Top 5 Best Keto Cooking Books For Your Kitchen – 2022 Guide

Last Updated: January 24, 2022

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I’ve always had a skeptical perception about the Keto diet because it’s centered on intaking foods that are high in fat, which doesn’t sit well with me at first look. In my skepticism, I know it’s time to do some research and look into what’s the real deal when it comes to keto.

What is a Ketogenic diet? The ketogenic diet or otherwise known as Keto diet is an eating pattern that consists of 5% of total calories from carbs, 20% from protein, and 75% from fat. Its objective is to produce ketone bodies, which are the metabolites of fatty acids so that your body will utilize these to fuel your cells.

However, as I looked into the Keto diet more, I’ve noticed that there are already a number of individuals who are transitioning to this kind of eating lifestyle and there are numerous keto cooking books and meal guides that are being released. However, finding the best keto cooking books was my initial struggle.

Since I’m only starting out with my research regarding the Keto diet and if this is really the right eating lifestyle for me, I’ve researched a few of the best keto cooking books that are offered in the market. Check them out below, I’d be keen to know if you guys are using another keto cookbook? If you are please let me know in the comments at the bottom.

Best Keto Cooking Books Compared And Reviewed

#1 - Ketogenic Diet: The Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Struggling with your Keto transition and its questionable precautions for beginners? Then, this book could just be the holy grail for you! As an athlete or even just a regular consumer of food, you can’t just impulsively choose to change a different eating lifestyle because it can have a great impact on your health.

If you’re extremely new to the Ketogenic diet, this book is the perfect guide because it breaks down the principles of the diet for you. Of course, changing your diet has so many roadblocks, so it is only right for you to look for a cookbook that will not only help you with your cooking, but also help you transition to the new lifestyle.

This book is filled with information regarding the Ketogenic diet and even includes different sets of meal plans that can thoroughly guide you through this journey. This book also helps you calculate all the macronutrients that you’ll be intaking—with additional explanations included too!

I recommend this book to those people who are still testing the waters. This book can give you the proper orientation regarding the new lifestyle you want to engage in because of the multiple explanations about the Keto diet, its benefits to individuals with a regular lifestyle and those who have health issues.

This is more of a meal guide for a beginner, rather than a cookbook for those who have already fully immersed themselves into the lifestyle. The information is well-research and in-depth regarding the weight loss principles and benefits of Keto.

For the recipes, they are relatively easy and definitely easy to understand and follow. The recipes are full of easy low carb, high-fat recipes. However, if you’re looking for just a cookbook, this is not really for you.



#2 - Simply Keto

You should definitely look into Suzanne Ryan’s Simply Keto because of its good balance of Keto knowledge and good recipes. This is a cookbook that is both good guidance for beginners and still recipe-heavy for the keto pros.

My researches have pointed out that this particular cookbook is one of the best Keto cooking books out there. The simple explanation of the ketogenic diet is really helpful, most especially when you’re looking for the right calculations of nutrients that you get from your diet.

The author herself is said to be reliable enough because the Keto diet has not only become her diet for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it is also her method of losing 120 pounds when she was still struggling with her weight.

This book also contains different practical tips for every aspect of your life. She has cited different top items on what to order when outside in all different kinds of restaurants.

She also gave firsthand tips on how to enjoy and maximize your Ketogenic experience and also she included some personal advice coming from her own Keto journey. The book is filled with 100 different easy recipes and also multiple meal plans for beginners.

This cookbook is sectioned into different sections varying from breakfasts to soups and sides, to desserts and drinks. Every recipe is keto-friendly and all are easy and simple to make with the ingredients that are not challenging to find in your local grocery store.



#3 - The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet

This is the Keto diet cooking book for people who have committed themselves to a dairy-free lifestyle—and if you’re one of them, then this is definitely your gem. Leanne Vogel’s keto cookbook is one remarkable book because of its scrumptious and Keto-centered dishes.

This book includes meal plans to help you with your gradual transition into the diet within your first month. Vogel also included 125 recipes that include dairy-free recipes for your high-fat, low-carb journey.

