popular article on the 74 best ultramarathons around the world.

Marko has even met some of the popular speakers of today such as David Goggins and has talked at events in Sydney, Australia about his struggles with addiction and how fitness made him change for the better.

How we’re handling the merger

Marko is a trail runner from Sydney, Australia, and his main passion is to continue doing his best and growing more each and every day. 

After discussions between Marko and the other writers on TheUltimatePrimate and JogTunes, we came to a conclusion that it would be in the best interest of both websites to consolidate all of our information in one place. TheUltimatePrimate was the best choice as it covers a wide range of topics, not just running.

This allows Marko and the rest of the team to focus completely on the one website to deliver the message that any of us are capable of change, regardless of our past. 

We aim to continue doing this by providing what JogTunes was all about – running music but also continue in providing our readers with the latest news and updates in the fitness industry, running included which TheUltimatePrimate is all about.

Goal of our merger

We believe that this merger will ensure our message gets heard louder and clearer and gives more people access to the tools to improve themselves daily whichever website they came from. 

We’re excited to see where this next phase takes us and are even more excited that we’ll be able to put all of our time and energy into this one central hub.

You can find Marko’s story on our About Us page as well as more on TheUltimatePrimate, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Came from JogTunes? We’ve moved our popular pages over to TheUltimatePrimate:

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New to TheUltimatePrimate? Check out these popular sections:

Our initial goals across both websites remain. As you are all aware, Marko has always had a passion for running so our running section will continue to have updated posts from Marko so you don’t need to worry about us not posting as much running content now that JogTunes has merged into TheUltimatePrimate.  

In fact, we plan to increase the amount of content we deliver on a daily basis and look forward to inspiring the next beginner runner to put on their first pair of shoes.

We’d like to thank all of our visitors for their continued support and look forward to continuing that journey together through TheUltimatePrimate. 

– & Editorial Team.

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