Troubleshooting Tips For GPS Running Watches

Last Updated: May 29, 2022

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A GPS watch can help you get the most out of your run. There are many useful functions, from tracking your heart rate and how many calories you are losing to playing music and counting your steps. When these watches stop working, your exercise or run can feel incomplete. 

Thankfully, there are various troubleshooting tips to quickly fix your watch via the watch itself or a mobile application, no matter how big or small the problem.

The Benefits of Using a GPS Watch When Running

A GPS watch has a variety of functions. From receiving or making calls to counting your steps and tracking the distance you have covered, no run is complete without a GPS running watch. 

Suppose you are interested in purchasing a GPS watch for your run. In that case, it is good to know why so many people use them and the benefits of using a watch to track your running data, maximize your performance, and ultimately meet the fitness goals that you set for yourself.

These are just some of the benefits of using a GPS running watch:

#1: Multi-function

One can customize most GPS running watches for various types of sports. Select your sport – cycling, swimming, running, gymming, and more – from the menu on your GPS watch to track your progress, performance, and fitness goals. 

#2: Accurate data

One of the best benefits of a GPS watch is the accuracy of the data. These watches can track the calories burnt, your heart rate, the steps you have taken, and the distance you have covered. All of these functions and more are available at the click of a button on your wrist.

#3: Goal-setting

Set goals on your GPS watch regarding how many calories you want to burn, your ultimate run time, the distance you wish to cover, and more to help you push yourself and keep motivated.

#4: Motivation

Setting a fitness or weight loss goal helps you to keep motivated. A GPS running watch will push you to match or exceed your performance. Seeing how many calories you have lost or how far you have run can motivate you to do more and go further.

#5: Tracking in real-time

A GPS watch provides up-to-date, real-time tracking functions to precisely see where you are in your goals and weight loss management plans. 

If these are not enough to convince you, you can visit any sporting goods store to talk to the sales representative about the benefits of a running watch. Or do your research about the various GPS running watches available, their features, benefits, and troubleshooting information to deal with any minor issues. 

Read reviews of the various GPS running watches available before making your final decision. Reviews are an excellent tool to use when making a purchase decision and allow you to read previous customer experiences with the product, both positive and negative. 

Troubleshooting Your GPS Running Watch

Troubleshooting any issues you might have with your GPS running watch is easy if you know how. Thankfully, most GPS running watches are easy to operate and fix! Let’s look at how to troubleshoot the most popular brands of GPS running watches. Some of the problems that one could solve by restarting your phone are:

  • Watch is frozen
  • Data is not loading
  • Screen is blank

#1: Coros

Coros is a relatively new brand of GPS running watches that came onto the scene in 2018. They have an easy-to-use operating system, and their troubleshooting steps are just as easy. There are two ways to restart or reset a Coros Watch:

On the watch:

  1. Go to the system menu.
  2. Select “More Settings.”
  3. Select “Reset”
  4. Select “Reset All”

Via the Coros application on your smartphone:

  1. Go to Device Page.
  2. Tap on the watch logo.
  3. Scroll down and tap “Reset.”

#2: Fitbit

Fitbit is a popular brand of fitness trackers and GPS watches. Their watches are easy to use. To reset or restart a FitBit, follow these steps:

On your watch:

  1. Hold in the left button until the Logo appears on your screen. 
  2. Let go of the button.
  3. A message will pop up telling you to open the Fitbit App and set up the device via your smartphone. 

This works for the Versa, Sense, Ionic, Blaze, and more. 

#3: Garmin

We all know the name Garmin due to the GPS systems first introduced for cars. Branching out, the company now makes GPS running watches too. To reset your Garmin watch, follow these steps:

On your watch:

1. Make sure the watch is off.

2. Hold in the “Back” button.

3. Turn the watch on.

4. Take your finger off the “Back” button.

5. Select “yes” when the “clear user data” message appears on your watch face.

#4: Polar

The Polar range of GPS and tracking watches are both popular and affordable. If you have any issues and need to reset or restarts your Polar watch, follow these steps:

On your watch:

  1. Press and hold the main button.
  2. Scroll to Settings.
  3. Click on General settings.
  4. Scroll to “About your Watch” and tap the “Restart your Watch” option.
  5. Click the green button to confirm.

#5: Timex

The old classic Timex has joined the craze and created a range of GPS running watches. To reset your Timex follows these steps:

  1. Press the Select button to turn on the screen.
  2. Hold in the Power button for a few seconds.
  3. The screen will display a “Power Options” screen.
  4. Select “Restart.”

#6: Apple Watch

Apple, an American favorite, is known for smartphones and smart GPS watches. Should you experience any issues with your Apple Watch, you can restart it by following these steps:

  1. Hold in the button on the side until the “Power off” slider appears on your screen.
  2. Drag the slider to power off your device.
  3. Hold in button until the Apple logo appears, and select restart.

Why would I need to Troubleshoot my GPS Running Watch?

Your watch could experience many problems that would require you to restart or reset your phone. While most of these can be solved by following the steps listed above, others require a visit to your closest smartphone repair store for repairs and maintenance. 

The most common reasons why you would need to troubleshoot your GPS running watch are:

  • The watch will not sync with your smartphone.
  • The device is frozen or does not respond when activated.
  • Tracking data is not tracking your run or exercise, which could skew your stats. 
  • The device is not showing new notifications or system alerts. 

A quick restart could solve these issues. However, if it does not, please get in touch with your watch manufacturer for assistance. It is important to note any warranty details when you purchase a GPS running watch and approved stores for repairs and maintenance. Users can usually find this type of information on the manufacturer’s website. 


How do I choose a GPS running watch? 

Choosing a running watch is based on three factors: cost, features, and aesthetics. While some GPS watches are affordable, those with various features would be more expensive. Consider your budget, what you will use it for, and if it is a good fit for your needs. Choosing a watch is not an easy task, but this guide can help you make your decision. 

Can a GPS running watch help me maximize my run to meet my fitness goals?

Most definitely, yes! A GPS running watch allows you to set goals and use those goals to tailor customized fitness or running plans to suit your needs and goals. So yes, using your GPS watch can maximize your run.

hould I pair my GPS running watch with my smartphone or computer for a more detailed analysis of my running and fitness data?

Today’s smartphones have all but replaced computers, and all the necessary tracking applications are now available in the palm of your hand on your smartphone. Choose a GPS running watch paired with a smartphone application for best results. 


A GPS running watch is one of the best tools to have with you on your jog or run. As a multi-functional device, it can be used with most types of sports to help you maximize your performance and improve your skills.

If you have any issues with your GPS running watch, such as the device freezing or not updating your data, follow our tips above on restarting or resetting your watch. Contact the manufacturer for repair details and customer support if the problem persists.

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