Some reviews have said that her approach in educating her readers is through her clear outline of yes and no food lists that are just perfectly made for the Ketogenic journey and detailed replacements for food-sensitive readers.

Just like any meal plan, your needs are still to be satisfied despite the centering it to the Ketogenic diet. Hence, Vogel’s daily food journal template could be really helpful, together with her three-pronged approach to meal planning that is also filled with different illustrations. 

She made sure that you won’t exactly be copying everything by including different calorie intake goals depending on what your body needs and the specific ingredients that you have.



#4 - The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook

Mark Sisson’s The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook is, for me, the overall best cookbook for me because of its 150 good ketogenic recipes. Moreover, he also offered helpful lists of ingredient swaps for grains and sweeteners that are keto-friendly.

To ease into the Keto diet, this is a good one to look for. If I’m already fully dedicated and convinced to immerse myself in this Keto journey, then I’ll definitely not think twice about buying this. He also added information that could be really helpful most especially when you’re only starting to get into the lifestyle.

Though I was thoroughly impressed and convinced by the good reviews regarding this book, there are, however, a significant number of criticisms about this book as well. To begin, some don’t see this book as a recipe-centered cookbook, rather it focused more on meal guides, which can be a flaw for some.

Some also don’t exactly trust the information Sisson has cited because of the lack of resources and an appendix of sources and studies that can support his claims, most especially that he mentioned a good amount of scientific information regarding the Keto diet.

There are also reviews that mentioned the lack of recipe index and categorized listing of the recipes. Moreover, some find the information either repetitive and others are contradicting to some information found online.



#5 - The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

Looking for a cooking book that is for quick preps? You might want to look into this Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook by Jen Fisch. As an active triathlon athlete who’s always on the go, this book is definitely something I would love to find on my kitchen shelves.

Perhaps one of your greatest dilemmas is the amount of time prep it takes when it comes to making food yet still sticking to your keto lifestyle. Worry no more though, ‘cause Fisch has offered this Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook for on the go people like you and me!

This is probably the best quick and easy cookbook that I can find on the reviews section of the cookbooks online. The recipes are completely strict to its 5-ingredient title, and it also only requires one pot to prep your dish.

Some reviews have said that some recipes are quite disappointing because they require more than 5 ingredients, which is completely contradictory to its title. However, some have reasoned out that though there are more than 5 ingredients, it’s still easy and quick to prep.

Though there’s an evident disappointment with the specific number of ingredients of some recipes, some reviews have commended the recipes cited because of how delicious and super easy they are to make. Plus, they’re budget-friendly!

The meals are not just easy to make but it is also helpful for those who are just transitioning to the keto diet because the taste of the dishes isn’t overwhelming given that it’s an easy prep dish. However, some people have criticized how hard some ingredients are to look for in your local grocery store.



My Number One Pick


What You Need To Know About The Keto Diet

When trying to lose weight or maintaining your body fit, pairing your exercise with a good meal plan diet is a must. However, just like choosing your fitness plan, your meal plan should as well be the plan that is compatible with the needs of your body.

It was first introduced as a treatment for epilepsy in the 1920s, since this was believed to reduce the seizure activity of some epileptic patients. However, since the modern world has introduced an anti-seizure medication, this diet is already just an option for some patients to manage their condition.

The science behind Ketogenic is quite complicated. Glycogen is the primary fuel of the cells in our body. If our body needs energy when exercising or when we haven’t eaten food, it produces glycogen for quick energy for your body to use.

When you run out of glycogen, your body will break down protein and fat for energy, however your brain cells can’t utilize these. Thus, the ketones become more significant. Ketones are produced when there are no more carbohydrates left to supply your body with energy

To keep it simple, the ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet. Meaning, you’re drastically reducing your intake of carbohydrates and replacing it with fat. When you reduce the carbs, you put your body in a metabolic state called ketosis, thus making your body incredibly efficient at burning fat for more energy.

Ketogenic really does have a lot of benefits in the body. However, transitioning to this new lifestyle could be really tricky. There are different types of Ketogenic diet, varying in fat, protein, and carb intake.

There are four types to be specific: Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD), Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD), Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD), and High-protein Ketogenic Diet. However, above all mentioned, only SKD and High-protein Ketogenic Diet have been backed with extensive scientific research. Regardless, you should first examine your body’s needs and its relationship with, or consult your trusted dietician before completely subscribing to this diet.

What can you eat and not eat?

I know that we all have a weird obsession with sweets because it’s just undeniably good. However, sugary foods are part of the list of foods that we have to avoid when we’re employing the Ketogenic diet in our palate. Sugar-free diet foods are no exception, since these are often high in sugar alcohols.

Grains or starches like rice, pasta, cereal, and wheat-based products are also a big no. Avoid beans like peas and lentils too like how you’ll be avoiding low-fat or diet products. Say goodbye to your unhealthy fats, some condiments or sauces, and alcohol too!

Did you know that you need to avoid fruits and root vegetables like potatoes and carrots too? I know how stressful this is because it’s like basically leaving you with nothing but air to intake.

Worry not, though! You can eat meat, fatty fish, eggs, butter and cream, cheese, nuts and seeds, and healthy oils—that’s quite a lot already. On top of that, you can still eat some fruits like avocado and low-carb veggies like the greens, peppers, tomatoes, and more.


Subscribing to this ketogenic diet can drastically change your metabolic activities in your body. Since you’ll be adapting to a higher dietary fat intake, there will be an increase in fat oxidation, which could possibly help you with weight loss.

However, fat oxidation and losing fat are two different processes and the former doesn’t automatically conclude that you will be losing body fat. What makes you lose weight is still the overall calorie intake and the calorie burn.

Glucose concentrations can be directly affected by carb restriction, thus there could be a significant lowering of glucose in the long run. In this way, diabetic patients can benefit from this. However, one should still consult their dietician to assess if this is the best option for managing glucose.


Some have said that Keto diet has a side effect called Keto Flu. This is the term that refers to the period once your body starts adjusting to the keto effect, which is burning fat for energy.

Others have said to feel little to no effect, while some can feel a bit worse. There will be a lethargic feeling in your limbs like walking up the stairs could feel like you’re carrying a kilo on your legs. You might also experience mental fogginess, constipation, or diarrhea.

Nutrient deficiencies could be one disadvantage of the Keto diet because you’ll be excluding some whole foods that your body needs like grains and fruits. This could be risky if you’re following the diet incorrectly and also without proper guidance or right meal plans.

Renal risk is one of the downsides because of the additional ketones in your body. Also, whole grain and fruit will be reduced from your diet, hence it could negatively affect your gut health.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Keto Cookbook

I know the intense feeling when you’ve finally brought home the cooking book that you just purchased. It’s both the feeling of nervousness and excitement because you don’t know if it will be the cookbook that you’ll be using for a long time or you’ll be replacing it because of how unsatisfied you are. It could also be exciting because you’d get to taste new flavors.

However, despite all the feelings and the subjective opinions that you have for your cookbook. It’s not entirely the cookbook’s fault if you’re unsatisfied. Sometimes, being a consumer also means knowing what to look for in your cookbook, so I’ve put out a few things to remember when purchasing your keto cooking book.

Author’s Credibility

On a standard cooking book, the credibility of the author is sometimes not part of the buying guide anymore because even influential personalities who don’t have a culinary background can make a cookbook. In the modern times, we tend to follow more of the cookbook author’s lifestyle, rather than the scrumptiousness of the dishes itself.

However, since we’re following the Keto diet, it is a must to look at the author’s credibility. By credibility, I do not mean premium culinary background. Rather, their knowledge regarding the ketogenic diet.

I don’t want to follow the recipes and meal guides given by someone who just started keto for a month or by someone who just researched about keto without really testing it on their own lifestyles. Hence, looking through the author and their knowledge won’t just give you a peace of mind, but will also thoroughly help you through your journey.

I suggest that you should look into Suzanne Ryan’s Simply Keto because Ryan has been strict with her keto diet and she also has cited a lot of her personal experiences. This could be really helpful for those who are just beginners.

Variety of Recipes

The variety of recipes should always be the key to your heart because you don’t want to be repeating the same dish over and over again. Also, there are cookbook recipes that are repeated over the pages, with minimal differences. I believe this automatically decreases the quality of the cookbook because it looks more into the quantity of the recipes cited, rather than the quality.

With my hobby of looking through cookbooks online, it taught me that numbers are the least thing you should be looking at because oftentimes, a good quantity of recipes only promote redundancy throughout the stretch of the book. If you’re looking for good cookbooks with unique recipes, then you definitely should look into Mark Sisson’s The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook.

Good Information

You’re not just looking for a cookbook that will give you keto recipes, but you’re also looking for a cookbook that will guide you through this journey. You wouldn’t want to be just intaking the food the recipe says, but you also need that juicy information.

Some cookbooks can only have repetitive information that you can just easily search online, which is a bit irritating for some. Moreover, there are also personal experiences that can help you know more about the journey. Of course, not everything science-backed happens to an individual; there are different cases per person and it’s undeniably nice to read anecdotes that you may relate to.

You might want to try and check out Leanne Vogel’s The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet. This book has a good amount of information that can be really helpful to you and your journey. Her humor is also a bonus point!

Lifestyle Compatibility

As an athlete, I often have to be on the go because I have scheduled a lot of training for my triathlon series. Of course, I don’t have the luxury to make a meal for an hour and I could eat within just five minutes. Hence, I love cookbooks that give simple recipes with a short amount of time for preparation.

More often than not, simple recipes also require simple ingredients—which is a brownie point for me. I don’t want to be spending my time flipping through the recipe book, trying to look for a recipe that has the ingredients that I have at home.

Simple recipes that require little ingredients also maximize that one pan on the stove. Personally, my hustle lifestyle requires me to always be quick and punctual, and one hindrance is cleaning the dishes. Simple cookbook recipes are definitely my savior for this dilemma.

I personally commend Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook by Jen Fisch because it is compatible with my hustle lifestyle. I can just whip out simple ingredients in the kitchen and create good food within minutes.

Keto Meal Guides

When transitioning to a new eating lifestyle, it is better to be guided with meal guides because these do not only take away your stress on choosing what to eat, but they also often have calculated nutrients that your body needs. More often than not, meal guides are compatible with each other, giving you that gradual transition, without diving into the keto journey head first.

Looking for the best cookbook to help you with your meals? I suggest Ketogenic Diet: The Step by Step Guide for Beginners because of its beginner-friendly information and nutrition guides for you to have an easy start!

Frequently Asked Questions About Keto Cookbooks

Q: Can I tweak the recipes in my Keto cooking book, most especially in the meal plans?

A: Yes, as long as you’re still sticking with the foods to avoid and to intake. There are meal plans though that have calculated nutrients that you need for the specific time of the day, so you just have to be careful which to add and which to reduce in the meal plan.

Q: All of the meal plans excluded carbs, does that mean I can never eat carbs again?

A: You can still eat carbs. Though keto is strict with the reduction of carbs, you can still eat carbs on special occasions, ideally after the first 2-3 months.

Q: Should I change my cookbook because its meal plans make my breath smell?

A: It’s not the cookbook or the meal plans! It’s the keto diet itself. This is a common side effect, so you’re definitely just doing alright.


Keto is not for everyone, that is for sure. However, when you have already examined yourself, your body’s needs, and you’re thoroughly convinced that it is for you, then you should look for a cookbook that will really guide you from the get-go. Changing your diet could be really tough and the risks when done incorrectly are no joke.

There are so many options out there so you really have to find what works best for you. I’ve even done separate posts on paleo cooking books and even on paleo vs keto. If you’re after something more generic to the everyday diet, then check out the reviews I’ve done on the best fitness cookbooks.

Regardless, don’t get intimidated with all the information and the changes in your body. 

Rather, enjoy the process guided by your best Keto cookbook!


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